Ben Hoffman

Hoffman Doing the Outrigger Double

Colorado triathlete Ben Hoffman, just one week removed from the grueling Ironman World Championship in Kona, will jump into XTERRA Worlds for the first time on November 1.

“I have always wanted to test myself against the best in the XTERRA World at the Maui Championship event,” said Hoffman. “I have raced XTERRA for many years, but never toed the line at the biggest stage. The vibe is always great at these events, and you can’t go wrong with a race in Hawaii!”

Hoffman, who placed 2nd in Kona two years ago, finished in 36th this year.

“I am still a little disappointed with the Kona result, as it was my main focus for the season, but the body is recovering well and the mind is coming around too. Since I didn’t push as hard as I wanted in the back half of the marathon in Kona due to some GI issues, I really think I should be able to get back and fresh for this one. I know I am fit right now, and well-acclimated to the heat. I am looking forward to a little shorter effort and different challenge. For sure, I will be ready for battle in Maui!”

Hoffman has been a staple on the podium at the XTERRA Mountain Championship in Colorado through the years, and says those experiences should serve him well in Maui.

“Racing at the XTERRA at Beaver Creek Resort has given me confidence that I can compete with some of the best guys in the sport on a tough course. Although the conditions are very different, BC is a brutal course in its own right, and the competition over the years has included some of the top finishers in Maui over the years. Hopefully I can get in the mix and do something special.”

Hoffman is the only elite registered for the Outrigger Resorts Double competition, which means the $2,500 bonus for having the fastest combined 2015 XTERRA World Championship and Ironman Hawaii Championship time is all his so long as he finishes.

The 6-night stays at an Outrigger Resort on Maui awarded to the amateur double winners are still up for grabs. Last year’s women’s double champ Nicole Valentine from Maryland looks poised to repeat, while Jorg Schneider from Germany enters Maui with a little more than two-minute cushion over Arnaud Bouvier from France. Here’s a look at the tentative list of Doublers and their Ironman times…

First Hometown Division IM Time
Ben Hoffman Grand Junction, CO Pro 9:05:22
Jorg Schneider Altenriet, Germany M 45-49 10:08:11
Arnaud Bouvier Digne les Bains, France M 45-49 10:10:35
Nicole Valentine Germantown, MD F 30-34 10:25:49
Bruno Glaser Brestanica, Slovenia M 45-49 10:52:22
Mike Johnston Wanaka, New Zealand M 45-49 10:56:31
Peter Buehlow Bright, Canada M 55-59 11:15:21
Uta Knape Ludwigshafen, Germany F 40-44 11:36:17
Megan Arthur Hamilton, New Zealand F 40-44 11:43:22
Janie White Paradise Valley, AZ F 55-59 11:49:45
Marina Klemm Berlin, Germany F 40-44 13:04:35
Sunny Garcia Maili, HI M 45-49 13:46:10
Rob Kronkhyte Tahoe City, CA M 55-59 14:27:48
Richard Byyny Denver, CO M 40-44 15:48:52
Middaugh Ridge

The Evolving Course at Kapalua

The XTERRA World Championship course is perpetually evolving. In 1996 the race featured point-to-point swim, bike, and run legs over sharp lava rocks and dry, dusty bowls on Maui’s south shore. This year it’ll traverse wet forest trails, pineapple fields, and ridgelines high above the northwest coast.

It’s the fifth year of racing on Maui Land & Pineapple Company’s private 22,000-acre oasis, and improvements to the trail structure have been made each season. Competitors in 2015 will be treated to more single track trails on the bike and another half-mile of twisting, technical trail running before they reach the finish line.

It all starts with a 1.5-kilometer rough water swim at D.T. Fleming Beach fronting the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua. Once on the bike riders navigate from the Ritz to a ridgeline – down to a ravine – and back up again, like a tropical roller-coaster ride through paradise.

The bike is one big 20-mile loop with 2,800-feet of climbing that goes up-and-down the lower slopes of the West Maui Mountains more than a dozen times. Course designers are striving to find the perfect balance of passing opportunities early with skillful riding opportunities later on.

“It’s an honest endurance challenge, that is for sure,” said race director “Kahuna Dave” Nicholas. “The original Maui course was brutal. The first one was just about who could survive, really, and even the run was pure torture with a mile of slogging through soft sand. This course is not just for survivors, but for those with the skills and endurance to ride the bike well and fast, and still have enough left in their legs to handle a really challenging trail run.”

The signature spot on the Maui course is at the five-mile mark on the bike as riders pop out on a narrow ridge with hundred foot drop-offs on either side. From the top you can see all around the vast West Maui Forest Reserve and over the deep blue Pacific Ocean to the neighbor islands of Moloka’i and Lana’i.

“The views are simply spectacular,” Nicholas explains. “And don’t worry, if I didn’t fall off – neither will you. In fact, when you come early to preview the course, bring your camera with you. The scenery is something that not many people get a chance to see.”

Once on the run competitors will be faced with a whole lot of climbing while they weave along dirt trails, through oleander forests, and into 60-foot high ironwood evergreens to an unexpected mountain lake at the 700-foot level.

“It descends like a slalom course through high green bermudagrass and opens up in spots to expose fantastic views of the Pacific,” said Nicholas. “Obstacles are everywhere, including a technical, steep downhill into a gully where racers will have to jump over and duck under fallen trees, navigate a rocky dry creek, head through thick elephant grass, and along a narrow single track trail with switchbacks that drop all the way down to the beach. The final test of skill and endurance is a calf-busting 250-meter white sand beach run.”


2015 World Tour Race Winners

Here’s a look at the 26 XTERRA World Tour majors and the elite men and women who won them…

Date / Race – M/W Winners
8-Feb / XTERRA Philippines – Brad Weiss / Flora Duffy
22-Feb / XTERRA South Africa – Stuart Marais / Flora Duffy
28-Mar / XTERRA Saipan – Ben Allen / Jacqui Slack
29-Mar / XTERRA Malta – Nicolas Fernandez / Brigitta Poor
29-Mar / XTERRA Costa Rica – Rom Akerson / Lesley Paterson
11-Apr / XTERRA Guam – Ben Allen / Carina Wasle
11-Apr / XTERRA New Zealand – Braden Currie / Suzie Snyder
18-Apr / XTERRA Asia-Pacific (AUS) – Braden Currie / Flora Duffy
25-Apr / XTERRA Tahiti – Brice Daubord / Sarah Backler
26-Apr / XTERRA Reunion – Brad Weiss / Carla Van Huyssteen
2-May / XTERRA Asian Tour (MAS) – Brad Weiss / Myriam Guillot
10-May / XTERRA Brazil – Diogo Malagon / Sabrina Gobbo
16-May / XTERRA Portugal – Ruben Ruzafa / Kathrin Mueller
7-Jun / XTERRA Spain – Ruben Ruzafa / Helena Erbenova
20-Jun / XTERRA Greece – Kris Coddens / Helena Erbenova
27-Jun / XTERRA Switzerland – Arthur Forissier / Carina Wasle
5-Jul / XTERRA France – Ruben Ruzafa / Kathrin Mueller
11-Jul / XTERRA Sweden – Sam Osborne / Helena Erbenova
26-Jul / XTERRA Italy – Ruben Ruzafa / Helena Erbenova
8-Aug / XTERRA Mexico – Josiah Middaugh / Fabiola Corona
8-Aug / XTERRA Czech – Ben Allen / Helena Erbenova
15-Aug / XTERRA Germany – Ben Allen / Helena Erbenova
29-Aug / XTERRA Denmark – Kris Coddens / Carina Wasle
29-Aug / XTERRA Japan – Courtney Atkinson / Mieko Carey
30-Aug / XTERRA England (GBR) – Ruzafa / Paterson
19-Sep / XTERRA USA – Josiah Middaugh / Emma Garrard


The Outrigger Resorts Double

The “Outrigger Resorts Double” award is given to the pro and amateur man and woman with the fastest combined 2015 XTERRA World Championship and Ironman Hawaii Championship time, a feat reserved for the world’s leading endurance athletes.  Pro athletes are awarded US $2,500 with the top amateur man and woman win a 6-night stay at a Maui Outrigger Resort. All double finishers earn a commemorative tee.

Bart Aernouts from Belgium won the men’s elite title with a combined time of 11:07:24 last year. Janez Klancnik from Slovenia won the men’s amateur double in 12:42:03, and Nicole Valentine of Maryland overcame a 16-minute deficit after Ironman to take the women’s amateur double over Kelley Hess.

Here’s a look at this year’s “doublers” and their finish times in Kona. It looks like Nicole Valentine is in good shape to repeat as the women’s amateur double champ and if Brent McMahon doesn’t jump into XTERRA Worlds Ben Hoffman will just need to finish to claim the elite honors.

Tentative list, as of 10.13.15

First Hometown Division IM Time
Ben Hoffman Grand Junction, CO, USA PRO 9:05:22
Nicole Valentine Germantown, MD, USA F 30-34 10:25:49
Uta Knape Ludwigshafen, Germany F 40-44 11:36:17
Megan Arthur Hamilton, New Zealand F 40-44 11:43:22
Marina Klemm Berlin, Germany F 40-44 13:04:35
Janie White Paradise Valley, AZ, USA F 55-59 11:49:45
Richard Byyny Denver, CO, USA M 40-44 15:48:52
Jorg Schneider Altenriet, Germany M 45-49 10:08:11
Arnaud Bouvier Digne les Bains, France M 45-49 10:10:35
Bruno Glaser Brestanica, Slovenia M 45-49 10:52:22
Mike Johnston Wanaka, New Zealand M 45-49 10:56:31
Sunny Garcia Maili, HI, USA M 45-49 13:46:10
Peter Buehlow Bright, Canada M 55-59 11:15:21
Rob Kronkhyte Tahoe City, CA, USA M 55-59 14:27:48

Talented Elite Field Headed to Maui

All the best elite racers on the World Tour are headed to Maui for the ultimate showdown at the 20th edition of the XTERRA World Championship on November 1.

The tentative start list includes a dozen men who collectively won 22 of the 26 majors on the XTERRA World Tour this year with Brad Weiss (Philippines/Reunion/Asian Tour Champs in Malaysia), Ben Allen (Saipan/Guam/Czech/Germany), Nicolas Fernandez (Malta), Rom Akerson (Costa Rica), Braden Currie (New Zealand/Asia-Pacific Champs in NSW, Australia), Brice Daubord (Tahiti), Ruben Ruzafa (Portugal/Spain/France/Italy/European Championship in England), Arthur Forissier (Switzerland), Sam Osborne (Sweden), Josiah Middaugh (Mexico, USA), and Courtney Atkinson (Japan).

The women’s field is equally stacked with nine women who accounted for 20 of the 26 majors with Flora Duffy (Philippines/South Africa/Asia-Pacific Champs in NSW, Australia), Jacqui Slack (Saipan), Lesley Paterson (Costa Rica, European Champs in England), Carina Wasle (Guam/Switzerland/Denmark), Suzie Snyder (New Zealand), Myriam Guillot (Asian Tour Champs in Malaysia), Helena Erbenova (Spain/Greece/Sweden/Italy/Czech/Germany), Fabiola Corona (Mexico), and Emma Garrard (USA).

Among that exclusive group are four of the top five men and women at last year’s World Championship (1. Ruben Ruzafa, 2. Josiah Middaugh, 3. Ben Allen, 5. Mauricio Mendez for the men and 1. Flora Duffy, 2. Barbara Riveros, 4. Emma Garrard, 5. Helena Erbenova for the women). Missing are Dan Hugo, who finished fourth last year and is now retired, and Nicky Samuels who finished third.

There are several guys who didn’t race last year that should be factors this year like Francisco Serrano (just 30-seconds behind Ruzafa at ITU Cross Tri Worlds two weeks ago and he also upset Josiah Middaugh at the West Championship in the U.S.), Braden Currie (won a few big races and lost a few close ones to Josiah Middaugh), Courtney Atkinson (2x Olympian and XTERRA’s Australian Champ three years running), and Sam Osborne (has a big kick on the run).  We also expect to see a few strong racers from the Ironman circuit with Ben Hoffman and Brent McMahon relatively fresh having had three weeks to recover, all depending on how Saturday’s race goes of course.

For the girls the big wild card is the return of Lesley Paterson – and what a thrill it’ll besee her at full strength (fingers crossed) against the likes of Duffy, Riveros, Garrard, and Erbenova. We could also see the revival of Julie Dibens, the only XTERRA elite ever to win three straight in Maui.


AUSTRALIA – Ben Allen, Courtney Atkinson, Chris Legh BELGIUM – Jim Thijs, Yeray Luxem BRAZIL – Rodrigo Altafini CANADA – Brent McMahon COSTA RICA – Rom Akerson FRANCE – Brice Daubord, Arthur Forissier, Fabien Combaluzier, Pierre-Yves Facomprez, Nicolas Fernandez, Damien Guillemet GERMANY – Jens Roth MEXICO – Mauricio Mendez, Francisco Serrano NEW ZEALAND – Olly Shaw, Braden Currie, Sam Osborne, Cameron Paul SOUTH AFRICA – Bradley Weiss SPAIN – Ruben Ruzafa, Albert Soley, Juan Gracia SWITZERLAND – Jan Pyott UNITED KINGDOM – Rory Downie UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Josiah Middaugh, Ryan Ignatz, Chris Ganter, Branden Rakita, Ben Hoffman, Will Ross, Noah Wright


AUSTRIA – Carina Wasle BERMUDA – Flora Duffy CANADA – Christine Jeffrey CHILE – Barbara Riveros CZECH REPUBLIC – Helena Erbenová FRANCE – Myriam Guillot-Boisset ITALY – Elisabetta Curridori MEXICO – Fabiola Corona NEW ZEALAND – Lizzie Orchard, Jess Simson SCOTLAND – Lesley Paterson SLOVAK REPUBLIC – Alena Stevens SOUTH AFRICA – Susan Sloan SWITZERLAND – Renata Bucher UNITED KINGDOM – Julie Dibens, Jacqui Slack UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Emma Garrard, Suzie Snyder, Maia Ignatz, Kara LaPoint, Sara Schuler, Debby Sullivan


XTERRA South Africa Adds Challenges

Stillwater Sports, the organisers of South Africa’s leading off-road triathlon, the Fedhealth XTERRA presented by Rehidrat® Sport, are excited to introduce two fun and exciting competitions, the Fedhealth Champions Challenge and the Fedhealth Ultimate Warrior Challenge.

The Fedhealth Champions Challenge will run for the duration of the 2016 series, with the winners being announced after XTERRA Grabouw.   XTERRA Full Warriors that partake in all three races (Buffelspoort, Port Elizabeth and Grabouw) stand the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the XTERRA World Championships, while XTERRA Lite Warriors that partake in all three races stand a chance to win a spectacular TREK Mountain Bike.

The Fedhealth Ultimate Warrior Challenge will be event specific. XTERRA Warriors taking part in both the XTERRA Full and the XTERRA Lite races over one weekend will stand a chance to take home spectacular sponsor prizes.

“We’ve come across a number of XTERRA diehards that participate in either all three regions, or in both the XTERRA Full and XTERRA Lite races over one weekend,” says Michael Meyer, Managing Director of Stillwater Sports.

“It is for these Warriors that we introduce the Fedhealth Champions Challenge and the Fedhealth Ultimate Warrior Challenge. We appreciate their unwavering support and look forward to seeing these Warriors in action at XTERRA Buffelspoort in January.”

2016 Event Dates:

Buffelspoort (North West Province) – January 22-24
Port Elizabeth – Januaru 29-31
XTERRA SA Championship at Grabouw – February 19-21

Entries for all three events are open. For further information contact Stillwater Sports at or online at

Maui Party

Best Party in Tri 3 Weeks Away

If there is one thing XTERRA takes extremely serious, it’s partying, and no place on earth is this more apparent than at the annual Halloween Costume Party following the XTERRA World Championship in Maui.

It’s got all the right ingredients – an international crowd of inebriated athletes after their last race of the season – IN MAUI – with a brand new XTERRA Stand-Up Paddleboard up for grabs to whomever dons the best costume. It all adds up to a brew of pure fun, frivolity, and hilarity.

Where else can you see Conrad Stoltz in full trailer trash garb flipping the bird to the crowd, or Julie Dibens waddling around as a swim buoy? Nothing is sacred, from full reenactments of the winning routine from Blades of Glory to 80’s ski team revivals and petite Chinese gymnasts to the one-and-only Crocodile Undie!

It’s been said that some people take this party more seriously than they do the race, while others deem it the final event of the season – one that requires a considerable amount of endurance all to itself.

A few years ago Triathlete Magazine said the Maui XTERRA had the best post-race festivities of any race on earth.

“When it comes to putting it all together post-race, the XTERRA World Championship in Maui does things right. No other triathletes party quite like the freaks of the XTERRA circuit. So train hard, qualify for Maui and then be sure to pack a killer Halloween costume. Seriously, that’s not a trick. Make it a good costume.”

Paul Mitchell XTERRA Finishers Badge

The Paul Mitchell Badge of Honor

The 2015 Paul Mitchell digital XTERRA Finisher’s badges are all about recognizing athlete accomplishments. While simply participating and living the healthy, active, outdoors lifestyle is reward enough, actually surviving the rigors of an XTERRA deserves a special shout out and it’s fun to see and read some of the stories from first-time racers and those just elated with their performance.

Here are what some of this year’s XTERRA Warriors had to say about their Paul Mitchell badge of honor…

“Completed Deuces Wild XTERRA with my 13-year-old son, his first. This will always be one of my most memorable XTERRA races.” – Alan Abeyta

“This badge means a full time working mother of three can do anything!” – Denise Kirkman

“From training with friends, to pushing myself beyond what I thought I was physically capable of, this was one of the most rewarding physical experiences I’ve ever had. And the ocean view was spectacular! I’m grateful that my first triathlon was XTERRA! I dedicate this race to Marene Hammitt, my dear stepmom with alzheimers, who hiked many mountains with me all through my youth. She was with me in this race every step of the way.” – Shannon Walker

“Finished, placed 3rd, even after wipeout off of the “elevator” drop! And THAT’S how I spent my 53rd Birthday! :)” – Penny Munz

“It was the biggest accomplishments of my life,” – Luis Salazar

“This was crazy amazing. So fun and great people. I love my dad for getting me hooked on triathlons. Overall, awesome,” – Anna Heustis

“My new RA Diagnosis doesn’t mean I have to stop, it just changes things a little,” – Jennifer Schrage

“Great day at Beaver Creek. Altitude and the 5,000 feet of total vert made it one of the hardest XTERRAs I’ve done,” – Bob Koehler

“This was the biggest challenge for me since I began running in 2010. There were many times I really didn’t think I would finish, but I did. Now I am asking what challenge is next?” – Andrea Rountree

“Hardest XTERRA I’ve done so far. Curt Gowdy,” – Kelci Weese

“This was my 1st XTERRA Off Road Triathlon and the beginning to a new love for the sport!” – Kenji Takanishi

“Loved doing this awesome race with two of my siblings and having the other two there to cheer us on!!!” – Katelyn Dickson

Read more stories here / Other XTERRA Finisher Badges

Maui Checks

XTERRA Worlds Quick Facts

WHAT IS XTERRA:  The world’s premier off-road triathlon.  In Maui it combines a 1.5-kilometer (1-mile) swim that starts in front of the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua … a 30-kilometer (18.6-miles) mountain bike that climbs more than 3,000 feet up and down the lower slopes of the West Maui Mountains, and a 10.5-kilometer (6.5-miles) trail run that traverses forest trails and beach sand.  Top pros finish in roughly two-and-a-half hours.

WHO RACES IN MAUI:  A sold-out field of 850 racers including 70 professionals and more than 700 amateurs representing 43 countries & 43 U.S. states, ages 14 (Tate Haugan) to 78 (Ron Hill).  95% of the field is from out of state.

WHEN:  The XTERRA World Championship starts at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 1.  The XTERRA Kapalua 5km and 10km trail runs and costume contest are on Halloween day, Saturday, Oct. 31 at 9:00 a.m.

WHERE: At The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua on Maui’s northwest coast.

WHY:  The XTERRA World Championship race is the last in a series of more than 100 off-road triathlon races held in 30 countries and 37 U.S. States.  The concept is to provide a bona-fide world championship for amateur and pro off-road triathletes. For pros there is $100,000 in prize money at stake.

HOW THEY QUALIFIED:  Amateurs enter the World Championship through one of two means:
1. Earn a slot by qualifying as one of the top finishers in their age group at an XTERRA Championship race in South Africa, Philippines, New Zealand, Saipan, Costa Rica, Malta, Tahiti, Reunion Island, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Guam, Australia, Malaysia, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Switzerland, France, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Great Britain and Alabama, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Virginia in the United States.  For those “lucky-you-live-Hawaii-guys” there was a local qualifyier, Freedom Fest! at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu.
2. Enter through the at large drawing – a limited number of slots were offered on a first-come first-serve basis in January.

XTERRA  BACKGROUND:  This is year 20 for the XTERRA World Championship on Maui – the birthplace of off-road triathlon.  The first XTERRA race was held here on November 3, 1996 with just 123 participants and was televised on Fox Sports Net.  The demand for the sport of XTERRA exploded thereafter and there are now more than 30,000 competitors from all 50 states and more than 50 countries worldwide.

TELEVISION:  This will be the 20th straight year a nationally broadcast one-hour show will be produced on the event, which showcases Maui’s natural beauty. The 2015 XTERRA World Championship will be seen by more than four million viewers via national syndication (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) and Fox Sports Network.  We are also planning expanded European distribution. This year’s show will start its run in national syndication in mid-January 2016.

ECONOMIC IMPACT:  Direct visitor expenditures from the 2014 XTERRA World Championship were $5.7 million.  The average length of stay on Maui is 7.1 nights (9.3 nights in Hawaii), the average party size is 3.1, and 58% of the field had a household income of more than $100,000 (expenditure source: DBEDT).

Online Resources: … Videos: … Event: