Catching Up With The Champ

There is never a dull moment in the life of reigning XTERRA World Champion Josiah Middaugh.

As the father of three who runs a full-time coaching business and is a community icon, the demands on his time are relentless … even on race week!

Case in point: Last night, just two days from one of the premier races of his season, he was one of the featured celebrities in the Star Dancing Gala, a benefit for the Vail Valley Foundation’s Youth Power 365 program. It’s a big deal, and required a ton of practice time to nail down a routine.

“I was excited to be able to help out,” said Middaugh. “It’s for the Vail Valley Foundation. The charity is Youth Power 365, and I see a direct benefit with my kids because that organization takes up a lot of the slack where the school funding falls short with after school programs and educational/recreational stuff in the community good that is really great for kids.”

13680902_10154346312309579_1676695871352005827_nWe caught up with Middaugh to learn more about the dance, and other random things…

XTERRA: So, what dance did you do?

Middaugh: The Napoleon’s dynamite “Vote for Pedro” dance routine, it was pretty funny.

XT: Video evidence?

JM: We’ll see.

XT: Through the years with you living here in Eagle-Vail and around Beaver Creek have you seen the general awareness for the sport of XTERRA increase?

JM: Yes, definitely.   When I first moved here it was a strong mountain bike community that dabbled in other stuff but it certainly wasn’t a triathlon community. Over the years, however, as a direct result of XTERRA, that has developed. There is an XTERRA community here, training groups, and a lot of rides and runs. The community is aware of XTERRA, even people that don’t do XTERRA are aware of it with re-runs of the race shows on the TV all the time, and the local press that covers it like a real sport. It’s a fun place to live and clearly has a lot of great facilities and options for endurance sports enthusiasts.

XT: Your oldest boy Sullivan, 12-years-old, is doing the Sprint race by himself on Saturday.   Are you more anxious about his race or yours?

JM: I’ll be more nervous about his race for sure. For me, I know what to expect. For him, I’ll be worried about him as a father, but he’s got it figured it out I think. He’ll be fine, he’ll be worried less than me.

XT: What’s your favorite part of this course, or what about it do you enjoy the most?

JM: I enjoy the fact that you have to dig deep and push yourself. There is no easy way around it, and you’ve got to test your limits to meet your goals.

XT: And where is the most challenging spot on this course?

JM: Coming off the bike and starting the run up Aspen Glade. It’s hard to know what you have in your legs until you hit that climb. Some years it has been good, and some years I’ve found the well is dry.

XT: How worried should visiting athletes be about running into Bears or other wildlife out there?

JM: I worry more about hitting tourists than I do hitting bears. I’ve seen a bear maybe twice in 16 years here, but tourists are always around.         You’ve got to be careful coming around a blind corner and finding someone on a leisurely hike.

XT: What have you seen out there?

JM: I saw two mountain lions by arrowhead five years ago during the winter. Saw a moose, elk, deer. I did see a black bear running the other way during the race a few years back.

XT: What one piece of advice have you been consistently giving to your athletes racing this weekend?

JM: Mainly to pace yourself, kind of in all three disciplines, because you don’t get many breaks on this course. You’ve got to consider the entirety of the race and not blow yourself up during the first couple minutes of any of the three disciplines.

XT: You’ve been racing XTERRA for 15+ years, do you have a favorite XTERRA shirt that you still wear?

JM: Yeah, I still wear the Maui 2002 shirt all the time. One of those old grey shirts, cool colors, basic design thin cotton.

XT: Having traveled all over the world with XTERRA, what do you say to the big group of international athletes who have traveled here to your backyard?

JM: We welcome all the visiting athletes with open arms. That’s the spirit of XTERRA to get out and live more, and that’s what we want people to see in this destination just like the other ones. It’s an amazing place.   Enjoy the environment, and take a break from your busy lifestyle.


Meet an Elite: Katharine Carter

Josiah Middaugh isn’t the only elite racing this weekend with some local knowledge of the trails around Beaver Creek. In the women’s race we have Katharine Carter, who spent some time living and working in the Vail Valley and is now in her rookie year racing pro.

When she’s not racing, Carter works as a biomedical engineer at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute at the Vail Valley Medical Center.

In her pro debut at XTERRA Mine over Matter last month she finished fourth in front of a bunch of family and friends in the Toronto area. On Saturday, she’ll try to improve on that performance in front of yet another collection of local supporters here in Colorado.

We caught up with Katharine recently to learn more about her…

XTERRA: When was your first XTERRA?
Katharine Carter: July 2012, XTERRA Mountain Championships. I had just moved to Vail, Colorado earlier that week and heard about this strange type of triathlon was happening. With no previous swim training, my big all-mountain bike from BC, and little realization that racing at altitude might be a tad bit harder, I did the XTERRA. I think I almost came last in my age group. But I loved every second! I’ve been hooked on XTERRA ever since.

XT: You’ve moved around a lot … how come?
KC: Partly for work, partly for adventure. I’m originally from the Toronto area, but after doing grad school in Vancouver, British Columbia I got offered a job working in the hospital in Vail, Colorado. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to live/work in a ski town. My boyfriend (now husband) Paul & I moved down there and after a few seasons of rocky mountain powder Paul got a spot in an MBA program in Cape Town, South Africa. So we picked up and moved there for a year. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There is also a large triathlon community and the XTERRA is by far one of my favorites. Most of the flights out of South Africa go through Europe, so it also gave me a chance to try out some of the European circuit (ie. XTERRA England, France & Germany). After a short stint in Chicago for Paul to finish up the MBA, we have settled back in North Vancouver (at least for now…)

XT: Where were you born and raised?
KC:  In Brampton, Ontario, home of Russell Peters 🙂

XT: What’s your background, were you a mtb’er or triathlete or runner or swimmer?
KC:  If anything I was a tennis player growing up, but I got into mountain biking and triathlon during university. Let’s just say that I was mostly doggie-paddling until a few years ago.

XT: What made you decide to go pro this year?
KC:  I want the challenge! I have been steadily increasing my training/racing over the past few years and I’ve reached that point where I want to stand on the line beside these amazing other women pros and just see how I can do.

XT:  How was XTERRA Mine Over Matter?
KC: Awesome! It was a very fast course. The bike course was tight, twisty, lots of corners and technical skills really was the name of the game. I grew up not too far from the race course so it was a special feeling to be on home turf and to have all my family (3 dogs included) out there to support me. And I couldn’t ask for a better breakout race into the pro ranks! I felt great that day and was very happy to come in 4th.

XT: What do you think about the Pan Am Series and the open invite to race in Utah for Canadian racers?
KC: I think the Pan Am series is a great idea. It’s a chance for us to travel to places we wouldn’t otherwise, experience other cultures and boost the sport of XTERRA in other countries.

XT: Why do you like XTERRA?
KC:  Every race is different. Some are flat and fast, some have grueling climbs, or technical mountain biking sections, or are ultra-muddy, or have man-made obstacles. That, and the community of people. I’ve never done a sport that had such friendly people, they leave everything they have out on the course and then sit back & drink a beer after. What’s not to love?

XT: What do you do for a living when you’re not racing?
KC:  I’m a biomedical engineer, working for an orthopaedic clinic doing research on new MRI sequences. My work has been a great motivation not to injure myself. I know what all the nasty joint injuries look like inside and out, and believe me, it’s not pretty. If you hurt anything then let me know, maybe we can get you in our next study as a test subject 😉

XT: When did you become Katharine Carter (neh Wilson)?
KC: One year ago! Woo hoo. July 2nd, 2015. Paul doesn’t race XTERRA but he’s one of my best training partners. He drives me a little crazy sometimes because while I train a lot, he trains just enough to stay faster than me on everything. Typical!

XT: Favorite all-time XTERRA race?
KC: XTERRA France. That’s one grueling adventure. From the 1000-person mass swim start, to the muddy mountain pass you go up over twice, the huge man-made wood ramps/structures, to the ultra-muddy/rocky trail run. Allez allez!

XT: Best XTERRA moment?
KC: Winning my age group at US Nationals in 2013. It was a complete surprise. I am not a great swimmer and I knew girls had gotten out of the water ahead of me, and I spent the whole bike/run trying to chase them down. I never saw any of them. Turns out I passed them all in the swim/bike transition 🙂


The Highest XTERRA in the World

Colorado’s high country during the summer time is something to behold with its big blue skies, white aspens, majestic mountain ranges and cool, fresh air. It’s simply beautiful and Beaver Creek Resort in Avon, host to XTERRA Championship racing since 2009, enhances the experience with world-class facilities and people.

Then there is the course itself which is an absolute beast, boasting the highest elevation of any major on the XTERRA World Tour.

It starts with a mile swim in the cold waters of Nottingham Lake situated at 7,400-feet elevation. Nottingham is just big enough to get a full mile swim with 2 laps, and Buck Creek flows into the reservoir so even though the lake is small, the water temp rarely tops 70 degrees.

The next step involves roughly 15 miles of mountain biking that climbs 3,500-feet into the thin air of the Rockies. The first climb on the bike gains 2,000 vertical feet in five miles.

The bike course peaks out at above 9,400 feet above the Arrowhead and Bachelor Gulch ski slopes, then turns into some well-maintained single track that switches through the aspen trees and works its way to the village-to-village trail and down to Beaver Creek Village.

The final piece of resistance is a calf-burning, six-mile trail run which breaks down into essentially two challenging climbs that each have over 500 vertical feet of climbing (roughly 1,050ft for the course).

Appropriately, America’s best XTERRA athlete and reigning XTERRA World Champion Josiah “Beast Mode” Middaugh calls this place home, and has won the last three races here.

“What I like about this course is the fact that you have to dig deep and push yourself. There is no easy way around it, so you’ll have to test your limits to meet your goals,” he said.


Deep Field for XTERRA Beaver Creek

The 2016 XTERRA Beaver Creek Championship race on Saturday will host perhaps the most competitive elite field in race history.

“The top 10 is going to be the strongest ever at this race I think,” said reigning XTERRA World Champion Josiah Middaugh. “It’s a super talented, deep field, which we don’t always see here. Some are new to XTERRA, some dabble in it, and there are a few XTERRA veterans here as well. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all pans out.”

Among the XTERRA vets in the men’s elite field you have Middaugh – winner of three straight and four of the last five here on his home course. There’s Brian Smith, an exceptional mountain biker, Branden Rakita, the runner-up on this course in 2013, and mountain dwellers like Cody Waite, Brad Zoller, Joshua Merrick, and Thomas Spannring.

Those that “dabble” in the sport – and do quite well when they do – include IM star Ben Hoffman who has been the runner-up here the last two years and in the top three for four straight years, Rom Akerson from Costa Rica, who was 4th here last year, Kiwi Kieran McPherson who is ranked 6th in the Pan Am Tour, Mario de Elias who was 6th at his home country race at XTERRA Argentina, and Austrian Michi Weiss, a former XTERRA World Champ.

Perhaps the most intriguing racers, however, are the XTERRA first-timers which includes Greg Bennett, an Olympian (4th in Athens) with more than 100 international wins in his storied career.

“Got on a mountain bike for the first time in 28-years back in November, and Laura and I have been having a ball,” said Bennett. “We feel like newbies starting a brand new sport with so much to learn. This will be our first XTERRA so our expectations are low, but we can’t wait!”

Other newbies to XTERRA include accomplished roadies Leon Griffin, the 2006 World Duathlon Champ, AJ Baucco, Sam Long, and Patrick McKeon.

“The podium is going to be mixed up a bit, that’s for sure, and I’m curious to see how Greg and Leon perform,” said Middaugh. “I know Ben and Michi will be strong. I know Rom and the other Colorado guys like Brian and Branden will be strong, but it’s hard to say how the other guys will do so it’ll be interesting.”

Middaugh, who sits in the 2nd position in the Pan Am Tour rankings after six events (trailing only Karsten Madsen who won the last two Pan Am Tour races in Canada), has victories at XTERRA Argentina, XTERRA Tahiti, and XTERRA Oak Mountain so far this season. He said this one matters the most.

“There is a lot of pressure for this one. I definitely put it on myself, and would say this is the most important race so far this year,” said Middaugh. “I want to win this one. It’s the best case scenario for me to race big names at home, and a great test to see where I’m at. This type of race is reflective of nationals and worlds, so far as course profiles, so if I don’t perform well I’ll have to go back to the drawing board, and if do well, it means I’m on track.”



Suzie Snyder has successfully overcome a prolonged rehab assignment after crushing her pelvis in a bike crash while pre-riding at XTERRA Mexico last summer.

She won XTERRA Oak Mountain and XTERRA Mine over Matter in convincing fashion to start the season, sits in 3rd position in the Pan Am Pro Series, and hopes to improve on her best-ever finish here in the mountains which was her 3rd place showing in 2013.

“I’m keeping a positive attitude and embracing the challenge,” said Snyder, who moved to Reno last year and for the first-time in her career had better altitude training options heading into this race.

“I’ve never had my best races here, whether it be the altitude or what, but I should be better prepared this year. Last year I had only been in Reno for a couple months and hadn’t fully acclimated or been able to take advantage of the training opportunities the area has to offer. Though Reno is only 5000ft, I’m better acclimated to some altitude and have done a lot of climbing and training with great riders like Matt Balzer and feel much stronger in that aspect this year. This is a difficult course and always pushes your physical and mental strength but is a good progress test for Ogden which poses very similar challenges.”

In Suzie’s way of a breakout day are six girls ranked in the top 10 of the Pan Am Pro Series (Caroline Colonna, Maia Ignatz, Kara LaPoint, Rebecca Blatt, Debby Sullivan, and Sara Graves), the overall amateur XTERRA World Champion making her pro debut Julie Baker, 3x age group World Champ turned pro Elizabeth Gruber, Canadian Katharine Carter who feels right at home in the mountains, and a trio of XTERRA first-timers with Julie Stupp from Austin, Mayalen Noriega from Spain, and the most notable of the bunch – two-time Olympian Laura Bennett.

For Bennett, she says the hardest part is just letting go…

“My biggest setback so far in picking up the mountain biking component to XTERRA is thinking too much,” she exclaimed. “I am working really hard on that, but what I have come to realize is that the less fit you are the more calculative you are and therefore are counterintuitive to what you are trying to achieve…letting go! So I am most worried about not being fit enough to allow the bike to do what it does best…roll over everything and let it be in control. Worried or not, I am sure it will be a great experience and I look forward to it!”

Three-time XTERRA World Champ Julie Dibens will also be racing, but likely as part of a relay team with IM great Cait Snow. “Just not sure my knees are up to that run, but we’ll see,” said Dibens.

All-in-all a fantastic collection of elites set to take on one of the XTERRA World Tour’s toughest challenges. Follow the elite race live on twitter @xterraoffroad, #xterrabeavercreek, starting at 9am MST on Saturday, July 16.



Rank denotes current position in XTERRA Pan Am Pro Series after six events.
NR = Not ranked

Rank – Name – Age, Hometown
2 – Josiah Middaugh – 37, Vail-Eagle, CO
4 – Ian King – 26, Virginia Beach, VA
5 – Branden Rakita – 35, Colorado Springs, CO
6 – Kieran McPherson – 24, Matamata, New Zealand
15 – Mario de Elias – 32, Boulogne, Argentina
16 – Rom Akerson – 32, Tambor, Costa Rica
19 – Cody Waite – 38, Lakewood, CO
29 – Thomas Spannring – 40, Longmont, CO
34 – Michael Nunez – 35, Salt Lake City, UT
38 – Jimmy Archer – 43, Denver, CO
NR – Rodrigo Acevedo – 30, Boulder, CO
NR – AJ Baucco – 30, Boulder, CO
NR – Greg Bennett – 44, Boulder, CO
NR – Leon Griffin – 36, Longmont, CO
NR – Ben Hoffman – 33, Boulder, CO
NR – Sam Long – 21, Boulder, CO
NR – Patrick McKeon – 28, Philadelphia, PA
NR – Joshua Merrick – 35, Alamosa, CO
NR – Brian Smith – 41, Gunnison, CO
NR – Michael Weiss – 35, Colorado Springs, CO
NR – Brad Zoller – 39, Avon, CO

Rank – Name – Age, Hometown
3 – Suzanne Snyder – 34, Reno, NV
4 – Caroline Colonna – 52, Taos, NM
5 – Maia Ignatz –  36, Boulder, CO
7 – Kara LaPoint – 30, Truckee, CA
8 – Rebecca Blatt – 36, Lakewood, CO
9 – Debby Sullivan – 35, Stafford, VA
10 – Sarah Graves – 39, Ballantine, MT
21 – Katharine Carter – 30, Vancouver, BC, Canada
NR – Julie Baker –  40, Sonora, CA
NR – Laura Bennett – 41, Boulder, CO
NR – Elizabeth Gruber – 27, Colorado Springs, CO
NR – Mayalen Noriega – 34, Mataro, Spain
NR – Julie Stupp – 30, Austin, TX

(7.15 UPDATE: Laura Bennett withdraws due to injury)


Madsen, Button win XTERRA Victoria

Complete Results

(Victoria, B.C., Canada) It was a great day for Canada at the 2016 XTERRA Victoria race, with Canadians Karsten Madsen and Katie Button taking top spots on the tough trails near Durrance Lake Sunday.

Ontario’s Madsen made it two in a row with back-to-back XTERRA Pan Am Tour wins – both on Canadian soil.  His win today also earned him the lead in the series rankings, leap-frogging American Josiah Middaugh for the top spot on tour.

Madsen came out of the water with two-time Olympian Brent McMahon and was first to leave transition. 

He extended his lead from there and finished with a 2-minute lead over runner-up and fellow Canadian, Paul Tichelaar.

“It’s amazing to win my second major XTERRA title!” said Madsen.  “I took the swim hard and got out of the water with Brent.  I took the bike safe as this course was very demanding and super technical. The run was also super technical with a lot of climbing and steep, hard descents. I’m incredibly overjoyed to come away with the win today. And I’m still in shock that I’m now leading the Pan-American tour… my mind is blown!”

Young Kiwi Kieran McPherson took third, with a solid performance that rocketed him up the tour rankings from 12th to 6th.   McMahon finished 4th, with his race record intact.


In the women’s race Canada’s Katie Button took a solid win with the fastest bike split of the day. British Columbia local, Zoe Dawson had a blazing run to finish runner-up only 50 seconds back. Danelle Kabush, in semi-retirement, finished third less than a minute behind Dawson.

“I really do love the trails and the riding on Vancouver Island so its such a bonus to have a Pan Am Tour race in Victoria. I haven’t raced a triathlon since this race last year, so I was both nervous and excited to see where another year of training has gotten me.” said Button.
“I managed to have a strong and comfortable swim then after the usual post-cold swim dizziness wore off, continued to have strong and smooth bike – enjoying all the fun technical downhills and single track sections I complain I never get enough of on the other courses!
I am mostly proud of my run effort though. Zoe blew by me on the run last year and I was waiting for the same thing to happen this year, but just tried to keep my effort up as high as possible. It wasn’t until the last section of trail before the finish I realized she wasn’t going to catch me!” Button added.

The amateur athletes proved to be just as fast on the B.C. trails. Nate Youngs (Boring, OR) took fifth place overall and first place for age group men and Lisa Helmer (Shawnigan Lake, BC) was first place amateur woman and fourth overall woman.

Elite Results

Pos Name, NAT Time Points
1 Karsten Madsen, CAN 2:10:51 75
2 Paul Tichelaar, CAN 2:13:19 67
3 Kieran McPherson, NZL 2:16:02 61
4 Brent McMahon, CAN 2:16:30 56
5 Nathan Killam, CAN 2:31:09 51
6 Ian King, USA 2:35:48 47
7 Clarke Lind, CAN 2:36:36 43
8 Chris Ganter, USA 2:39:14 39
9 Jimmy Archer, USA 2:40:14 36
Pos Name, NAT Time Points
1 Katie Button, CAN 2:37:43 75
2 Zoe Dawson, CAN 2:38:53 67
3 Danelle Kabush, CAN 2:45:35 61
4 Jaime Brede, USA 2:58:48 56
5 Lisa Leonard, USA 3:04:44 51
6 Rebecca Blatt, USA 3:10:13 47
7 Sarah Graves, USA 3:20:32 43
8 Amanda Felder, USA 3:24:27 39


The amateur athletes proved to be just as fast on the B.C. trails. Nate Youngs (Boring, OR) placed 5th overall and first place for the age group men while Lisa Helmer (Shawnigan Lake, BC) was first place amateur woman and 4th overall woman.

M16-19 Lewis Ryan


M25-29 Mat Signoretty


M30-34 Patrick Nesbitt


M35-39 Nate Youngs


M40-44 Mike Smith


M45-49 Kevin Donovan


M50-54 Steve Mackenzie


M55-59 Randal T Walker


M60-99 Scott Forrest


M60-99 Carl Peterson


F16-19 Heather Horton


F20-24 Jaylene Kemp


F25-29 Heidi Manicke


F30-34 Heather Zimchek-Dunn


F35-39 Lisa Helmer


F40-44 Kimberly Larson


F45-49 Jennifer Burtner


F50-54 Susan Moote


F55-59 Janice Meek



Following race #6 in the inaugural 10-stop XTERRA Pan Am Pro Series Canada’s Karsten Madsen has taken the lead in the rankings, while Brazil’s Sabrina Gobo continues to hold the top spot for the women.

Racers count their best four scores (two Gold, two Silver) plus what they earn at the XTERRA Pan American Championship race September 17 in Utah.

Learn more about the XTERRA Pan Am Tour at http://www.xterraplanet.com/xterra-pan-am-tour/

Next up:  XTERRA Beaver Creek on July 16 in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

2016 XTERRA Pan American Tour Standings After Six

Men S G S G S S G G G
1 Karsten Madsen, CAN DNS 90 DNS 82 75 75 322
2 Josiah Middaugh, USA 67 100 DNS 100 DNS DNS 267
3 Chris Ganter, USA DNS DNS DNS 63 67 43 173
4 Ian King, USA DNS 53 DNS 53 DNS 47 153
5 Branden Rakita, USA DNS DNS DNS 75 61 DNS 136
6 Kieran McPherson, NZL DNS DNS DNS 69 DNS 61 130
7 Mauricio Mendez, MEX DNS DNS DNS 90 DNS DNS 90
8 Jonatan Morales, ARG DNS 82 DNS DNS DNS DNS 82
9 Karl Shaw, GBR 75 DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 75
10 Oscar Galindez, ARG DNS 75 DNS DNS DNS DNS 75
11 Albert Soley, ESP DNS DNS 75 DNS DNS DNS 75
12 Lucas Mendez, ARG DNS 69 DNS DNS DNS DNS 69
13 Paul Tichelaar, CAN DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 67 67
14 Felipe Moletta, BRA DNS DNS 67 DNS DNS DNS 67
15 Mario De Elias, ARG DNS 63 DNS DNS DNS DNS 63
16 Rom Akerson, CRC 61 DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 61
17 Diogo Malagon, BRA DNS DNS 61 DNS DNS DNS 61
18 Facu Medard, ARG DNS 58 DNS DNS DNS DNS 58
19 Cody Waite, USA DNS DNS DNS 58 DNS DNS 58
20 Brent McMahon, CAN DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 56 56
21 Francois Carloni, FRA 56 DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 56
22 Bruno Silva, BRA DNS DNS 56 DNS DNS DNS 56
23 Alex VanderLinden, CAN DNS DNS DNS DNS 56 DNS 56
24 Nathan Killam, CAN DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 51 51
25 Federico Venegas, CRC 51 DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 51
26 Frederico Zacharias, BRA DNS DNS 51 DNS DNS DNS 51
27 Sean Bechtel, USA DNS DNS DNS DNS 51 DNS 51
28 Mauro Ayesa, USA DNS 49 DNS DNS DNS DNS 49
29 Thomas Spannring, USA DNS DNS DNS 49 DNS DNS 49
30 Greg Schott, USA 47 DNS DNS DNF DNS DNS 47
31 Raul Furtado, BRA DNS DNS 47 DNS DNS DNS 47
32 Daniel Molnar, USA DNS DNS DNS DNS 47 DNS 47
33 Victor Arenas, ARG DNS 45 DNS DNS DNS DNS 45
34 Michael Nunez, USA DNS DNS DNS 45 DNS DNS 45
35 Henrique Lugarini, BRA DNS DNS 43 DNS DNS DNS 43
36 Brian MacIlvain, USA DNS DNS DNS DNS 43 DNS 43
37 Parada Penagos, ARG DNS 41 DNS DNS DNS DNS 41
38 Jimmy Archer, USA DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 39 39
39 Eduardo Marcolino, BRA DNS DNS 39 DNS DNS DNS 39
40 Adam Morka, CAN DNS DNS DNS DNS 39 DNS 39
41 Rodrigo Altafini, BRA DNS DNS 36 DNS DNS DNS 36
42 Stenio Bezerra, BRA DNS DNS 33 DNS DNS DNS 33
43 Rogério Paula, BRA DNS DNS 30 DNS DNS DNS 30
44 Ramon Bustos, BRA DNS DNS 27 DNS DNS DNS 27
45 Cristiam Suzin, BRA DNS DNS 25 DNS DNS DNS 25
46 Juscelino Vasco, BRA DNS DNS 23 DNS DNS DNS 23
47 Wellington Conceição, BRA DNS DNS 21 DNS DNS DNS 21
Women S G S G S S G G G
1 Sabrina Gobbo, BRA 61 DNS 75 69 DNS DNS 205
2 Miriam Guillot-Boisset, FRA 75 100 DNS DNS DNS DNS 175
3 Suzie Snyder, USA DNS DNS DNS 100 75 DNS 175
4 Caroline Colonna, USA 51 DNS DNS 63 43 DNS 157
5 Maia Ignatz, USA DNS DNS DNS 90 61 DNS 151
6 Laura Mira Dias, BRA DNS 82 67 DNS DNS DNS 149
7 Kara Lapoint, USA 67 DNS DNS 82 DNS DNS 149
8 Rebecca Blatt, USA 47 DNS DNS 53 DNS


9 Debby Sullivan, USA DNS DNS DNS 75 51 DNS 126
10 Sarah Gravves, USA DNS DNS DNS 58 DNS 43 101
11 Fabiola Corona, MEX DNS 90 DNS DNS DNS DNS 90
12 Katie Button, CAN DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS


13 Erika Simon, ARG DNS 75 DNS DNS DNS DNS 75
14 Zoe Dawson, CAN DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 67 67
15 Joanna Brown, CAN DNS DNS DNS DNS 67 DNS 67
16 Danelle Kabush, CAN DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 61 61
17 Isabella Ribeiro DNS DNS 61 DNS DNS DNS 61
18 Jaime Brede, USA DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 56 56
19 Caitlin Snow, USA 56 DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 56
20 Luisa Saft, BRA DNS DNS 56 DNS DNS DNS 56
21 Katharina Carter, CAN DNS DNS DNS DNS 56 DNS 56
22 Lisa Leonard, USA DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 51 51
23 Vanessa Cabrini, BRA DNS DNS 51 DNS DNS DNS 51
24 Maggie Rusch, USA DNS DNS DNS 49 DNS DNS 49
25 Fernanda Prieto, BRA DNS DNS 47 DNS DNS DNS 47
26 Annie-Claude Gaudet, CAN DNS DNS DNS DNS 47 DNS 47
27 Brisa Melcop, BRA DNS DNS 43 DNS DNS DNS 43
28 Amanda Felder, USA DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 39 39
29 Beatriz Granziera, BRA DNS DNS 39 DNS DNS DNS 39
30 Melania Giraldi, BRA DNS DNS 36 DNS DNS DNS 36
31 Monalisa Vieira, BRA DNS DNS 33 DNS DNS DNS 33


XTERRA Victoria was the 21st of 37 events where the fastest amateur athletes from around the world could qualify to race at the 21st annual XTERRA World Championship at Kapalua, Maui on Oct 23.  

7-Feb XTERRA Philippines Brad Weiss/Lizzie Orchard
21-Feb XTERRA South Africa Brad Weiss/Flora Duffy
5-Mar XTERRA Motatapu Olly Shaw/Mary Gray
12-Mar XTERRA Saipan Brodie Gardner/Carina Wasle
20-Mar XTERRA Costa Rica Karl Shaw/Myriam Guillot-Boisset
26-Mar XTERRA Argentina Josiah Middaugh/Myriam Guillot
3-Apr XTERRA Malta Roger Serrano/Brigitta Poor
16-Apr XTERRA New Zealand Braden Currie/Lizzie Orchard
17-Apr XTERRA La Reunion Ruben Ruzafa/Carina Wasle
23-Apr XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship Braden Currie/Lizzie Orchard
7-May XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour Championship Ben Allen/Jacqui Slack
7-May XTERRA Brazil Albert Soley/Sabrina Gobbo
7-May XTERRA Greece Roger Serrano/Helena Erbenova
14-May XTERRA Tahiti Josiah Middaugh/Lesley Paterson
21-May XTERRA Oak Mountain State Park Josiah Middaugh/Suzie Snyder
21-May XTERRA Portugal Ruben Ruzafa/Helena Erbenova
11-Jun XTERRA Belgium Kris Coddens/Helena Erbenova
25-Jun XTERRA Switzerland Ruben Ruzafa/Michelle Flipo
25-Jun XTERRA Mine over Matter Karsten Madsen/Suzie Snyder
3-Jul XTERRA France Ruben Ruzafa/Lesley Paterson
10-Jul XTERRA Victoria Karsten Madsen/Katie Button
16-Jul XTERRA Beaver Creek Beaver Creek, CO, USA
23-Jul XTERRA Parry Sound Ontario, Canada
31-Jul XTERRA Italy Lago Di Scanno
31-Jul XTERRA Dominican Republic Barahona
6-Aug XTERRA Mexico Tapalpa
7-Aug XTERRA Poland Krakow
13-Aug XTERRA Sweden Hellsgaarten, Stockholm
14-Aug XTERRA Canmore Canmore, Alberta, Canada
20-Aug XTERRA European Championship Zittau, Germany
27-Aug XTERRA Sleeping Giant Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
27-Aug XTERRA Korea Daeahn Reservoir, Wonju City
3-Sep XTERRA Japan Hokkaido
4-Sep XTERRA Denmark Mons Klint
4-Sep XTERRA Quebec Quebec City, Quebec
11-Sep XTERRA Woolastook New Brunswick, Canada
17-Sep XTERRA USA / Pan Am Championship Ogden, Utah, USA
23-Oct XTERRA World Championship Kapalua, Maui

McMahon Headlines XTERRA Victoria on Sunday

Recent Ironman South American Championship winner, two-time Canadian Olympian and local Victoria resident, Brent McMahon, headlines a solid pro field at the sixth stop of the XTERRA Pan American Tour at Durrance Lake in Victoria, British Columbia this Sunday.  The race course personifies “tough” with a 1.5K fresh water swim, followed by a 24K mountain bike on the world class trails of Mount Work Park, and 9.2K trail run through Partridge Hills scenic wilderness.

“It’s fun to get back to some dirt racing here in Victoria,” said McMahon. “I spend the winters training and having fun on the trails so it’s a blast to be able to go race on them with some friendly competition.  It is a great location to swim and a challenging and a bit tricky of a bike course, especially if we get some west coast rain in the mix.  The run has only a few hundred meters of non-technical and all the rest is a test for your feet and mind.  After long hours of Ironman training and racing the constant stimuli of an XTERRA course will surely wake my senses up for the rest of the seasons build to Kona.”

McMahon has yet to be defeated on his home turf at XTERRA Victoria but will face stiff competition from a strong group of North American racers fighting for valuable tour points to solidify their ranking.

Guelph, Ontario’s Karsten Madsen, currently ranked second on the Pan American Tour, is a top contender.  He is fresh off a win at XTERRA Mine Over Matter and finished 2nd to reigning World Champion, Josiah Middaugh at XTERRA Argentina and 3rd at XTERRA Oak Mountain in Pelham, Alabama.  With national pride on the line, fellow Canadians Paul Tichelaar, 2008 Canadian Olympian and Nathan Killam who recently placed 6th at Wildflower will also be looking to unseat McMahon and Madsen.

Americans Chris Ganter, Ian King and newly-turned pro Dan Molnar, all head north of the border looking to make moves up the tour rankings. The young Kiwi pro, Kieran McPherson, currently ranked 11th in the Tour, is looking to improve his ranking as well.  McPherson finished ahead of the three Americans in Pelham, Alabama in May at the first U.S. race of the Pan American Tour and is expected to do well.

In the women’s race, Victoria’s Katie Button, who placed third here last year and a consistent XTERRA podium finisher, will use her experience to fend off a number of ranked Pan Am Tour women including Americans Caroline Colonna, Rebecca Blatt and Sarah Graves.   Appearing for the first time on the circuit is “wee Scottish lass” turned Las Vegas resident, Lisa Leonard, who is coached by fellow country-woman and XTERRA World Champ Lesley “the Scottish Rocket” Paterson.

The pull of the XTERRA Pan American Tour and this spectacular venue have more than doubled the entry over last year.

For age groupers, twenty-five slots to the prestigious XTERRA World Championship are up for grabs, and for Canadians the top five age groupers in each division will qualify to race at the 2017 ITU Cross Tri Worlds to be held in Penticton, BC.  This, combined with the pull of US$7,500 in prize money and a possible Pan American Tour title, has attracted truly international competition.

Of note, one of the youngest on the start line will be 16-year old Heather Horton (Draper, UT), looking to solidify her quest for a XTERRA Pan American Tour title, and  17-year old Lewis Ryan (Rotorua, New Zealand) who is aiming for the top age group spot at XTERRA Worlds this year.  The race will also see the return of former XTERRA pro and local girl, Danelle Kabush, who has had strong performances on this course in the past.  Multi-time XTERRA age group World Champion and XTERRA Canada pioneer, Cal Zaryski, will also compete, along with Mat Signoretty who finished 4th overall for the past 2 years.

Learn more about XTERRA Victoria at www.xterravictoria.ca.

Watch 2015 XTERRA Victoria Highlights

Pro Start List as of 7.7.2016

Brent McMahon (CAN)
Karsten Madsen (CAN)
Chris Ganter (USA)
Ian King (USA)
Kieran McPherson (NZL)
Daniel Molnar (USA)
Jimmy Archer (USA)
Nathan Killam (CAN)
Paul Tichelaar (CAN)

Katie Button (CAN)
Caroline Colonna (USA)
Rebecca Blatt (USA)
Sarah Graves (USA)
Annie Bergen (CAN)
Jaime Brede (USA)
Lisa Leonard (USA)

The inaugural XTERRA Pan American Tour is a 10-stop series for both amateur and professional athletes. Racers count their best four scores (two Gold, two Silver) plus what they earn at the XTERRA Pan American Championship race September 17 in Utah.

Learn more about the XTERRA Pan Am Tour at http://www.xterraplanet.com/xterra-pan-am-tour/


XTERRA USA/Pan Am Championship Invitation

Come one, come all!

This year, for the first-time ever, everyone is invited to race for the one-day XTERRA USA and Pan America Championship crowns in Utah on September 17.

What has historically been an invite-only race just for U.S. citizens racing in the America Tour is now an open-to-everyone XTERRA USA / Pan American Championship event.

The challenge on offer mixes a 1.5km swim in Pineview Reservoir with a 28km mountain bike ride that climbs roughly 3,400-feet to Snowbasin Resort followed by a 10km trail run to the finish.

The fastest racers to knock off all three disciplines in each age group will be honored as the XTERRA Pan American Champion, and the fastest American in each of those divisions will be celebrated as XTERRA’s U.S. National Champion.

Opening up the race to all comers means one can expect all the fast cats from Canada, and all over the world for that matter, to converge on Ogden for a shot at the crown and a chance to race on one of the World Tour’s most challenging and scenic courses.  It also means you can register right now and plan your trip without having to wait for your qualifying invite.

XTERRA is also hosting a new, Pan-America themed after-party at Hub801 in downtown Ogden with food and drinks that come with the price of entry (not to mention the great lunch with every entry right after the race at Snowbasin Resort).  Don’t indulge too much, however, as you can run for a trail run national title in the half-marathon at Snowbasin the next day (5k, 10k’s too for a more mellow jaunt).

In addition to the one-day titles XTERRA will also honor the America Tour’s regional champions, the inaugural Pan America Tour Champions, and Mr./Mrs. XTERRA award winners.

Combine all the great racing action with the epic facilities and the most supportive community you’ll ever find for a triathlon and you’ve got an event not to be missed.

Sign-up today, no qualification is necessary, and join in the excitement of the new XTERRA USA/Pan American Championship race on the tried-and-true grounds of Ogden, Utah.

Live More!

Jacqui Slack

2017 XTERRA Wales Announced

UWC Atlantic College, an international college near Llantwit Major, has been announced as the venue for the first XTERRA triathlon race to take place in Wales since 2008.

With no British XTERRA event in 2016, the leading global off-road triathlon series will return to the UK in June 2017 within the grounds of UWC Atlantic College, featuring races for both children and adults.

XTERRA Triathlon superstars Australian Ben Allen and Jacqui Slack from the UK, who are the Posh and Becks of triathlon, are excited that XTERRA is back on British soil:

“The event showcases everything that Wales has to offer and it’s going to be one of those races you won’t want to miss out on.  Bring the whole family as there is even a kids race supported by UWC Atlantic College, the event’s major sponsor. Without their support and belief the race wouldn’t happen. So thank you AC; we look forward to joining in on an action packed weekend of fun.”

Saturday June 3rd 2017 will see a range of children’s races for everyone from four-year-olds who will be racing duathlons on balance bikes, to 16 year olds who will race in triathlons using UWC Atlantic College’s outdoor swimming pool.

The adult race on Sunday June 4th 2017 will comprise a 1.5km sea swim, followed by a 30km mountain bike ride and a 10km run.

Two-time XTERRA World Champion,  Lesley Paterson, who will be participating, said of the event: “I’m honoured to race the inaugural Wales XTERRA next year as not only is it a beautiful country but I also call it home which makes it even more special. The course is supposed to be epic and a true testament of what XTERRA is all about.

“We are lucky enough to get to do this wonderful sport and giving back through outreach programs is a way to pay forward the gratitude we feel about being a part of the XTERRA family.”

UWC Atlantic College, which houses over 350 students from more than 90 countries, has outreach at the heart of its mission. More than half of its students – 55% – receive some kind of scholarship or bursary, and the financial proceeds from XTERRA are planned to fund two further student scholarships.

Staff at the college will also set up a children’s triathlon club for the wider community as part of the UWC Atlantic College’s local outreach programme.

The Vale of Glamorgan’s own Olympic triathlete, Helen Jenkins, said: “It is extremely exciting to see a fun, challenging incredible course in and around the amazing grounds of UWC Atlantic College. Using proceeds to fund scholarship places and help young people experience the sport for the first time makes it all the more worthwhile and commendable. Anyone racing will walk away knowing they raced an amazing race in a unique location”

Gerry Holden, caretaker Principal at the College, added: “We’re always looking for exciting events that bring our student body and wider community together – XTERRA certainly provides us that opportunity. We’re proud not only to be at the forefront of Welsh triathlons, but to be able to use the XTERRA event to extend our established outreach programme.”


All media enquiries can be directed to Greg Landon (greglandon@workingwordpr.com) or Matthew Parr (matthew.parr@workingword.co.uk) at Working Word on 029 20455 182.

For specific information on XTERRA itself, please contact Keith Davies (Keith.Davies@atlanticcollege.org) at UWC Atlantic College on 01446 799012.

About UWC Atlantic College

UWC Atlantic College is an international residential sixth form college based in Llantwit Major, South Wales. The academic programme is the International Baccalaureate Diploma, which the college helped to develop.  It is the founding college of the UWC movement and was the first school in the UK to follow an international curriculum. The independently run college receives no subsidy from the UK government. However, approximately 55% of its students receive some financial support, enabling a diverse student body.

UWC Atlantic College is attended by approximately 350 students from more than 90 countries, who are selected on personal merit and potential – regardless of race, religion, cultural or socio-economic background.  Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum that is academically rigorous and embodies the school’s mission, preparing them for a life of service and leadership.

A core component of the UWC ethos is a commitment to community service; its service programme involves students engaged in a service or activity that supports other members of the college or local community.


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