Nathan Helton on XTERRA Panther Creek Half Marathon

XTERRA Ambassador Nathan Helton hasn’t been running as much as usual this summer.

I sustained a stress fracture in my right foot during the Yamacraw 50k last April, and I have only been 100 percent back at trail running for two to three weeks now,” said Helton, who didn’t let the lack of training stop him from finishing in second place at the XTERRA Panther Creek Half Marathon on July 30th in Morristown, Tennessee.

Helton added that he would have started his training earlier. “But my regular training was slightly delayed by a trip to Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.” 

One might think that anyone who doesn’t consider a 19,000 foot mountain summit to be “regular training,” might be a bit intense about his performance. However, Helton’s main goal is to have fun and encourage others on the trail.

Because of his injury, Helton missed the XTERRA Knoxville Half Marathon, but he was happy to volunteer “and spread good vibes.” And what pleased him most about the XTERRA Panther Creek Half Marathon was that his wife finished first in her age group.

She’s been working very hard to improve her running abilities, so such an award was well-deserved and it was quite a delight for me to see her hop on that podium for a picture,” he said.

Helton was also quick to praise his fellow Ambassador Nozomi Shinoda-Wade on her age group win and congratulate his mates on the podium: Trevor Turner – the XTERRA Panther Creek Half Marathon Champ – and Noah Kilgore, who finished 3rd.

“Noah is only 13,” said Helton. “He left it all out there on the trail, for sure, and it’s not an easy course.”

XTERRA Panther Creek is one of Helton’s favorite courses.

“Ryan Roma and the Dirty Bird Events crew do a masterful job at putting the race on and making all of the athletes feel accomplished and taken care of. I can’t say enough about it—it’s a perfect blend of hills, descents, flats, and wonderful scenic overlooks. It’s a 13.1 that pushes you to your limits and makes you a more well-rounded athlete.”

For the rest of the season, Helton is focusing on increasing his endurance and health from a holistic standpoint by incorporating yoga, CrossFit, and good nutrition into his training. In August, he is going to compete in a half-Ironman distance triathlon.

I’m also wanting to check out other XTERRA trail runs in neighboring states so that I can encounter some more great courses and have the opportunity to share the trail with a host of wonderful runners.”

To view the complete results for the XTERRA Panther Creek Half Marathon, visit www.dirtybirdevents.

XTERRA Stays in Canada for XTERRA Parry Sound

On August 12th, XTERRA will be halfway through its Ontario racing series which includes:

XTERRA Mine Over Matter
XTERRA Parry Sound
XTERRA Sleeping Giant

XTERRA Mine Over Matter was a great success on June 17th at Kelso Quarry, and XTERRA Sleeping Giant will be held on August 26th in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The XTERRA Parry Sound full-length triathlon will feature a 1.5k swim, a 25k mountain bike, and a 10k run. The run course is identical to the course used in the XTERRA Parry Sound Trail Run, which will also be held on the 12th. Included in the day’s races are a sprint triathlon and relay and an off-road duathlon.

Fourteen qualifying spots for XTERRA World Championships will be up for grabs at the race and will be awarded to seven male and female age-group champions.

The XTERRA Parry Sound 5k Trail Run will be held at 9AM, before the triathlons and duathlon. All events will be held on the magnificent trails at the Georgian Nordic Ski and Canoe Club.

Located about 225k/140mi north of Toronto, the town of Parry Sound is a popular “cottage country” region for southern Ontario residents. The sound for which the town is named is also the world’s deepest, natural, freshwater port in the world. Perhaps more importantly, Parry Sound is the birthplace of Bobby Orr, making XTERRA Parry Sound a perfect weekend destination for triathletes, hockey fans, and anyone looking for a tranquil and idyllic summer holiday.

So pack those runners, eh?

Watch a preview of XTERRA Parry Sound. You can register at


Cool Off at XTERRA Quebec

On August 12th, XTERRA Quebec will feature a triathlon, a sprint triathlon, and a duathlon. On August 13th, three trail runs, and a youth duathlon will begin at 9AM.

The standard triathlon will consist of a 1.2k swim, a 25k bike, and a 10k run.

“You will begin your challenge in the majestic Lac Delage at the Manoir du Lac Delage in a natural and enchanting setting,” said race director, Alain Deraspe. “You will then embark on bike trails developed especially for mountain biking.  To finish, it is to the race of “trail” that you will have to give everything between the roots, rocks, climbs and descents to rally the arrival arch.”

Three trail runs will be offered on Sunday: a 12k race, an 8k race, and a 1k kids’ run. A youth duathlon will also take place on Sunday.

The XTERRA Quebec standard triathlon has a total of 15 age group selection slots for the World Championships held in Maui, Hawaii on October 29th, 2017.

Additionally, this race will also be a qualifying race for the ITU 2018 Cross-Triathlon World Championship to be held in Odense, Denmark.

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XTERRA Syracuse Promises Family Fun

XTERRA Syracuse is a race for the entire family. From the classic triathlon to trail runs to the kids triathlon and swim/bike, XTERRA Syracuse has something for every athlete. All events will be held at Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, NY, approximately 10 miles east of the city of Syracuse.

XTERRA Triathlon
in its second year, the XTERRA Syracuse triathlon features a 1 km swim, a 20 km mountain bike, and a 10 km trail run.

XTERRA 20K and 10K Trail Run
Hit the ground running on the most enjoyable, root slipping, mud hopping, tree ducking, stream crossing, hill climbing, dirt on your shirt, sweat in your eye trail run this side of Grandma’s house.

The XTERRA Syracuse Trail is the final race of the XTERRA Northeast Trail Run Series. Each age group winner in the Northeast Series will receive a complimentary ticket to the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship in Utah this September.

You can view the XTERRA Northeast Trail Run Series Standings at

Introduce your kids to the sport you love! This year, XTERRA Syracuse is proud to partner with USA Triathlon Splash and Dash Aquathalon Series.

Kids Ages (11-15):200m swim/8k mountain bike/2k run

Kids Ages (7-10): 100m swim/4k mountain bike/1k run

Kids Ages (11-15): 200m swim/2k run

Kids Ages (7-10): 100m swim/1k run

To learn more and register for XTERRA Syracuse off-road triathlon and trail runs, visit



XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series Finale, August 12th

Although trail running has no official season, the 2016-2017 XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series is coming to a close as we prepare for the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship this September in Utah.

This is an exciting time of year, as athletes fine tune their race plans, log extra miles in the generous daylight, and put it all on the line in their quest for a complimentary ticket to the XTERRA National Championship, which will be awarded to the winner of each region’s age group.

XTERRA Allatoona Creek

On August 12th, XTERRA Allatoona Creek will offer two distances: an 8.7 mile race and a 3.4 mile race. While Allatoona Park is close to Atlanta, you won’t know it once you are in the woods.That’s why race director Tim Schoer follows the creed: Ditch the City. The well-maintained and shady trails are full of gentle slopes and beautiful scenery, and the race finishes on a grassy meadow.

Matt Haley, who is currently leading the XTERRA Georgia Trail Series for the 30-34 age group is hoping for another great race at Allatoona Creek.

It’s always a tough race because of the heat and humidity,” said Haley, “But it’s a good distance for me at close to nine miles. Not too short and not too long.”

In the women’s 25-29 age group Brittany Hewell has an easy lead with 354 points. Elisa Harris is leading the 30-34 age group with 300 points and Sally Bray is crushing the 35-39 age group with 423 points.In the 50-54 age group, the race is close between Christine Guerra and Tammy Sinnette.

In the men’s 65-69 age group, Hugo Lagomasino has completed all of the races in the series and is leading his age group with 570 points. Matt Haley has 463 points for a sure win in his age group, but the race is tighter in the 35-39 age group where Allen Bray and Chris Morgan are duking it out.

Learn more about the series standings at

Learn more and register for XTERRA Allatoona Creek

Rocky Mountain Highs – Relive the Weekend!

As we look back at a fantastic weekend in the mountains of Colorado, we are still marveling at the incredible performances, steadfast determination, and sheer love XTERRA athletes have for their sport and their tribe.

If you weren’t able to be there for the race – or if you were racing and didn’t get a chance to watch – you can relive the experience with our photos, videos, and recaps of XTERRA Beaver Creek.

Try an Ultra at XTERRA Steep Rock Trail Run

On August 5th, the Steep Rock Association and the Roxbury Land Trust will open their parks for the XTERRA Steep Rock Trail Run.

Four distances will be offered, including a 10k, a 25k, a 50k, and a 50-mile ultra run.

The XTERRA Steep Rock Trail Run is hosted by the New York Adventure Racing Association, which has a wide range of experience and expertise in hosting distance and ultra-distance events.

“With a suspension bridge, old railroad tunnel, 19th century iron ore mines, blast furnaces, and scenic, tranquil trails, it’s totally worth going for the 25k,” said race director, Denise Mast. “This is a great race to experience the camaraderie, beauty, and triumph of this special distance.”

Simon Edgett, who runs marathons and ultra races in the Northeast, sprained his ankle and broke a bone in his foot earlier this spring. We are pleased to report that he is back to 60 miles a week and will be running the 50k at XTERRA Steep Rock.

I like the 50k distance for these looped courses,” said Edgett. “This is the first time I will be racing Steep Rock so I drove up to the course last weekend and hiked some of the sections to get the lay of the land: it starts on a pretty level rail-trail for the first mile or so before turning off onto single track. There are portions on smooth dirt roads, but most of it seems pretty technical with a decent amount of climbing.

The 10k is entirely contained in the Steep Rock Preserve. The race starts off fast on a section of old railroad bed before funneling into a short section of single track along the river. Then you will enter spacious double track, cross a suspension bridge, head through a tunnel, and head back along the river. Towards the end, you will make a quick descent down moderately technical trail and wind your way back to the finish.”

The 25k race extends the 10k route and includes more technical trails, and the 50k is two loops of the 25k course. The 50 mile ultra run is three loops of the course.

Aid stations have moved to the entrance of the Carter/Mine Hill Preserve off Judd’s Road so runners have access to food and drink on the way in and out of the preserve.

“That’s right,” said Mast. “We are getting soft. Two aid stations for the price of one.”

For more information and to register, visit

The final race for the 2016-2017 XTERRA Northeast Trail Run Series will be XTERRA Syracuse, held August 13th.

XTERRA Castle Rock Trail Run Designed by Ultra Legend, Peter Maksimow

The XTERRA Castle Rock Trail Run, on August 6th, is the final race in the XTERRA Colorado Trail Run Series. You can choose your race distance of 5K,10K, or 20K.

The second annual race will be held in the beautiful Phillip S Miller Park. You can run on the freshly-cut, soft-surface trails that are a part of the town’s largest ever park project. From magnificent single and double track, you can take in the impressive views of Castle Rock, Colorado as the trail twists and winds over the flowing race course.

Signature Course by Peter Maksimow
The designer and course manager of the XTERRA Colorado Trail Run Series is Peter Maksimow, also known as “The Prez.”

An elite mountain, trail, and ultra runner and member of the silver medal winning US team at the 2015 World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships, Maksimow is a 4-time champion of the Greenland Trail 50K. He is also the 2nd fastest finisher of a 50K run in the state of Colorado and a 7-time top ten finisher at the Pikes Peak Ascent.

“The XTERRA Castle Rock Trail Run offers participants a chance to have the time of their lives and to measure themselves against the elements of nature in an unmatched atmosphere,” said race director, Arnold Soliman.  “You don’t need to be an elite runner to participate. You just need desire and a good pair of running shoes. With a Peter Maksimow  course and Colorado dirt trails, you are sure to experience exhilarating moments every runner lives for.”

Castle Rock is located midway between Colorado Springs and Denver in the Colorado foothills. Named for the prominent, castle-shaped butte near the center of town, Castle Rock was settled in the late 1870’s based on rumors of gold hidden in its rocks.

Now, it’s a thriving small town with an abundance of outdoor activities to choose from. Located at 6200 feet in the Colorado foothills, Castle Rock has the perfect arid climate for mountain biking  and running through the abundant trails and meadows.

There is plenty to do for the entire family. The Philip S. Miller Park’s outdoor space includes a playground with 60-foot slide, a 200-step challenge staircase, a turf field, and the Headrush Towers, which are 40-foot and 80-foot towers that kids can climb up, repel down, or even free fall from.

To register for the XTERRA Castle Rock Trail Run, visit



Brown, Paterson win XTERRA Beaver Creek 20k

Complete Results / Pictures / Highlight Video

Darren Brown and Lesley Paterson captured the XTERRA Beaver Creek 20-kilometer trail race in Avon, Colorado this morning with winning times of 1:15:56 and 1:25:49, respectively.

“Wow, that was brutal,” said Paterson, who won the XTERRA Beaver Creek elite triathlon title yesterday.    “That course doesn’t get any easier the second time around. But, my hubby was out there doing the 10K so I had to be out here to support him, and figured I might as well come and get a wee workout in, ya know.  Plus, it’s gorgeous here, and everyone is so friendly, I love it.”

Katarina Marks from Durango, Colorado took second for the women in 1:29:33.

As for Brown, who is the channel development manager for Oofos recovery footwear, one of the event sponsors, the thin air and steep hills turned out to be his biggest challenge.

“It was beautiful, but brutal,” said Brown, a former collegiate track star at the University of Texas who ran a sub-4 minute mile in 2008 to make him and Dad the first U.S. father / son combo to both run sub-4 miles (Barry Brown ran a 3:58.8 in 1973).

“Climbing a few thousand feet straight up makes you wheeze a bit, especially if you’re coming from sea level (Brown hails from the ocean town of Hingham, Massachusetts). It was incredible, though. I actually came up three days ago and went for a run and after two miles of climbing I said there was absolutely no way I was going to race today. I could barely breathe, I just wanted to pass out and take a nap, but over the past couple of days it has been so beautiful, and watching everybody compete here at XTERRA gets you amped up.”

Brown was the only harrier in the race to run an under 7-minute mile pace (6:54) and crossed the line more than six-minutes ahead of runner-up Dillon Shaffer from Laporte, Colorado.

“On this course, you’re either going up or going down,” explained Brown.  “I had to temper my efforts going uphill, to make sure I wasn’t going past the red line, and then really unleash on those downhills. Those downhills are hard, and to be honest, the quicker you’re moving the less impact you’re taking.”

Brown retired from professional running after the 2012 trials to coach his wife, Sarah, and has recently turned his athletic interests to triathlon.

“I got into this multisport world last year, so now I’m actually a triathlete who jumps on the trails every once in a while,” said Brown, who started working for Oofos about a year ago but had been wearing the recovery shoes for five years.

“Feeling is believing with this product.  We train really hard, and with my wife being a full-time track athlete she’s putting a lot of torque and stress on her body and her feet and Oofos have really helped us through our training these past five years. So, Oofos is something I believe in and after I started working with them I saw this hole where we weren’t really talking to the people in the XTERRA community and it is a fantastic community and they work so hard and beat themselves up on beautiful mountains like this and they need these.  It’s a necessity.  I’m a perfect example.  I mean, I love my trail running shoes but today when I crossed that line I couldn’t wait to take them off and put my Oofos on.”

In other racing action today Ben Pryhoda (Louisville, CO) and Nicole Goetzl (Denver, CO) took home the 10K titles in 41:52 and 50:58, respectively, while Ryan McMullen (Colorado Springs, CO) and Rylie McMullen (Colorado Springs, CO) won the 5K crowns in 22:25 and 28:28.

Today’s XTERRA Beaver Creek 20K was the third of four races in the XTERRA Colorado Trail Run Series, and the top runners in every age group for the 20K course of the Beaver Creek Trail Run received points toward the XTERRA Colorado Trail Run Series standings and each division champion was awarded a complimentary entry into the 2017 XTERRA Trail Run World Championship to be held December at Kualoa Ranch on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. 

The XTERRA Colorado Series finale is August 6 in Castle Rock, CO with 5/12 and 24K options.

Current standings, schedule, and information can be viewed at