Salming Running & XTERRA Announce Strategic Alliance Agreement

(Honolulu, HI) – XTERRA, producers of the nation’s premier off-road triathlon and trail running series, has named Salming Running the Official Footwear Partner of the XTERRA America Tour and U.S. Championships.

SalmingThe strategic alliance puts the Swedish running company’s North American division in a prime position to connect with XTERRA’s active, national audience of adventure seekers, weekend warriors and competitors via the XTERRA America Tour of more than 100 off-road triathlons and trail runs held across the U.S.

Tom Kiely, XTERRA CEO stated, “It is sometimes funny how things work. Our good friend, Mark Allen, mentioned to me that he tried the Salming running shoes and they were fantastic. So, I reached out to Tor Swenson, CEO – Salming North America, invited him to consider XTERRA and we somewhat quickly agreed to work together. When I read and learned about Salming, I felt that their culture, commitment to runners, and overall character were very much aligned with XTERRA and we could not be happier with the start of a great relationship, which may eventually extend to XTERRA Europe and beyond.”

Swenson commented, “XTERRA is a great brand in trail running and off-road endurance sports and it has a great reputation. With Salming, reputation and commitment are among our highest goals, and that is why we go to great lengths in the areas of research and development, testing, design and production. We are absolutely committed to runners, triathletes and endurance sports and felt that the XTERRA platform is a great fit for our company, especially as we ramp up our activity in North America.”

About Salming

Salming is a Swedish sporting goods company established in 2008 designing, developing and marketing premium products for the Running, Handball, Floorball and Squash markets under its Salming brand. The company has its head-office in Sisjön, Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden and North American headquarters in Raleigh, NC.  In addition to producing first in class products Salming is committed to helping athletes improve and has developed and patented one of the most advance running analysis centers in the world.  Salming RunLab’s are currently located in Gothenburg and Stockholm. // Contact: David Field,

About TEAM Unlimited/XTERRA

TEAM Unlimited is a Hawaii-based television events and marketing company, founded in 1988.  It owns and produces XTERRA and in 2015 will offer more than 300 XTERRA off-road triathlon and trail running races in 25+ countries worldwide. In addition, TEAM TV has produced more than 300 adventure television shows resulting in three Emmy’s and 42 Telly Awards for production excellence since 1990.  View samples at, and learn more at,,, and  // Contact: Trey Garman,

Ned Overend

Year 3: XTERRA Worlds, Circa 1998

The third edition of the XTERRA World Championship in 1998 is when “Deadly Nedly” truly put his mark on XTERRA.

As a pro mountain biker, Ned Overend achieved legendary status.  He won six national titles and became mountain biking’s first world champion in 1990, the same year he was inducted into the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame.

After retiring from mountain biking in 1996 at the age of 40, Overend competed in the first Aquaterra race, finishing third that day.  In 1997, he finished second.  And in 1998 and ’99, Ned won consecutive XTERRA World Championships at the ripe young age of 42 and 43.

We caught up with Ned to see what he remembered from his ’98 XTERRA World Championship…

“Lets see, honestly some of my memories of those XTERRA worlds can blend together,” said Overend. “As I recall that may have been the first time Wes and Tobin raced in Maui so I had more experience there after finishing 3rd in 96 and 2nd in 97. I was always working on the swim and I think in ‘98 I only lost 2-3 minutes. It was important for me to start the mtn bike leg fast and try to get by as many people as possible before we hit the single track. I knew from previous years that a full suspension bike was an asset and that I had to set up the tires for flat protection with sealant and use higher air pressure to prevent flats. I had tailored my training to be ready for a hot run in soft sand. Running in sand took a different technique, quick turnover, shorter stride and use a wide shoe sole for flotation on the sand. I would drive from Durango south to New Mexico to ride in the heat and then run in some of the sandy desert washes to simulate Makena Beach. I knew I had to come off the bike first with a time cushion on Jimmy, Wes, Pigg and Tobin so I didn’t hold back on the bike leg.”

Not holding back might be an understatement. He posted the fastest bike split by more than five minutes on the likes of Riccitello and Hobson.  That said, it was a solid run that carried him to victory.

“The key for me was to put together a consistent run, which I did that year,” Overend explains. “I remember I had to be careful jumping over the fallen logs because my hamstrings would cramp when I lifted my leg up to step over them.  When you were racing in that heat things can fall apart really fast as we saw when several people (I think maybe Shari Kain) collapsed on the beach within sight of the finish line. I was never sure of the win until I looked back on that last stretch of beach. It was a great feeling!”

In the women’s race (as XTERRA Hall of Famer Scott Schumaker wrote in his post-race report) Sue Latshaw “didn’t have the fastest swim time. Wendy Ingraham controlled that. Latshaw didn’t have the fastest bike split either. That went to last year’s second-place finisher Leslie Tomlinson who cranked out a 1:48:38. Latshaw didn’t even have the fastest run. Germany’s Uli Blank claimed that with a 46:43. Instead, Latshaw had what counted most. She had the fastest women’s time at the finish line.”

1998 also marked the first year of the “Double” – a special prime for those who put together the fastest combined times at Ironman Worlds and XTERRA Worlds (held just a week apart at the time). There were 30 racers who did both that year. Ingraham won the women’s Double by finishing 8th at XTERRA and 10th at IM, while IM winner Peter Reid took it for the men with a sixth place finish in Maui.

See what it all looked like back in 1998 with XTERRA’s flashback to Worlds video series in the buildup to the 20th running of the greatest off-road triathlon ever.

1998 Results / 1998 XTERRA World Championship show

Muddy shoe

Making the Most of a Muddy Situation

Two iconic XTERRA Points Series races scheduled for this weekend have had to change dates due to Mother Nature’s insistence on rain.

XTERRA Lory has moved to June 13 and XTERRA Eureka Springs moved to the weekend of July 25-26.

“After a month of record rainfall, and a forecast for more of the same, we have come to the difficult decision to reschedule the Lake Leatherwood XTERRA Festival to the weekend of July 25 & 26,” explained Eureka Springs race director Kevin Reuhle.

“Safety has to be our first consideration as race directors, for our racers, volunteers and everyone associated with the event. We feel the risk of unsafe race conditions come Saturday and Sunday morning is now unacceptably high and we feel it is prudent to make the call now before you have made the financial commitment to travel here for the weekend. We have been fighting mother nature over the past few weeks in an attempt to keep the trails in racing condition but the rainfall amounts have left the ground saturated and run off has raised the water level at the creek crossings to dangerous levels. NOAA forecast calls for rain every day through the weekend with high probability of severe weather and risk of flash flooding.”

As for XTERRA Lory, the date change sets up an enticing Saturday/Sunday double for all the die-hards in Colorado. Those lucky enough to have secured a spot in the sold-out XTERRA Lory race will now have the chance to race for the Lory/Pagosa Double title at XTERRA Pagosa Springs on Sunday, June 14.

Richmond run

XTERRA’s Best Run, in Richmond

The city of Richmond and XTERRA will celebrate 17 years together with a weekend of “urban adventure” racing in and around the James River Park. The XTERRA Richmond Trail Runs are scheduled for June 13, and the XTERRA East Championship off-road triathlon is scheduled for June 14.

“Richmond is fortunate to host such an event,” said Ryan Middleton, who resides in nearby Glen Allen and won the 21K race a few years back. “Brown’s Island and Belle Isle are definitely popular places to be in Richmond during the summer.  The location and timing of the event are perfect.”

The XTERRA Richmond Trail Run is an especially popular draw, as it is open to runners of all ages and skill levels. It features a challenging 21K course, as well as a 10K course for less-experienced runners.

Clark Jackson, a 59-year-old insurance salesman in Charlottesville, Va., had his first XTERRA experience at the Richmond Trail Run in 2010. He sprained his ankle midway through the 21K course that year, but still managed to finish in seventh place in his age division. He also got hooked on XTERRA Trail Runs because of that initial experience in Richmond.

He has since competed in numerous XTERRA Trail Run events across the country, and improved enough to win his age division in Richmond a few times.

“Well I haven’t run an XTERRA race that wasn’t challenging, but this one I find very difficult with all of the small climbs,” he said. “I mean they really have a bunch of them. The tight bridge walk I found especially challenging on the second lap, and you are totally exhausted.”

The run courses – both 21K and 10K – feature numerous obstacles, both man-made and natural. Perhaps the most noticeable are the “Mayan Ruins” stair climb, and the water crossings of the James River.

“The most memorable part of the course for me is the Mayan Ruins,” Middleton said. “This is a brutal climb that is so steep that you are almost crawling to the top. The heart rate shoots through the roof at this point.”

The trails also take runners in and out of lush forest areas, but also alongside some of the historic buildings in the city of Richmond. The contrast has earned the event its “urban adventure” description.

The top runners in every age group for the 21K race will receive a free entry to the 2015 XTERRA Trail Run World Championship in Hawaii this December.

Following the trail run on Saturday, some of the world’s best endurance athletes will take to those same trails for the XTERRA East Championship.

“Richmond is such a unique venue, it’s hard not to love it!” exclaimed XTERRA pro triathlete Suzie Snyder. “Difficult course, raucous spectators, oppressively hot and humid…finishing in one piece is an accomplishment in its own right!”

To register to run in the XTERRA Richmond Trail Runs or learn more about the XTERRA East Championship, visit

EPC Tips Swim Set

EPC Tips – Speed Building Swim Set

Crank up the pace with this speed building set.

The main set of this session focuses on some fast paces broken up into smaller chunks to make the fast swimming more manageable. For this workout you will need to know what your maximum 400 yard/meter pace is, what your maximum 200 y/m pace is, and what your maximum 100 y/m pace is. The best way to know these for sure is to perform individual time trials of these distances as a test set within your training program. Then once armed with these paces, you can train specific to them and over time make improvements in the times. Becoming faster at short distances improves your overall swim efficiency and economy and gets you familiar with swimming above your extended distance race paces which helps with starts, turn buoys, bridging gaps, and finishing strong.

You’ll notice that as the paces get faster the rest intervals increase to allow you to be able to swim the faster paces. Be sure to take adequate rest (more as needed) on these so you can really swim fast! Most endurance athletes are not accustomed to training at maximum or near maximum effort so it may take some patience to take the required rest, and will definitely take some strong mental focus to hit the last set of 100s at maximum 100 pace. It’s time to crank it!


  • 400 easy
  • 4×100 snorkel, buoy, band @ 70%
  • 4×100 snorkel, band @ 80%
  • 4×100 swim @ 90%


  • 4×100 @ 400 pace, 0:30 rests
  • 100 easy
  • 4×100 @ 200 pace, 1:00 rests
  • 100 easy
  • 4×100 @ 100 pace, 1:30 rests
  • 100 easy


  • 200-800 easy pull w/ choice of gear
Written by Cody Waite, professional endurance athlete, endurance sport coach and founder of Endurance Performance Coaching. Looking for help with your training for 2015? Check out EPC’s Personal CoachingGroup Coaching, and Custom Training Plan options created to fit your needs and budget.  Don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ the EPC Facebook Page and follow Cody on Instagram

XTERRA Mexico Championship August 8th

The XTERRA Mexico Championship returns to the mountains of Tapalpa, Jalisco on August 8.

For Americans it is without doubt the easiest-to-get-to-awesome international experience on the XTERRA World Tour schedule.

“To be honest, I come for the fiesta, it’s the best after-party anywhere,” said former XTERRA World Champion Shonny Vanlandingham on why she used to race at XTERRA Mexico year-after-year.

“Seriously though, this event is great fun, and it’s easy to get to it. The organizers are wonderful, the course is very well marked, and it’s very professional. And, it’s good mountain biking, the venue is beautiful, both the lake and the town. You get to experience the culture, and see the excitement in town with huge crowds lining the streets. It’s definitely one of my favorite XTERRA’s anywhere.”

XTERRA Managing Director Dave Nicholas explained that “the race city of Tapalpa is one of Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos (magical village) projects and is simply a great place.  About 100 miles from Guadalajara, it is a jewel of old Mexico with cobble streets (wear good shoes, no 4″ stiletto’s allowed) great shops, covered walkways, typical, huge centuries old church’s alongside a tree lined central plaza.  Just off the plaza is about 150′ of food booths that open every day where they will cook before your eyes, … fish, meat, chicken tacos, breaded chili’s, rice, beans and tasty stuff I have no idea what it is.  They call it “hungry street” and you cannot leave hungry.  Lots of sit down restaurants, many of them on old wood balconies above the town square and all serve great food at very reasonable prices.”

After the race on Saturday night Tapalpa has a huge XTERRA fiesta that is the best after party on the world tour.  But don’t think USA or safety conscious places – the fireworks here blow up 200′ above you, the bands are playing wild frantic dance music and one simply has to experience it to understand what the word “fiesta” really means.

Learn more and sign-up today for the experience of a lifetime.


John Klish Named Sportsman of the Year

2010 XTERRA National Champ John Klish of Eagle, Colorado, was recently named the USA Deaf Sports Federation Sportsman-of-the-Year for 2014.

Klish was an inspiring force in XTERRA and the sports’ first deaf athlete to race as an elite, before turning his focus to competing with the USA Deaf Cycling team.

Herewith a release on John’s selection:

John Klish had built his reputation with endurance events such as XTERRA triathlons where he won the National Championship for his age group, showshoeing, randonee skiing, and mountain bike and cyclocross races. While doing all of this, Klish also built his own company for Deaf athletes, Deaflete, and is currently promoting cycling events locally in Colorado.

In the world of Deaf sports, Klish made quite the entrance at the Tour of Formosa (Taiwan) placing 6th while supporting our own Nicholas Schreiber to second place at the same stage race. John followed that up with an impressive Deaflympics debut in Sofia winning the gold in Points Race by a wide margin after surprising the field with a long-range attack and holding it all the way to the end. Paul recalls his first impression upon meeting John at Sofia:

“Before I met him in person first time at Deaflympics at Sofia, Bulgaria, I heard about him racing the endurance events and mountain bike events but not road events. My first impression with him was his preparation, nutrition, supplements and strange exercising tools. He blew my mind out when he lapped a strong field in the Deaflympics point race!!”

However, it is at the most recent 2014 Tour of Formosa where Klish’s racing acumen came to the forefront. Against possibly one of the strongest Deaf cycling field in recent history that was also combined with local hearing cyclists, John placed second. During the weeklong tactical race with each move being matched and countered, he was able to rely on his own patience and maximize his teammates to help him secure second place. Not only is he an excellent tactician on the bike (in all disciplines), he is also the Vice-President of US Deaf Cycling Association.

XTERRa 1997

XTERRA Circa ’97, Speedos & Legends

As XTERRA inches towards its 20th running of the XTERRA World Championship triathlon on Maui we’ll be looking back at all the people, places and races who built the foundation for the sport.

The XTERRA TV Crew is digitizing all the past Maui shows since the inaugural 1996 broadcast that brought off-road triathlon to a worldwide audience.

While the first-ever XTERRA show has had a web presence for years, the 1997 show has not. This week we offer it up for the first time, and take a nostalgic look back at the ESPN feature presentation with broadcasters Dan Cooke, Mark Allen, Peter Graves, and Craig Hummer.  (

In 1997 XTERRA was still brand new. The Maui race was just the 5th XTERRA in history, and only the second World Championship on Maui.

Earlier in ’97 XTERRA rolled out its first three races in the continental U.S. at Ruston, Louisiana, Kirkwood in Northern California, and Big Bear in Southern California. Lorraine Barrows had won all three of those races and came into Maui as one of the women’s favorites. For the men there was a different winner at each stop – John Koenig in Ruston, Michael Tobin in Kirkwood, and Mike Smith in Big Bear.

The sport may have been new but it had some serious star power. Consider this, the top five men in 1997 were Mike Pigg, Ned Overend, Jimmy Riccitello, Michael Tobin, and Scott Tinley.

The 1997 show is really fun to watch. We noticed way too many speedos; a classy, tented bike-to-run transition with chairs; Ned Overend bombing down the plunge, and a course that really started to build its reputation as a beast by taking out racer after racer due to flats, crashes, and pure exhaustion.

Stay tuned to the XTERRA 20 Years online video channel for the next few months to see a consistent roll out of XTERRA shows from the past two decades in Maui.


Edmondson, Dawson Capture XTERRA Oak Mountain 20km Trail Run Titles

Complete Results / Photo Gallery

(Pelham, Alabama) – Chris Edmondson and Ashley Dawson captured the XTERRA Oak Mountain 20K trail run titles on a perfect day for running at Oak Mountain State Park in Shelby County, Alabama this morning.

Nearly 300 runners from 15 states took part in today’s trail runs, the last of five events in the 2014-2015 XTERRA Alabama Trail Run Series.

With today’s win Edmondson, who lives about an hour away in Southside, was able to capture the 30-34 division series crown with 390 points.  It’s the third time this season he’s won his division.

“The series has been a lot of fun, and I loved today’s run,” said Edmondson, who won his division last year but not the overall.  “It’s my second time running here, and I like the double loop because you know what to expect the second time around.  I was chasing Korey (Shively) for the first couple miles, that kid is really good.”

Shively, an Alabama Series legend in the 15-19 division, finished second overall three minutes back and Clint Channell was third.


In the women’s race Dawson decided second wasn’t going to be good enough and dug deep for the win.

“I was overheating at about mile eight and stopped to pour water on my head and that’s when (Elizabeth Morse, the eventual runner-up) passed me,” said Dawson.  “At first I told myself that’s okay, second isn’t bad, and then all of a sudden at mile 10 I thought I’d go for it.”

Dawson came in with a winning time of 1:52:53, more than a minute in front of Morse.

“The trails here are awesome.  It’s just my second year of running trails.  Last year’s race here was my first and I’ve been running them ever since.”

Morse ended up having to sprint to the finish as Anna Whitmire tried to catch her coming at the finish line but came up one second short.

There were four runners who had perfect 400-point scores in the Alabama Series this year – meaning they won their division at four of the five races in the Series.  They were Christi Daprano Evans (50-54), Hayley Long (45-49 division), Ryan King (20-24 division), and Dauna Coulter (60-64 division).

Here is a complete list of XTERRA Alabama Trail Run Series Champions, who all earned a free entry into the XTERRA National Championship to be held September 20 in Ogden, Utah.  In addition, all the 20K winners from today’s race earned a free entry into the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship half-marathon on December 6, 2015 at Kualoa Ranch on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu.


Women Name Hometown
20-24 Julie Gyurgyik Shaker Heights, OH
25-29 Danielle Chasse Anniston, AL
35-39 Elizabeth Helland Huntsville, AL
40-44 Kristie Stewart Birmingham, AL
45-49 Hayley Long Oxford, AL
50-54 Christi Daprano Evans Fayetteville, GA
55-59 Ruth Vanzandt Arab, AL
60-64 Dauna Coulter Huntsville, AL
Male Name Hometown
15-19 Korey Shively Madison, AL
20-24 Ryan King Madison, AL
25-29 Jared Carlson Birmingham, AL
30-34 Chris Edmondson Southside, AL
35-39 Nathan Graves Cullman, KY
40-44 Gene Hood Gadsden, AL
45-49 David Long Oxford, AL
50-54 Larry Dickerson Somerville, AL
55-59 Glenn Ingram Rainbow City, AL
60-64 Barry Ege Haceville, AL
65-69 Craig Kelly Huntsville, AL

The 2015 XTERRA Oak Mountain Trail Runs were sponsored by Paul Mitchell, XTERRA Resorts and Shelby County Tourism. Also Outrigger Resorts, Muscle Milk, Gatorade Endurance, PowerBar, LifeProof, Optic Nerve, Greenlayer, XTERRA Coffee, XTERRA Wetsuits, XTERRA Fitness, XTERRA Boards, the Shelby County Reporter, and the Utah Sports Commission.