Emma Garrard

XTERRA Early-Bird Specials Thru January

From now until January 31 XTERRA is offering rock-bottom prices on registration rates for its regional championship races, XTERRA Utah, and the trail runs held at regional champ venues.

Rates are just $85 for the regional championships ($110 for teams), $55 for Sprint races ($75 for Sprint teams), $40 for 21km trail runs, $30 for 10km races, and $20 for 5km runs.

Follow the registration links below for more information:
April 25 – XTERRA West Championship – Lake Las Vegas, NV
May 16 – XTERRA Southeast Championship – Pelham, AL
June 7 – XTERRA East Championship – Richmond, VA
July 18 – XTERRA Mountain Championship – Beaver Creek, CO
Sep 19 – XTERRA Utah – Ogden/Snowbasin Resort, UT

XTERRA Ushers in 20th Year

From a one-off race held on the most remote island chain in the world XTERRA has evolved into an endurance sports lifestyle with worldwide appeal.

Over the past 20 years XTERRA transcended its status as ‘just a race’ to become a bona fide way of life for thousands of intrepid triathletes and trail runners across the globe.

In 2015 revelers of the “Live More’ spirit will have more opportunity than ever before to pursue their passion.

Download the tentative 2015 XTERRA America Tour off-road triathlon schedule featuring more than 65 races nationwide.  The nature of each location – from the people to the weather to the terrain – is totally unique.  Some races are at sea level, some at altitude – there are swims in lakes, rivers, and oceans – races in big cities and small towns, in the mountains and the desert.  The one constant in XTERRA is that Mother Nature is always your toughest competitor.

Beyond the U.S. the XTERRA World Tour provides athletes with a chance to race in some of the most diverse, spectacular, and challenging natural environments on the planet – from tropical jungles to snow-covered alps.

For those looking to get to Maui and celebrate the historic 20th running of the XTERRA World Championship there are an unprecedented number of qualifying races this year.

Here’s a look and links to the 37 events where racers can qualify to compete in Maui on November 1.

8-Feb XTERRA Philippines Championship, Albay, Luzon+
22-Feb XTERRA South Africa Championship, Grabouw
7-Mar XTERRA Motatapu, South Island, NZL
28-Mar XTERRA Saipan Championship, CNMI+
29-Mar XTERRA Malta, Mellieha*
29-Mar XTERRA Costa Rica, Playa Reserva Conchal
11-Apr XTERRA Guam Championship, Piti+
11-Apr XTERRA New Zealand Championship, Rotorua
18-Apr XTERRA Australia
XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship, NSW, Australia+
25-Apr XTERRA West Championship, Lake Las Vegas, NV#
2-May XTERRA Malaysia
XTERRA Asian Tour Championship,Langkawi+
10-May XTERRA Brazil, Ilhabela, SP
16-May XTERRA Southeast Championship, Pelham, AL#
USA Triathlon Off-Road Nationals
16-May XTERRA Portugal, Golega*
6-Jun XTERRA East Championship, Richmond, VA#
7-Jun XTERRA Spain Championship, Extremadura*
20-Jun XTERRA Greece, Lake Plastira*
27-Jun XTERRA Switzerland Championship, Vallee de Joux*
27-Jun XTERRA Mine over Matter, Milton, CAN!
4-Jul XTERRA Freedom Fest, Oahu, HI=
5-Jul XTERRA Victoria, B.C., Canada!
5-Jul XTERRA France Championship, Xonrupt, Gerardmer*
18-Jul XTERRA Mountain Championship, Beaver Creek, CO#
11-Jul XTERRA Sweden, Hellasgaarden, Stockholm*
25-Jul XTERRA Ontario Series – Parry Sound, Canada!
26-Jul XTERRA Abruzzo, Lago di Scanno, Italy*
Jul/Aug XTERRA Japan, Hokkaido+ (start 2016 Asian Tour)
1-Aug XTERRA Mexico, Tapalpa
8-Aug XTERRA Czech Championship, Prachatice*
8-Aug XTERRA Adventure Fest Maui, Kapalua, HI=
15-Aug XTERRA Germany Championship, Zittau*
16-Aug XTERRA Canmore, Alberta, Canada!
23-Aug XTERRA Quebec – Quebec City, Quebec, Canada!
29-Aug XTERRA Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay, Canada!
29-Aug XTERRA Denmark, Tilsvilde*
30-Aug XTERRA England
XTERRA European Championship, Surrey*
13-Sep XTERRA Woolastook – New Brunswick, CAN!
19-Sep XTERRA USA Championship, Ogden/Snowbasin, Utah#
1-Nov XTERRA World Championship, Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

* XTERRA European Tour // + XTERRA Asian Tour
# XTERRA America Tour // ! XTERRA Canada Series
= Hawaii resident qualifiers

Theo Blignaut photographed by Volume Photography

XTERRA Buffelsport Opens Racing Season in South Africa

XTERRA Buffelsport in the North West Province will open the racing season in South Africa on January 24-25, 2015.

XTERRA Warriors can look forward to swimming in the pristine mountain waters of the Magaliesberg.  The mountain bike route will include a diverse combination of quick and challenging single track, a rock garden, thick sand track, serious climbs up jeep track and a fun and winding single track descent through indigenous bushveld with spectacular views.

Stellenbosch based XTERRA Warrior Theo Blignaut said the run discipline is the most challenging part of the Totalsports XTERRA Buffelspoort.

“By the time one gets to the run discipline it’s been really hard going having completed the swim and mountain bike disciplines,” says Blignaut.  “This makes it easy to lose focus, while the run course is not easy.  I enjoy everything that the Totalsports XTERRA Buffelspoort has to offer.  The vibe, the race and everybody’s war stories afterwards.  It really is a great day out for participants and family”.

Learn more at www.stillwatersports.com.


Top 10 XTERRA Tales of 2014 – Top 2

The top two XTERRA Tales of 2014. Trust that we only scratched the surface with this list.  The XTERRA Tribe is filled with some of the greatest people on earth and we are humbled to provide them with a sport they can thrive in.  Here’s to many more adventures in 2015!


DESANTIS. Our good friend David Desantis led the way on inspirational stories about XTERRA racers facing adversity and crushing all odds this year. He was diagnosed with Cancer last fall and the oncologist gave him 9-to-12 months to live.  Not only did he beat those odds, he fought every day and found his way to the start line at XTERRA Worlds for the sixth straight year.  To make it even sweeter he raced in Maui alongside his niece Rachael, a nurse who pushed him mentally and physically all year. His last batch of scans/MRI all came back negative, and he’s headed to race at the XTERRA Philippines Championship on February 8 to get 2015 started in style.

Read about more inspiring XTERRA racers in this feature; More than Just a Number



BRANORA. As in BRAd weiss, daN hugo, and flORA duffy. Really, each of the three are worthy of holding their own spot in the top 10 but in deference to the magic they created as a crew we’ll honor them all together on the top step of stories for 2014.  It was the year of Branora for so many reasons.  Duffy was dominant, capping a near-perfect season in the dirt by taking home the first world championship in triathlon to Bermuda.  Hugo had arguably his best and most adventurous season ever – racing on six continents and winning majors on five of them. He won seven titles overall in 2014, including the inaugural XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship on the hallowed grounds of triathlon in Australia against two Aussie Olympians (Courtney Atkinson, Brendan Sexton), their best off-roader (Ben Allen), and the sports only seven-time world champ Conrad Stoltz.  Weiss, meanwhile, established himself among the South African greats with a dozen top four finishes around the world, and a runner-up showing in the XTERRA U.S. Pro Series. As individuals they were remarkable, as a group they were unrivaled.  To add intrigue to this piece, Hugo announced his retirement from racing last week.  We’ll have more from and about the Man in the New Year.

XTERRA Top 10 of 2014 – Numbers 10-9

XTERRA Top 10 of 2014 – Numbers 8-7

XTERRA Top 10 of 2014 – Numbers 6-5

XTERRA Top 10 of 2014 – Numbers 4-3


Honorable Mentions: Award winners Christoph Maury (XTERRA Warrior), Rob Ricard (ENVE Performer of the Year), and Craig Vogstberger (Mr. XTERRA) took home the trophies with amazing performances in 2014. Jody Mielke, the spirit of XTERRA in Australia, un-retired to crush it at the Asia-Pacific Championship.  Surfing legend Sunny Garcia took his talents from the ocean to the dirt, and survived Maui.  Men’s Journal called the XTERRA Mountain Championship (July 18, 2015) at Beaver Creek Resort one of the nine scenic triathlons that are “worth the trip.” Kathrin Mueller won six races in Europe to take the XTERRA European Tour title.  The New York Times talked about XTERRA “Taking triathlons into the Wild.”  Josiah Middaugh was the best in the U.S. yet again – humble and kind with a family first mantra – he’s an icon beyond all others.  The Alabama AP Wire touted the news about the XTERRA Southeast Championship doubling as the 2015 USA Triathlon Off-Road Nationals (May 16, 2015).  Paul Mitchell took on the title sponsorship of the XTERRA Trail Run Series.  XTERRA TV went international with ESPN distribution of shows in Caribbean, Latin America, and Oceania. Brett Hales’ took a fun and curious route to XTERRA trail run stardom.  Long-time XTERRA pro Adam Wirth retired “for love of the game.”  Patrick Smyth doubled-up on XTERRA Trail Run World Championship, becoming the only other runner aside from Max King to win multiple titles.  Eighteen-year-old Hannah Rae Finchamp won her fifth XTERRA World Championship in the 15-19 division and 4th National Title all while competing on the cross country, cycling, and swim teams in her freshman year at Lindenwood University.  Cindi Toepel won her unprecedented 10th XTERRA National Championship in the 60-64 division while Steve Cole captured his unprecedented 14th consecutive XTERRA Regional Championship crown.

Lesley Paterson

Top 10 XTERRA Tales of 2014 – Numbers 4 and 3

Tune in each day as we countdown to our top 10 stories of 2014. Here’s a look at numbers four and three.


BRAVEHEART. Lesley Paterson arrived in Utah to race XTERRA Nationals this year with all the power, strength, and resolve of a superhero. The sport rejoiced in her presence and celebrated her return to the dirt after struggling through a year of battling Lyme disease.  On race day she did not disappoint, fighting her way into the second-spot before eventually finishing third.  But that day took its toll, and added another layer of pain to her arduous bout with Lyme.   She sat out Maui to focus on the fight to get better.  What makes Lesley a legend is that in the midst of her struggles she still lifted up all those around her.  She coached rookie pro sensation Mauricio Mendez to one of the most amazing first-year performances of all-time.  She kick-started a racing team with the notion of helping someone less fortunate than yourself as its cornerstone.  Her voice saying “Be Brave” echoed in her friend Tammy Tabeek’s mind as she pushed through to win her division in Maui.  Lesley means so much to so many … let us all pour positive thoughts for her return to full health in 2015. The Braveheart deserves no less.

Ruben Ruzafa


PERFECTION. Ruben Ruzafa rolled through 2014 with arguably the greatest XTERRA racing season of all-time. He stormed past the fastest XTERRA men in Europe (Asa Shaw, Francois Carloni, Yeray Luxem), held off the hard-charging Kiwi Braden Currie of New Zealand, won against 7x World Champ Conrad “the Caveman” Stoltz, and took it to America’s-best, Josiah Middaugh, in both Europe and the U.S.  Since becoming a full-time XTERRA triathlete in 2013 and winning Worlds last year he’s been unstoppable.  This season he won nine straight XTERRA majors at Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Italy, Czech, Germany, Utah, and Maui.   He also collected the XTERRA European Tour Championship, the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship, and the XTERRA USA Championship along the way.

XTERRA Top 10 of 2014 – Numbers 10-9

XTERRA Top 10 of 2014 – Numbers 8-7

XTERRA Top 10 of 2014 – Numbers 6-5

Joe Miller

Top 10 XTERRA Tales of 2014 – Numbers 6 and 5

Tune in each day as we countdown to our top story of 2014. Here’s a look at numbers six and five.


SHIPWRECK. Joe Miller had a year to remember. After finishing third overall and top Filipino for the second straight year at the XTERRA Philippines Championship race he was crowned as the first real XTERRA elite from the Philippines.  It was a dream come true, rewarded with racing trips around the world and experiences he’ll never forget.  What makes his rise so special is how he did it; on-top of 11-hour a day/7-day work weeks at a bike shop in Cebu; all while helping feed the family and train his fellow Filipinos too.  His unbreakable work ethic, humble and grateful spirit stem from a life he once thought was over.  Joe is a Shipwreck survivor, and one of the nicest people on the XTERRA Planet.

Read his story, “Put Life in Perspective

Conrad and Emma


50 : 1. The race that almost never was. XTERRA England was cancelled, revived, nearly died again, then was taken in-house by the TEAM in Hawaii and turned into a classic. The event – dubbed the “Woodstock of XTERRA” – would be a landmark day for two of XTERRA’s most noted elites.  Conrad “the Caveman” Stoltz won his unprecedented 50th career championship race at the age of 40; and Emma Garrard won her first with time to carry baby Torin across the line.  Bands, camping, beer, a twisting rollercoaster for a course, and an undeniable vibe of survival and celebration reigned.  This year England is back at Vachery Estate, on solid ground, and will double as the European Championship race and the last stop on the European Tour.  August 30, 2015.

XTERRA Top 10 of 2014 – Numbers 10-9

XTERRA Top 10 of 2014 – Numbers 8-7


Top 10 XTERRA Tales of 2014 – Numbers 8 and 7

Tune in each day as we countdown to our top 10 stories of 2014. Here’s a look at numbers seven and eight.


OUTBACK. The inaugural XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship at Jervis Bay in New South Wales was one for the ages. To go off-road in a place famous for its outback and where all the triathlon legends are from was a surreal experience; akin to the pilgrimage surfers must make to see Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii. Kangaroos and laughing Cookaburras abound, complemented by a worthy elite field and eager amateurs. It was the start of something big down under.  April 18, 2015



ESPY. XTERRA Hall-of-Famer, World Champ, Cancer Survivor, Para-cycling Rock-Star, and Mom-of-the-Century Jamie Whitmore won the ESPY for Best Female Athlete with a Disability this summer. Whitmore is still the winningest female elite of all-time having collected 37 majors in a dozen different countries including the World Championship in 2004 before being diagnosed with cancer in 2008.  After several surgeries, including one to remove her entire left gluteus muscle she was told she’d likely never ride or run again.  It was just the kind of challenge Whitmore thrives on and she was back crushing the competition in all kinds of races shortly thereafter.  And she still is…

XTERRA Top 10 of 2014 – Numbers 10-9

XTERRA Asia-Pacfic Championship Early-Bird in Effect

The XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship returns to Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia on 18 April, 2015. Early-bird rates are now in effect through 31 December, 2014.

The main event will combine a one-mile swim with 29-kilometers of mountain biking followed by 12km of trail running. You can race as an individual or part of a relay team.

Division winners will be crowned XTERRA Asia-Pacific Champion and first place Australian citizens will be recognized as XTERRA Australian Champions. And, it’s your chance to earn a coveted slot to the XTERRA World Championship on 1 Nov. 2015.

New for this year is the NZ / Australia “Double” award for athletes racing in both the 2015 XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship and 2015 XTERRA Rotorua (April 11) full course events. The fastest pro and age group male and female finishers will be recognized with special “Double” trophies.

The weekend will also include a sprint distance off-road triathlon, trail half-marathon, fun events for kids, clinics, and social gatherings.

The XTERRA TV film crew will be there shooting all the action for a featured television special. Have a look at some of the action from last year’s inaugural event https://vimeo.com/114305153.

Conrad Denmark

XTERRA European Tour’s Silver and Gold

There are 12 stops planned for the XTERRA European Tour in 2015, which opens at XTERRA Malta on March 29.

New this year is Silver and Gold classifications for the XTERRA European Tour stops.

Gold labeled events will feature a minimum of $15,000 USD elite prize purse, offer 50 qualifying spots into the XTERRA World Championship for amateurs, and award points on the 100-point scale.

Silver labeled events will feature a minimum of $7,500 USD elite prize purse*, offer 25 qualifying spots into the XTERRA World Championship, and award points on the 75-point scale.

Gold races for 2015 include Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy, Czech, Germany, and England. Silver races for 2015 include Malta, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, and Denmark.

For the XTERRA European Tour Points Series elite athletes will count their best four (4) Gold and three (3) Silver finishes. Elites can compete in as many events as they wish, but will count only their best four Gold and three Silver finishes.

Age group athletes will count their best four (4) Gold and two (2) Silver finishes. Age group athletes can compete in as many events as they wish, but will count only their best four Gold and two Silver finishes.

Elites and age group athletes do not need to compete in any specific number of events.

The top 15 elite and age group finishers in each division will accrue points as follows:

(GOLD) 100-point scale allocation: 1=100, 2=90, 3=82 4=75, 5=69, 6=63, 7th=58, 8th=53, 9th=49, 10th=45, 11th=41, 12th=37, 13th=34, 14th=31, 15th=28

(SILVER) 75-point scale allocation: 1=75, 2=69, 3=61 4=56, 5=51, 6=47, 7th=43, 8th=39, 9th=36, 10th=33, 11th=30, 12th=27, 13th=25, 14th=23, 15th=21

XTERRA World Championship qualifying spots allocation:

(GOLD) 50 Qualifying spots allocation:

Division Male Female
15-19 1 1
20-24 2 2
25-29 2 2
30-34 3 2
35-39 3 2
40-44 3 2
45-49 3 2
50-54 3 2
55-59 2 2
60-64 2 2
65-69 2 2
70-74 1 1
75+ 1

(SILVER) 25 Qualifying spots allocation:
One to the first place person in each age group. Slot will roll down at awards presentation among the top 3 if the first place person declines.

*   Organizers may choose to pay more prize money. As example Portugal will pay $US14,000 in prize money

Gold/Silver status is subject to change.

For more information and a schedule of events visit www.xterraeurope.com.