South Carolina Runner Embarks on Ambitious XTERRA Run

David Hale plans to enter more than 30 races during 2013-14 season

David Hale was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer in 2004, and was told by doctors at the time that he had three months to live. Nine years later, he is “living the dream” and embarking on an ambitious run through the XTERRA Trail Run Series.

David HaleThe XTERRA Trail Run Series started its 2013-14 season In September, and Hale has already completed six races – three in the XTERRA Alabama Trail Run Series, two in the XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series, and one in the XTERRA Florida Trail Run Series. This past weekend, he did two races in two different states (Georgia on Saturday, then Florida on Sunday). That would be a full season for some runners, but the 52-year-old Hale is just getting started.

He plans to enter close to 30 more upcoming races during the season. In addition to more races in Alabama, Florida and Georgia, Hale is also looking to enter XTERRA races in Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia. If all goes well, he would like to end the journey at the 2014 XTERRA Trail Run World Championship in Hawaii.

(David Hale pictured, courtesy Steve Hampton / H&H Multimedia)

“I started racing in XTERRA Trail Run events this year, and love the racing atmosphere more so than racing on the roads,” Hale said. “After seeing how many XTERRA races are actually within a 6 to 7
hour drive from where I live (Columbia, SC), I wondered if anyone had competed in many races other than in their local state or region. When I found out there was no known record for the most XTERRA trail races run in a season, I thought why not make one myself?”

Hale has purchased a recreational vehicle to drive to some of the farther races on his tour, and estimates he has already logged 4,500 miles through the first six races of his tour. His wife, Dawn, has been accompanying him to the races, and she often serves as a volunteer at each event.

“Not only am I having a great time in the races, but my wife (Dawn) and I along with our dogs make it a
family weekend excursion,” Hale said.

Hale also owns and operates a running/triathlon store in Columbia, S.C., called the Velocity Distance Project, so he will be able to take some time off for the races while other employees take care of the store.

“The good thing about owning a multisport shop is that I contacted a lot of my vendors and asked
for sponsorship merchandise to help me during my efforts,” he said. “I believe it is through my training and products I am using that I am able to keep injuries away; that is, other than my usual two or three falls during races that results in gashes, bruises, and sprained pinky fingers.”

Hale admits that he is not the fastest runner on the trails, but his “XTERRA Living The Dream Tour” is more about fun, participation and adventure, rather than winning medals.

“My first goal is to survive,” he said with a laugh. “But I also want to spread the gospel of XTERRA Trail Run racing across the lands.”

Hale said he also has a message to his madness. “No matter what the odds are, as long
as a person is willing to push themselves, they can achieve anything they want,” he said.

The XTERRA Trail Run Series will feature more than 70 races across the country during the 2013-14 season. Included on the schedule are 17 regions that are hosting at least three races: Alabama, Arizona, Atlantic, Southern California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, Pocono, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington.

All races on the XTERRA Trail Run schedule are open to runners of all ages and abilities. To find a race near you, please visit

Rappole, Dressler Take Top Honors in Latest Georgia Race

Close to 400 runners participate in Battle at Big Creek

The XTERRA Battle at Big Creek Trail Run turned out to be an aptly named event, as it turned into a battle for the lead throughout the 10-mile course.

Jesse Rappole from Atlanta ultimately prevailed to earn the first XTERRA Trail Run victory of his running career.

Jesse Rapppole“It was great to get a W, especially against good competition,” said Rappole, who is 31 and a PhD candidate in the Kinesiology department at the University of Georgia.

Close to 400 runners from 10 different states participated in the event, which was completed on November 2 at Big Creek Trails in Roswell, Georgia. It was the third of seven races in the 2013-14 season for the XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series.

(Jesse Rappole pictured, courtesy Steve Hampton / H&H Multimedia, LLC)

“Perfect conditions, and a beautiful, technical course with lots of rocks and tight turns,” is how Rappole described the trails.

Rappole, Jason Dressler from Atlanta, and Matt Haley from Buford, Georgia, engaged in a three-way battle throughout the course.

“Jason went out fast; I stayed behind Matt until about mile 3 as we slowly closed the gap,” Rappole said. “I then sat on Jason for about a mile after passing Matt. Jason and I passed each other back and forth until mile 5 when I took the lead for good.  He stayed right on me until mile 7, where I put in a surge and opened a little gap.  He closed on me around mile 9 but I was able to open it up a little bit again in the last mile.”

Mary DresslerRappole finished with a time of 1:02:48, followed by Dressler in 1:03:13, then Haley in 1:04:45. Korey Shively, a 13-year-old eighth grade student from Madison, Alabama, was an impressive sixth overall in 1:10:36.

Mary Dressler – wife of men’s runner-up Jason – was the top overall female with a time of 1:23:51. It was the first XTERRA Trail Run event for both Dresslers.

(Mary Dressler pictured, courtesy Mary Hampton / H&H Multimedia, LLC)

Kelly Doyle from Marietta, Georgia, was the second female in 1:25:27, and Holly Stewart from Atlanta was third in 1:26:20.


In addition to the 10-mile long course, the event also featured a 5.5-mile short course. Jeremy Shirey from Marietta and Aubrey Cyphert from Atlanta took were the top overall finishers for the short course.



The next race in the XTERRA Georgia Series will be the XTERRA Little Mulberry Park Trail Run on November 16. That event has already reached its capacity of 275 registered runners. The next available race in the series is the XTERRA Victoria Bryant Trail Run on December 7. To register for a race in the Georgia Series or to learn more about it, please

About the XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series
The XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series is open to runners of all ages and skill levels. In the 2013-14 season, there will be seven races available for runners, with the courses ranging in length from 5 kilometers to 42 kilometers. The top runners in every age group will receive points after each race that will count toward the overall series standings. At the conclusion of the series, each age-group champion will receive a free entry to represent Georgia at the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship. Georgia is one of 17 regions hosting an XTERRA Trail Run Series. The others are Alabama, Arizona, Atlantic, Southern California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, Pocono, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Washington.

XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship Race in NSW Open for Registration

The race is on to sign-up for the first-ever XTERA Asia-Pacific Championship race with entries being accepted online at

Jervis Bay, NSW - Photo: Adam Taylor, Destination NSWSpecial early bird rates apply through November 30, 2013, and team entries (2-3 persons) are also available in the full and sprint distance races.

The inaugural event is scheduled for April 27, 2014 at Callala Bay, a small town on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.  It is situated on the north shore of Jervis Bay, roughly 2 to 2-1/2 hours drive from Sydney or Canberra.

Callala is renowned for its mountain biking, white sand beaches and clear turquoise water.  The area boasts several national parks and is teeming with native wildlife as well as whales, dolphins and an amazing array of ocean life.

The main event will combine a one-mile swim with roughly 30-kilometers of mountain biking followed by 10km of trail running.  The XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship race will double as the XTERRA Australia Championship, awarding national titles to locals and qualifying spots into the XTERRA World Championship for all involved.

The April 26-27 weekend will also include a sprint distance off-road triathlon (half-mile swim, 15K mountain bike, 5K trail run), plus stand-alone trail runs, ocean swims, kid’s races, camps, clinics, and social gatherings.

As the most prestigious event in XTERRA’s Asia-Pacific series that includes championship races in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, Guam, and the Northern Marianas – the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship will offer $50,000 in prize money to the sport’s top professional athletes and two television shows will be produced for international distribution.

Those interested in racing around the region’s exotic destinations offered by the XTERRA Asia Pacific Tour have a myriad of scheduling opportunities from March through May.  Here’s a glance at the events docket:

Mar 8 – XTERRA Motatapu, South Island, New Zealand

Mar 15 – XTERRA Philippines Championship, Cebu

Mar 29 – XTERRA Guam Championship, Piti

Mar 30 – XTERRA Great Ocean Road, Anglesea, Victoria, Australia

Apr 5 – XTERRA Saipan Championship, Northern Mariana Islands

Apr 12 – XTERRA New Zealand Championship, Rotorua

Apr 26 – XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship, NSW, Australia

May 4 – XTERRA Malaysia, Putrajaya

Learn more and register at  For more information on the XTERRA brand and worldwide event series, visit  Athlete inquiries may be directed to

Photo: Jervis Bay, NSW – Adam Taylor, Destination NSW

XTERRA Adventures on OC16 TV & Online

TEAM TV, producers of the adrenaline-pumping XTERRA Adventures TV series, is proud to announce a partnership with Oceanic Time Warner Cable to broadcast the award-winning shows in Hawaii exclusively on OC 16.

XTERRA AdventuresXTERRA Adventures show No. 1 – the first of eight half-hour, magazine-format programs – premiered on Monday and follows with repeat airings Tuesday through Sunday (see below for show times).  Each Monday a new XTERRA Adventures show will be broadcast at 9:30 p.m. HST, and follow with daily repeat airings.

XTERRA Adventures is an award-winning national TV Series covering thrilling adventures, activities and events from some of the world’s greatest adventure destinations.  Filmed and produced in high definition, this 8-show series explores exciting activities from the Hawaiian Islands to South Africa.

“We are really excited about XTERRA Adventures becoming a weekly series on OC 16, and know our destination partners and the athletes and adventures we cover are thrilled with the exposure,” said Tom Kiely, CEO of TEAM Unlimited.

In show No. 1 XTERRA Adventures visits the dramatic setting of Kualoa Ranch for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship, hits the Banzai Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore, explores the pristine waters off Maui and Lanai on a scuba diving adventure, and celebrates one of the world’s most unique – and hilarious – surf competitions at the Buffalo Big Board Surf Classic at Makaha Beach.

Ensuing episodes expose everything from the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing competition to breathtaking paragliding rides high above the island chain, off-road triathlon racing in the jungles of Saipan and the Philippines as well as snowboarding the slopes of Central Oregon.

“We’re excited and proud to have ‘XTERRA Adventures’ on OC16. We have partnered with XTERRA over the last few years for their Trail Run World Championship race and it seemed fitting to include the show in our family of programs. Their beautiful production and storytelling make it a welcomed addition to OC16,” said Lianne Nishimura Killion, the Sr. Programming Manager at Oceanic Time Warner Cable.

New XTERRA Adventures shows can be seen on OC 16 each Monday at 9:30pm, with repeats on Tuesday (3:30am), Wednesday (4pm), Thursday (7:30am), Friday (12 noon), Saturday (6:30pm), and Sunday (12:30am).

The shows will also air online at and perpetuated on OC16 On Demand, OC16 Interactive and in the archived shows on  For a complete list of show descriptions and schedules, visit

Looking to the Source at XTERRA Worlds

The XTERRA World Championship is a special race, one that carries different meanings for different people.  For some, it’s the athletic test they’ve prepared for all year. For others, it’s the culmination of their own personal journey to “Live More.”

Tom DhansFor Tom Dhans, it was an opportunity to connect with his source of strength.

Dhans, a 49-year-old from Brooksville, Florida, lost his 16-year-old daughter Brandi in an auto accident a little more than a decade ago.

“After her death it was hard to get out on the bike because your mind wanders and mine would always end thinking of her accident.  It happened by our house, and I ran to the scene and was there to see everything,” said Dhans.  “I didn’t ride much after her accident because it was just too hard, and when I first started running I felt like I was running away from my problems, but my Pastor said I was running to something.  And there were so many things that encouraged me. She was an organ donor and meeting her recipients and seeing what strength they had pushed me forward.”

By chance, Dhans was at the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua in Maui for his 30th anniversary before last year’s race and was able to ride the course with some of the Ritz staff.  The experience moved him, visibly enough that his brother surprised him by entering him in the at-large pool for the 2013 XTERRA World Championship as a Christmas present.

Although he was an avid cyclist, it was never competitive. He only started running four years ago, didn’t swim, and had never done a triathlon before.  That all changed with the entry to Worlds.

“I thought if I could finish it would be a personal victory,” he said. “I started swimming six months ago, and did my first of four triathlons this year just four months ago. The driving force was Brandi. She was always proud of my riding and would cheer me on at century rides and my yearly cross-Florida ride. I felt she was with me on this journey.”

Eventually, swimming, biking, and running became a refuge for Dhans.  It became even more than that as he prepared to race in the XTERRA World Championship.

“XTERRA’s motto is to ‘Live More’ but for me it’s more than that,” he said. “It feels more like simply, LIVE, because I’ve never felt more alive than on the West Maui Mountains above Kapalua this year, repeating the Ritz spiritual advisor Clifford Nae’ole chant to “look to the source.” My source was Brandi, my daughter who left us way too early, and my wife and daughter, Sarah and Angie, who always supported me.”

XTERRA TattooDhans said that to him XTERRA meant never giving up.  On Sunday, October 27, Dhans did not give up.  “I came off the mountain bike feeling like it was the hardest, scariest thing I’ve done,” he said.  Despite a few cuts and bruises and a “slightly” separated shoulder, Dhans crossed the finish line in 5:37:05.

“To be greeted by Raena at the finish line with an arm full of lei’s, then to be held and cry tears of joy with my wife and daughter.  I’d imagined it so many times,” he recalled.

Dhans dedicated his race to Brandi and to organ donor families and recipients.

“I feel like XTERRA and the XTERRA family has ignited new life in me, and I’m hoping my story might inspire other athletes to pursue their dreams,” said Dhans.

As a permanent reminder of his spiritual journey, Dhans got a truly special tattoo.

“The tribal symbols are strength, power, courage and family,” he said. “The tattoo artist’s father also competed in XTERRA and explained that these were all attributes of an XTERRA Warrior, and the island of Maui says it all.”

SoCal Series is Underway for 2013-14 Season

Baldwin, Shearer continue winning streaks from last season

The 2013-14 season for the XTERRA SoCal Trail Run Series opened in much the same way that the 2012-13 season closed – with Patrick Baldwin and Maggie Shearer taking top honors.

Maggie ShearerBoth elite runners continued their winning streaks at the XTERRA Point Mugu Trail Run, which was completed on October 13 at Point Mugu State Park in Oxnard/Malibu, California. A capacity field of more than 500 runners participated in the event, which was the first of seven races in the 2013-14 season for the XTERRA SoCal Trail Run Series.

Baldwin placed first overall, completing the 18-kilometer long course in 1 hour, 9 minutes, 26 seconds. Shearer was the first overall female, finishing in 1:21:50.

Baldwin held throughout the course, but had to shift into sprint mode for the final mile when he saw a fast-approaching competitor making ground.

“I pushed really hard at the start and got a gap that held,” said Baldwin, who is 37 and resides in Encinitas, Calif. “I monitored a racer who was close, but tried not to look back. Anytime I hit a hill, I pushed it and focused on the fact that if I hurt, so will the people behind me. But on the final 2-mile downhill, I saw somebody new absolutely bombing the hill … I had to close with a big effort, 4:44 final mile! A learning lesson to keep your guard up.”

Chris Gilbert from Tarzana, Calif., was the fast chaser, and he finished in second place at 1:09:44 – 18 seconds behind Baldwin.  John Fedoroff from Thousand Oaks, Calif., was third in 1:10:25.

For Baldwin, it was his fourth consecutive victory in the XTERRA SoCal Series. He closed the 2012-13 season by winning the final three races of the series.

“This was my first time on this course, the only So Cal course I haven’t raced,” he said. “I really love the area, even after the recent fire.  The drive through Malibu to get to the race is epic, not many better places in the world.  I haven’t done a new course in awhile, and it makes me realize how important knowing a course is. I ran the first 1.5 miles before the race and it clued me in to running hard at the start as it turned to uphill single track early.”

The recent forest fires in the area cleared out some of the vegetation, giving the course a different look from previous years.

“The course was in great condition despite the recent firest that altered the landscape,” said Shearer, who is 36 and resides in Trabuco Canyon, Calif. “Although I raced last year, it looked entirely different due to the fire destruction. The trails were more open with less brush and protection on the side of the steep winding switch backs. This was a good reminder to control my speed and footing as I was descending.”

Shearer didn’t slow down too much, as she finished more than seven minutes ahead of the other top females in the race.

“I never ran with any women,” she said. “There was a lot of single track though out the course so it was like racing against the clock for much of the race. I took 5 minutes off my time from last year.”

Like Baldwin, Shearer has now won four consecutive XTERRA SoCal Trail Run Series races. She also closed the 2012-13 season with three straight victories.

“Last year was my first full year of XTERRA,” she said. “Knowing what to expect in the races plays a critical part in success.”


The XTERRA Point Mugu also included an 11-kilometer “short course” race. Roman Kats was the first overall finisher for the 11K, and Carly Johann was the top female.

Former NBA All-Star Reggie Miller participated in the 11K and placed seventh in his age group. He resides near the race area and said he often runs on the trails as part of his training.

The next race in the SoCal Trail Run Series will be the XTERRA Topanga Turkey Trot on November 28 (Thanksgiving Day). The event will feature three course options – 15K, 10K or 5K – and all courses are open to runners of all ages and abilities. Please for more information.

New Winners at New Race in Alabama Series

Aguirre and Holt prevail at Henry Farms

A new race to the XTERRA Alabama Trail Run Series introduced a couple of new winners to the podium.

Joseph Aguirre and Lauren Holt took top honors at the inaugural XTERRA Henry Farms Trail Run, which was completed on October 19 at Jacksonville, Alabama.

Cheaha StartAguirre was the overall winner, completing the 4-mile races in 26 minutes, 21 seconds. Holt was the top female in 31:54. It was the first XTERRA Trail Run victory for both runners.

“I enjoyed the race at Henry Farms tremendously,” Aguirre said. “The race staff was thoughtful, the other competitors were friendly, and the day was perfect for a fast time.”

Indeed, Aguirre jumped in front early, and stayed in front the entire way, although he was never quite sure of his lead because of the constant switchbacks on the course. “You were blocked from the sight of your nearest competitors by the trees, so I wasn’t sure where the other leaders were in relation to me,” he said.

Aguirre, 24, is a law student at the University of Alabama. He said he ran cross country in high school, but took some years off while in college.

The race for second place was a close one, with Gene Hood from Attalla, Alabama, finishing in 28:04 to edge Jay Crosby from Madison, Alabama, by four seconds.

Holt is also returning to competitive running this year after giving birth to her second child last year. “I love to run, and have since I was 14 years old competing in local 5K races,” said Holt, who is 32 and resides in Hokes Bluff, Alabama.

Holt said a friend explained the course to her prior to the race, so she knew it would be important to have a good start to get in a good position on the single track – “Start strong to gain a good position in the pack,” is how she put it.

Holt did just that, taking the early lead and holding it throughout. Hayley Long from Oxford, Alabama, placed second in 32:11, and Amberjean Goodman from Dothan, Alabama, was third in 33:56.


The XTERRA Henry Farms Trail Run was the third of seven events in the 2013-14 season for the XTERRA Alabama Trail Run Series. The next race in the series will be the XTERRA Oak Mountain Trail Run on November 10 at Birmingham, Alabama. That event will take place at the Oak Mountain State Park, and will off three courses for runners – a 21K half-marathon, a 10K and a 5K. To register for the race or learn more about it, please

Honolulu Couple Takes Top Honors at Gunstock Ranch

Runners from 21 different states participate in Hawaii Series opener

Honolulu runners Nathan Carlson and Polina Babkina are used to running with each other – they are an engaged couple who enjoys training together.

They took it to a different level on October 19, when they placed first and second at the XTERRA Gunstock Ranch Trail Run in Laie, Oahu, Hawaii.

Polina BabkinaCarlson finished first overall, completing the 21-kilometer half-marathon course in 1 hour, 24 minutes, 58 seconds. Babkina was the top female – and second place overall – in 1:37:35.

“The course was extremely challenging with numerous long hill climbs and steep uphill and downhill descents,” Carlson said. “The course required more focus to stay on course than most trail races I have done.  It had many forks in the road and terrain changes.  Definitely a mental as well as physical challenge.  Many portions of the wooded trails opened up at high points and provided great hillside views.  A few times I was chasing cattle, which was fun and adventurous.  I would definitely run that race again to try and run faster, since I am now familiar with the route.”

Carlson basically ran alone in first place, although he recalled looking back within the first mile of the course and seeing Babkina behind him.

“There were miles that I did not see anybody and wondered if I was racing the right direction, but mostly I was praying that Polina would continue to have a good race and stay on course,” he said. “Every mile there was mile markers and then colored ribbons and XTERRA ribbons that kept me on track.”

Babkina held off several of the other top male runners to capture second place. Tom Dansie from Hurricane, Utah, placed third overall (second male) in 1:38:21, and Nate Johnson from Kailua, Hawaii, was next at 1:39:56.


Carlson and Babkina will next enter the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship, which is scheduled for November 24 at Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, Hawaii. They are considered the top Hawaii runners in the field.

In addition to the 21K half-marathon course, there was also a 5K short course. Pat Hayburn from Pennsylvania finished first overall for the 5K, and Brynne Adams from Waialua was the top female.

The XTERRA Gunstock Ranch Trail Run drew more than 300 runners, ranging in age from 5 to 65. It also featured runners from 21 states, making it one of the most diverse races on the XTERRA Trail Run circuit.

The XTERRA Gunstock Ranch Trail Run was also the first of three races in the inaugural XTERRA Hawaii Trail Run Series. The XTERRA Kapalua Trail Runs followed on October 26, and the XTERRA Freedom Fest Trail Run will be the series finale on July 5, 2014.

Lebrun Elected to Hall of Fame

Nicolas “The Professor” Lebrun was inducted into the XTERRA Hall of Fame at the Night of Champions dinner at the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua on Saturday.

Nicolas LebrunXTERRA first met Lebrun more than a decade ago.  He had already made a significant impact on multisport – a World Champion duathlete and two-time World Champion Winter triathlete.

The native of France crossed the Atlantic and landed in Richmond, Virginia for his first XTERRA race in 2001.  He finished 3rd behind another, first-timer – Conrad Stoltz in 2nd, and Canada’s Mike Vine in first.

It was the start of something big for him, and for XTERRA….The following year he returned to Richmond and scored his first XTERRA win – interestingly, every time he made the trans-Atlantic crossing, he arrived minus his bike or his luggage, or both…and it became a signature and symbol of “good luck”.

Lebrun grew up in the alps where he learned to go downhill fast, and climb like a chamois  – a goat-antelope native to the mountains of Europe. The downside to this idyllic life was a poor educational environment…and it hit big when he moved to the city in first form, or middle school.

The school could not accommodate his needs, and he survived as one of the “bad guys” drinking, smoking, fighting…and throwing rocks at other kids in organized runs.  Caught in the act by one of the teachers – he was required to run himself.  And run he did – fast – to avoid potential rocks.  He discovered he was faster than the runners who had been training.

This was his turn-around point…he found strength in athletics – and a passion that fueled his future dreams.  In 1994 he began his athletic career as an elite – taking 3rd at the French Duathlon Championship – his first in a string of victories and many, many podiums.

Over the past thirteen years, he has been a major and consistent force in XTERRA racing in Europe and in America with 90 top five finishes, including 32 wins and four European Tour Championships.

He has helped race organizers with course planning and building – and trained fellow athletes to reach their performance goals, a career he will take on full time in 2014 with his Organicoach company.

But the crowning moment in his XTERRA career, was in Maui in 2005 when he won the XTERRA World Championship – despite falling and breaking his wrist on the run course. For this feat, he received a congratulatory letter from French President Jacques Chirac, and was recognized as the off-road triathlete of the year at the Endurance Sports Awards.

For all that he has done to spread the sport of XTERRA throughout Europe and elsewhere – we are proud to present the 2013 XTERRA Hall of Famer – “The Professor” Nico Lebrun.


The first eight…


Overend competed in the first-ever XTERRA in 1996, finishing third.  In ‘97 he was second, and in ‘98 and ‘99 he won consecutive World Championships at the ripe young age of 42 & 43.


Tinley competed in XTERRA’s inaugural event and was one of the early ambassadors for the sport, helping to get high level pro’s and big media attention for the first-ever XTERRA World Championship.


In the early years of the sport Weule won more XTERRA races than anyone, compiling 19 XTERRA titles, two US. Pro Series crowns (1999 and 2000), and the 2000 World Championship.


Riccitello won the inaugural XTERRA World title over triathlon great Mike Pigg.  Afterwards, he said “Man this race is a bitch, but it’s the true spirit of triathlon –athlete vs. the course”.


Tobin dominated XTERRA for years, with 16 wins and the 2000 World Championship to his credit.  He’s the last American man to win off-road triathlon’s greatest race.


Kain had an epic duel with Michellie Jones in the inaugural XTERRA of 1996 but came up 12 seconds short.  In 1999 “Sharoo” won it all in style by doing the hula across the finish line in a grass skirt.


Schumaker is perhaps THE pioneer of XTERRA racing.  In the early years he was a factor in just about every race, and he also introduced the sport to the triathlon world by writing about his experiences.


Whitmore won 37 championships in a dozen different countries, including the XTERRA World Championship in 2004.  She is still today the most successful female pro the sport has ever known.