XTERRA Ambassador Profile – Tina Weissauer

Meet Tina Weissauer. This almost 40-year old was born and raised in Los Angeles and is now tearing up the local trails alongside the ever loyal and active XTERRA SoCal Trail Run Series diehards. She is new to the XTERRA Ambassador team but has been vital to the energy and growth of the series over the past 7 years. Keep reading to see why we find her so inspiring!

Number of Years Racing XTERRA: 7

What kind of trail running shoe will you wear? HOKA, and ALTRA

Sponsor: Fit and Wild

Best XTERRA finish: I would have to say Boney Mountain 2017.  I raced well and the wind was really, really strong. I was the 9th woman and beat the number 10 by one second!  Made me happy, didn’t even know she was coming for me! I was fast that day too, usually I am 11 or 12 overall for the women.

Favorite XTERRA? So hard to choose…Point Mugu for the views, Malibu Creek for the toughness, XTERRA Trail Run Nationals in Ogden, UT for both!

Other big races on your schedule: LA Marathon, this year I will be turning 40 so on my 40th my goal is to run 40 miles.  Then Ray Miller 50k or 50 miles, I can’t decide!

Craziest pre race ritual: I have to eat Indian food. That way, I am sure to poop before I race!

Funniest / dumbest thing you’ve done during a run: Going back to Boney Mountain 6k, my FIRST trail race.  I never ran a trail race before, and had no idea I was the lead woman.  So, I took my time on the creek crossings.  I didn’t want to get my shoes wet, HA!  How things have changed.  The last half-mile is a flat road that turns into a dirt tree trail.  This is where I got passed.  Again, not knowing I was first, true to trail runner spirit, I offered words of encouragement as I got passed.  Something along the line of, “great job! Way to finish strong!”  She looked at me funny, and kept on running looking over her shoulder every 5 steps.  She was first woman overall and I followed happily behind and took 2nd.  The funniest/dumbest thing I have ever done at a trail race.  I easily could have dug deep and pushed past her had I know I was holding first woman OVERALL!!!  Every race I think of that moment and push hard and dig deep the whole race.

Favorite distance: half marathon

Guilty pleasure post race: (food / drinks / other / etc.)Post race is burritos and beer for me!

What makes you a true Trail Run Fanatic? I really don’t care rain or shine, I just love being on the trails, enjoying the outdoors and forgetting that I live in a big city! Running is what sets my mind free.  When it rains, the trails are one of my favorite places to be.  Living in LA when it rains, most people go inside and hide so I have to trails to myself!

Most memorable running moment and/or XTERRA moment:  Running XTERRA Trail Run Nationals.  It was something that I had worked really, really hard to earn.  Traveling to Ogden, Utah was the first time I had left my family behind, and heading to Nationals was a dream come true.  The race didn’t go as planned, in fact, it was one of my slowest half marathons ever.  The thin mountain air really got the best of me.  The fact that I was moving so slow didn’t get me down though.  The views were some of the best.  I was at XTERRA Nationals!!! Years of racing and I was the regional champion from SoCal!  I was truly living a dream.  All the runners were nice and offered up their knowledge of the course.  I can’t wait to go back to Ogden with better altitude training so that I can fly over some of the best single track I have ever seen!

Who is your favorite XTERRA runner (pro and age grouper)? Maggie Shearer.  When she shows up I know I am gonna be lucky to get 3rd place for my age group.  She is ALWAYS the first woman! In addition to being fast, she is super tough.  At Boney Mountain maybe 3 years ago, she fell, broke her fingers and was still the first lady.  And the best part about her is she is also one of the nicest people on the trail.  Pro is Conrad Stoltz.  He is the beast of all beasts, and is such a humble athlete.

Do you have a personal mantra, motto or words to live by?

Breath in your courage, let go of your fear.

She made broken look beautiful

and strong look invincible.

She walked with the Universe

on her shoulders and made it

look like a pair of wings.




be ashamed

of a scar. It

simply means

you were

stronger than

whatever tried

to hurt you.”



What is your day job? Master eco colorist.  AKA hairdresser! I co-own a small boutique salon in Venice, where we focus on the having the most eco friendly products and colorline available.

What do you want people to know about XTERRA? XTERRA, has some of the best trail races out there.  The courses they provide are difficult, the climbs are painful, the views are epic but it is the people are what make XTERRA great!  The staff and volunteers at the events are super nice and helpful.  It is always fun to see familiar faces at the aid stations cheering everyone on! Then there are the other trail racers, some of the nicest people around.  Offering insight to the course, helping you up when you fall, and the great post race conversations in the beer garden!!

Tell us something we should know about you:  I have never run “JUST” a marathon before!  I have finished 3 Ironmans, and two 50k’s, but not a marathon on it’s own.  In March I will be 40, and I am about to change that and run LA marathon.  Part of me is excited to run my hometown race, but the other part of me thinks it is a silly idea.  I have missed the trails so much training for LA, and I am looking at it as a bucket list run.  Then if things go as planned I am going to run 40 miles for my 40! This of course will be on the trails!

Open forum (say what you like):  For me my life is totally normal!  However most people around me, are in awe on how I fit it all in daily!  On a good day, I wake up at 5am to enjoy some time for myself before the wild animals that I call my family wake up.  In the summer months this is when I run, in the winter this is when I read and drink tea.  I have 2 beautiful children that keep me on my toes at all times. They are active, so after school is running them around to their different actives. I have a crazy number of pets that we have rescued over the years that require food and exercise on the daily.  I run and found that 50 miles a week is a sweet spot for me. I also run my behind-the-chair business and run a salon.  I am blessed that I am married to my best friend, who shares my vivaciousness for life.  The adventures we take are amazing!

Thank you for sharing your story Tina!


XTERRA Texas, SoCal & SA Trail Races This Weekend

The 2017 XTERRA Trail Run Series is underway with races across the country, and around the world for that matter, every weekend.

This Saturday the XTERRA Texas Trail Run Series hosts 10 and 25K races at Pedernales Falls State Park, located 40 miles west of Austin.

“It’s quintessential Texas Hill Country with rocks, dips, drop, ledges, twists and turns,” said race director Joel Grimmett. “Runners will encounter plenty of natural obstacles and they wind through the rugged, heavily-wooded canyons, down rolling double track, and along the rocky banks of the Pedernales River.”

It’s the second of nine XTERRA trail races in Texas held from now until August.

Then on Sunday, the XTERRA SoCal Trail Run Series heads to Point Mugu State Park in Malibu/Oxnard, CA with 11 and 18-kilometer races.

XTERRA Pt. Mugu is the fifth of seven races in the SoCal Series, and runners looking to make a permanent mark will have to run faster than course record holders Anthony Fagundes (1:06:12) and Maggie Searer (1:18:40) in the 18K.

Runners in all of XTERRA’s Trail Run Series are racing for points towards their regional championship and the complimentary entry into XTERRA Nationals that goes with it.   The XTERRA Trail Run National Championship will be held September 17th at Snowbasin Resort up the hill from Ogden, Utah.

And, for those lucky enough to find themselves in South Africa this weekend, 6 and 12K races will be held at the Grabouw Country club on Sunday.

Find a trail run in your area here.

Live More!

XTERRA Trail Run Returns to Nelson Mandela Bay

The XTERRA Trail Run World Tour hosts some of the most amazing races on the planet, and South Africa is proving that this coming weekend at Port Elizabeth’s Kings Beach.

Incorporating the trail run routes of SA’s premier off-road triathlon, the Fedhealth XTERRA, entrants can choose between an action-packed 12km and/or 6km route.

Alexia Loizou claimed gold in the women’s race at the inaugural 12km XTERRA Trail Run in Nelson Mandela Bay in 2016.  “It’s great that XTERRA is now being hosted in Nelson Mandela Bay,” said Loizou.  “I entered the XTERRA Trail Run as my road back to XTERRA.  The race was lovely.”

Siyabonga Kahla was the athlete to beat in the men’s 6km XTERRA Trail Run in Nelson Mandela Bay.  “Myuyisi Gcogco and I decided to take part in the XTERRA Trail Run,” said Kahla.  “We run for Free Spirit Adventures.  Myuyisi came first in the 12km race.   The 6km route was well marked.  I really enjoyed the race.”

Photo Credit: Jetline Action Photo

For further information or to enter the XTERRA Trail Run contact Stillwater Sports on 082 991 0045, email entries@stillwatersports.com or visit www.stillwatersports.com

Super Sunday on the Trails

Some people consider Super Bowl Sunday a holiday of sorts – or at least a day to stay in and watch the football game. Not the runners in the eleventh annual XTERRA Mission Gorge 15K Trail Run just east of San Diego.

XTERRA Mission Gorge Trail Run is the fourth of seven races in the 2016-2017 season schedule for the award winning XTERRA SoCal Trail Run Series. The highlight of the 15k course is the ‘thousand steps,’ which treats runners to a nearly vertical climb overlooking Mission Gorge! After record rainfall this past month, the adventure will be amplified by multiple creek crossings.

Athletes will also be treated to a scenic and challenging run up the Fortuna Mountain and the surrounding landscape.  The run starts at 8:00 a.m. and is the perfect way to get in a workout before eating, drinking, and cheering on the other (more well-known) athletes of the day.

Thanks to event sponsors, The North Face, Clif Bar, Suunto, Paul Mitchell, and Gatorade, hungry runners will enjoy a pre-bowl event festival serving complimentary breakfast burritos, Kashi Cereal, Naked Juice and Starbucks coffee!

About the XTERRA SoCal Trail Run Series
The XTERRA SoCal Trail Run Series is open to runners of all ages and skill levels. In the 2016-17 season, there will be seven races available for runners, with the courses ranging in length from 5 kilometers to 22 kilometers. The top runners in every age group will receive points after each race that will count toward the overall series standings. At the conclusion of the series, each age-group champion will receive a free entry to represent Southern California at the 2017 XTERRA Trail Run National Championship in Utah. SoCal is one of 16 regions hosting an XTERRA Trail Run Series.

About Mission Trails Regional Park
Mission Trails Regional Park encompasses 7,220 acres of both natural and developed recreational areas, one of the largest urban parks in the United States. Its rugged hills, valleys and open areas represent a San Diego prior to the landing of Cabrillo in San Diego Bay in 1542. Centrally located and only eight miles northeast of downtown San Diego, Mission Trails Regional Park provides a quick, natural escape from the urban hustle and bustle. Mission Trails Regional Park has been called the third Jewel in the City of San Diego Park System. Along with Balboa Park and Mission Bay Park, it provides San Diego residents and visitors a way to explore the cultural, historical, and recreational aspects of San Diego. For more information, please go to www.mtrp.org.

Suunto Named Official GPS Sports Watch of XTERRA in U.S.


(HONOLULU) – TEAM Unlimited LLC, owner and producer of the XTERRA World Tour, today announces Suunto as the official GPS sports watch of XTERRA in the United States and a marquee patron of the XTERRA Pan America Tour.

The partnership puts Suunto, a global leader in sports instruments, in a prime position to connect with XTERRA’s active, international audience of adventure seekers, weekend warriors and competitors at more than 100 XTERRA off-road triathlons and trail runs held across the Americas this year.

“There’s great synergy between our two companies,” said XTERRA CEO, Tom Kiely.  “XTERRA athletes are all about discovering unknown territory, challenging themselves to be the best, and embracing the community.  Suunto is too, and its world-class ‘XTERRA-proof’ GPS watches and Movescount sports service offers exceptional mapping, training, and community features for our athletes.”

As part of the alliance, Josiah Middaugh, the 2016 XTERRA Pan American Tour Champion, who wears Suunto to train and race, will be sharing his workouts, tips, and more with bi-monthly Middaugh Coaching Corner, presented by Suunto columns this season.

“We’re excited to join forces with Josiah and the XTERRA Tribe, and use our expertise to enhance the quality of the XTERRA experience for all involved,” said Bryson White, Suunto’s brand manager for the Americas. “We’re looking to standardize XTERRA course maps, provide training content specific to upcoming events, host demo days, and inspire the XTERRA Tribe to get out and Live More.”

Suunto’s XTERRA course maps will make routes easier to read and follow, and provide more information to racers with layers of data that show altitude profiles, 3D terrain flyovers, and in some cases, historical user-data analysis of what it takes to succeed on a given course.

Suunto representatives will be on-site to educate and engage with the off-road community at XTERRA Oak Mountain (May 20-21, Pelham, Ala.), XTERRA Beaver Creek (July 15, Avon, Colo.), XTERRA Pan Am Championship (Sept 16-17, Ogden, Utah), XTERRA World Championship (Oct. 29, Maui, Hawaii), and XTERRA Trail Run World Championship (Dec. 3, Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii) as well as other select races throughout the year.

“This year XTERRA racers will get accustomed to seeing the Suunto logo at the finish line, on the clock, on course maps, on time cards, on Josiah’s training tips, and ultimately on their wrists,” said XTERRA Vice President Trey Garman.  “I’ve been using the Suunto Spartan Sport Watch and the features are phenomenal, perfect for couch-to-trail types like me and world champs like Josiah too.”

About Suunto

Suunto was born in 1936 when Finnish orienteer and engineer Tuomas Vohlonen invented the mass production method for the liquid-filled compass. Since then, Suunto has been at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches, dive computers and sports instruments used by adventurers all over the globe. From the highest mountains to the deepest oceans, Suunto physically and mentally equips outdoor adventurers to conquer new territory.

Suunto’s headquarters and manufacturing plant is in Vantaa, Finland. Employing more than 400 people worldwide, Suunto products are sold in over 100 countries. The company is a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation along with its sister brands Salomon, Arc’teryx, Atomic, Wilson, Enve and Mavic. www.suunto.com

About TEAM Unlimited/XTERRA

TEAM Unlimited LLC, founded in 1988, is the Hawaii-based television, events, and marketing company that brought off-road triathlon and trail running to the world under the brand name XTERRA.  From a one-off race held on the most remote island chain in the world XTERRA evolved into an endurance sports lifestyle with worldwide appeal. Over the past 20 years XTERRA transcended its status as ‘just a race’ to become a bona-fide way of life for thousands of intrepid athletes as well as an emerging brand in the outdoor industry.  In 2017 XTERRA will offer more than 200 off-road triathlons and trail running events in 35+ countries worldwide and produce 10 adventure television shows for international distribution.  Learn more at www.xterraplanet.com and www.xterracontent.com.

Badenhorst, Scheffer claim XTERRA Trail Run victories in Buffelspoort

Altus Badenhorst and Leilani Scheffer set the course ablaze in Buffelspoort on Sunday, 22 January 2017 completing the 12km XTERRA Trail Run in 52 minutes 34 seconds and 01 hour 34 seconds respectively.

According to Badenhorst, the 12km XTERRA Trail Run route was challenging. “I come from a road running background. I entered the XTERRA Trail Run for the variation. I love being out in nature and will definitely be back next year.”   Johnny Young came in second, while Herman Muhder rounded off the podium on the day.

“Today was very nice,” says Scheffer. “The water points were perfectly placed. The weather was nice and cool. My goal for today was to enjoy the race. This is definitely an event that I’d like to do every year. My next event will be the Cell C AfricanX Trailrun in the Western Cape.   I’ll be teaming up with Carla Van Huyssteen.” Adel Terblanche came in second, while Lilandi Swanepoel finished third.

Zandre Du Plessis’ finishing time of 26 minutes 22 seconds secured him the top spot on the podium in the men’s 6km XTERRA Trail Run.  “I am really happy with my time,” says Du Plessis. “A friend of mine entered the XTERRA triathlon. So I came along to do the trail run.   It was a very nice event. The routes are beautiful.” Liam Theunissen came in second, while Divan Scholtz finished third.

Lizzy Dlhiwayo was the runner to beat in the women’s 6km XTERRA Trail Run crossing the finish line in 28 minutes 58 seconds.  According to Dlhiwayo, she is training for Cross Country races. “The route was really nice. I am very happy with my performance.” Mia Jooste came in second, while Stefanie Ash finished third.

The XTERRA Trail Run incorporates the trail run routes of South Africa’s premier off-road triathlon, the Fedhealth XTERRA.

Select XTERRA Early Bird Entry Ends Tuesday

Early-bird pricing on select U.S. XTERRA events ends, Tuesday, January 31st that means the championship distance tri at Oak Mountain and Beaver Creek is just $85 and the sprint distance race is only $55!

There are also discounts for racers interested in racing all three majors in the U.S. this season, a 3-Pack entry option until January 31, 2017 is good for entry into the 2017 XTERRA Oak Mountain, Beaver Creek and Utah Championship off-road triathlons … all three for just $275 (the regular price for Pan Am race alone is $150!).

Trail runners can enjoy the lowest rates on offer at our U.S. championship events. Choose from 5km run/walks to half-marathon distances at Oak Mountain and Beaver Creek. Run for a title at XTERRA Trail Run Nationals in Utah or XTERRA Trail Run Worlds on Oahu in December.

Shelby County, Alabama
May 20, 2017 – XTERRA Oak Mountain Championship, Sprint & Xticer
May 21, 2017 – XTERRA Oak Mountain 5/10/20km Trail Runs

Beaver Creek, Colorado
July 15, 2017 – XTERRA Beaver Creek Championship and Sprint
July 16, 2017 – XTERRA Beaver Creek 5/10/20km Trail Runs

Ogden / Snowbasin, Utah
Sept. 16, 2017 – XTERRA Pan Am Championship and Utah Sprint
Sept. 17, 2017 – Paul Mitchell XTERRA Trail Run Nationals and Utah 5/10km

Kapalua, Maui
Oct. 28, 2017 – XTERRA Kapalua 3.3/5/10km Trail Runs

Kualoa Ranch, Oahu
Dec. 3, 2017 – Paul Mitchell XTERRA Trail Run World  Championship – 21/10/5km Trail Runs and Adventure Walk

Full list of XTERRA America Tour Early-bird deals is listed below:

Date Event Name State Code Discount Expiration
2/5/2017 XTERRA Mission Gorge Trail Run CA XTKICKOFF10 10% 1/31/2017
2/5/2017 XTERRA McDowell Mountain Trail Run AZ      
2/18/2017 XTERRA Thrill in the Hills Trail Run GA      
2/25/2017 XTERRA Pedernales Trail Run TX      
2/26/2017 XTERRA Point Mugu Trail Run CA XTKICKOFF10 10% 1/31/2017
3/5/2017 XTERRA Black Canyon Trail Run AZ     Increase 2/1
3/12/2017 XTERRA Brandywine Trail Run DE      
3/25/2017 XTERRA Shepaug Trail Run CT      
3/26/2017 XTERRA Trout Creek Trail Run FL      
4/1/2017 XTERRA Blackwater FL      
4/2/2017 XTERRA Black Water Trail Run FL      
4/9/2017 XTERRA Black Mountain Trail Run CA XTKICKOFF10 10% 1/31/2017
4/9/2017 XTERRA Cheyenne Mountain State Park CO XC2017   1/31/2017
4/22/2017 XTERRA Myrtle Beach Trail Run SC N/A   3/1/2017
4/23/2017 XTERRA ATX Trail Run TX      
5/7/2017 XTERRA Claw Trail Run FL      
5/20/2017 XTERRA Malibu Creek Trail Run CA XTKICKOFF10 10% 1/31/2017
5/20/2017 XTERRA Charlottesville Trail Run VA   $5 1/31/2017
5/20/2017 XTERRA Oak Mountain AL     1/31/2017
5/21/2017 XTERRA St. Louis MO      
5/21/2017 XTERRA Oak Mountain Trail Runs AL     1/31/2017
6/3/2017 XTERRA Deep South Trail Run GA      
6/3/2017 XTERRA Knoxville Trail Run TN DIRTYBIRD15   2/12/2017
6/4/2017 XTERRA Knoxville TN     2/12/2017
6/11/2017 XTERRA Muleshoe Trail Run  TX      
7/9/2017 XTERRA Harbison Trail Run SC XSC2017   1/31/2017
7/15/2017 XTERRA Beaver Creek CO     1/31/2017
7/16/2017 XTERRA Beaver Creek Trail Runs CO     1/31/2017
7/16/2017 XTERRA Magnolia Hill Trail Run TX      
7/23/2017 XTERRA Ionia MI   $20 Off 2/28/2017
7/23/2017 XTERRA Ionia Trail Run MI      
7/29/2017 XTERRA Panther Creek Trail Run TN DIRTYBIRD15   4/9/2017
7/30/2017 XTERRA Panther Creek TN     4/9/2017
8/5/2017 XTERRA Steep Rock Trail Run CT      
8/6/2017 XTERRA Castle Rock Trail Run CO      
8/12/2017 XTERRA Allatoona Trail Run GA      
8/12/2017 XTERRA Table Rock Trail Run SC XSC2017   1/31/2017
8/13/2017 XTERRA Cameron Park Trail Run TX      
8/19/2017 XTERRA Adventure Fest Trail Run HI      
8/19/2017 XTERRA Lake Tahoe Trail Run  NV XTLT1017 10% 3/31/2017
9/9/2017 XTERRA Smokechaser Trail Run ID      
9/16/2017 XTERRA Pan Am / USA Championship UT     1/31/2017
9/17/2017 XTERRA Trail Running National Championship UT     1/31/2017
9/23/2017 XTERRA Harbins Park Trail Run  GA      
9/23/2017 XTERRA Gold Rush Trail Run CA      
9/24/2017 XTERRA Golden Gate Trail Run CO      
10/8/2017 XTERRA Marathon of Trail Races CO XC2017   1/31/2017
10/14/2017 XTERRA Fort Yargo Trail Run GA      
10/15/2017 XTERRA Rockhopper AZ      
10/28/2017 XTERRA Battle at Big Creek Trail Run GA      
10/28/2017 XTERRA Kapalua Trail Runs HI     1/31/2017
11/11/2017 XTERRA Little Mulberry Park Trail Run GA      
12/2/2017 XTERRA Mt. Tabor Trail Run GA      
12/3/2017 XTERRA Trail Running World Championship HI     1/31/2017

Honors for Oak Mountain

The XTERRA Oak Mountain trail runs, held each May at Oak Mountain State Park in Shelby County, Alabama, were once again recognized for being among the best in the U.S.

The event was highlighted as the “best race in the state” by compression + design, based on input from a panel of runners and cyclists. Key criteria included having a unique and scenic venue, a race course worthy of being a destination for athletes, and a proven track record of being a key race for many years.

“This scenic—yet ultra-challenging run—will not disappoint,” noted the editors. “Long-distance runners can choose to complete in the half-marathon course, and 10K and 5K distances are an option as well … its gorgeous scenery will surely keep your heart pumping!”

In addition, Competitor Magazine this week listed the event among 19 “Challenging yet stunning trail races to run in 2017,” citing pristine singletrack nestled in the park which meanders along a lakeshore and dips into densely wooded forest.

To complement the races Oak Mountain State Park offers a wealth of family activities, a wildlife center, swimming beach, fishing, horseback riding, golfing, boat rental, camping, and more. For a complete guide to the area visit www.discovershelby.com.

The XTERRA Oak Mountain off-road triathlon and trail running races enter their 12th year on May 20-21, 2017 with early bird pricing as low as $20 for the 5K. Learn more and sign-up at www.xterrapelham.com.

Aloha Cross Country Camp Recipient of Muscle Milk Recovery Grant

Presented with check for $5,000 to help the program

Honolulu, HI (December 8, 2016) – The Aloha Cross Country Camp, Hawaii’s only XC summer camp for 8th-thru-12th graders, is the latest recipient of a Muscle Milk Recovery Grant.

Legendary Hawaii runner Jonathan Lyau, the founder and director of the Aloha Cross Country Camp, was presented with a $5,000 check from two-time Olympian marathoner Ryan Hall at the Paul Mitchell XTERRA Trail Running World Championship awards ceremony on Sunday, December 4.

“Eight years ago, I started the Aloha Cross Country Camp and I tried to keep it going as long as I could,” said Lyau, a Honolulu Marathon Hall of Famer and 17x Kama’aina Champion.  “Hawaii is thousands of miles away from any kind of cross country camp and Hawaii had no camp at all.  I thought we should support the kids of Hawaii and put one on here.  Now, with the help of Muscle Milk I can keep it going and possibly even expand it.”

The donation will help Lyau provide athlete scholarships to deserving student-athletes in need.

“Perhaps one day one of these kids will become an XTERRA Trail Champion or even a great like Ryan Hall,” said Lyau.  “We hope to inspire and motivate kids, and can’t thank Muscle Milk enough for helping us do that.”

In the last 8 years, the 5 day/4night Aloha Cross Country Camp has established itself as a premier summer camp for middle and high schoolers.   It has developed a reputation of being able to provide students from different schools and ability levels a venue to run and learn about the sport together.  Its goal is to develop the self-confidence, motivation, enjoyment, knowledge and planning necessary to succeed in the sport.

“I have personally experienced the power that a summer running camp can bring to a youth’s life,” said Hall, the American record-holder in the half-marathon.  “On behalf of myself and everyone at Muscle Milk, we are stoked to present a check to the Aloha Cross Country Camp.”

Some students and staff from the Aloha Cross Country Camp were part of the check presentation and got to meet and greet Ryan Hall, including Jason Wang, Gabriel Tom, Hudson Lockette, Noah Wilson, Dane Isara, Kayla Almeida, and Susie Stephen.

Lyau has assembled a very qualified and experienced staff, including former and current competitive collegiate runners and coaches from various schools.  It is held in super fun environment at Camp Erdman.

“If we can make running fun, then they have a better chance of continuing,” said Lyau.  “Many lasting friendships have been made and many students repeat each year.   Educating and inspiring our young runners is our passion and hope to continue to inspire and motivate the next generation.”

The 2017 Aloha Cross Country Camp will be held July 19-23.  More information can be found on its website at www.alohacrosscountrycamp.com or by emailing alohaoutdoorsports@yahoo.com.

About the Muscle Milk Recovery Grant

The MUSCLE MILK® team awards grants to revitalize high school athletic departments around the country that demonstrate a financial need. The Muscle Milk Recovery Grant™ program helps athletic programs solve immediate needs like purchasing new uniforms, replacing broken equipment or restoring facilities in disrepair. Our commitment is to help student athletes unlock their potential by restoring pride in performance, providing foundational development in and outside of competition.  To date, the Muscle Milk Recovery Grant™ program has impacted 63 high schools around the country with more than $750,000 in grants.