Select XTERRA Early Bird Entry Ends Tuesday

Early-bird pricing on select U.S. XTERRA events ends, Tuesday, January 31st that means the championship distance tri at Oak Mountain and Beaver Creek is just $85 and the sprint distance race is only $55!

There are also discounts for racers interested in racing all three majors in the U.S. this season, a 3-Pack entry option until January 31, 2017 is good for entry into the 2017 XTERRA Oak Mountain, Beaver Creek and Utah Championship off-road triathlons … all three for just $275 (the regular price for Pan Am race alone is $150!).

Trail runners can enjoy the lowest rates on offer at our U.S. championship events. Choose from 5km run/walks to half-marathon distances at Oak Mountain and Beaver Creek. Run for a title at XTERRA Trail Run Nationals in Utah or XTERRA Trail Run Worlds on Oahu in December.

Shelby County, Alabama
May 20, 2017 – XTERRA Oak Mountain Championship, Sprint & Xticer
May 21, 2017 – XTERRA Oak Mountain 5/10/20km Trail Runs

Beaver Creek, Colorado
July 15, 2017 – XTERRA Beaver Creek Championship and Sprint
July 16, 2017 – XTERRA Beaver Creek 5/10/20km Trail Runs

Ogden / Snowbasin, Utah
Sept. 16, 2017 – XTERRA Pan Am Championship and Utah Sprint
Sept. 17, 2017 – Paul Mitchell XTERRA Trail Run Nationals and Utah 5/10km

Kapalua, Maui
Oct. 28, 2017 – XTERRA Kapalua 3.3/5/10km Trail Runs

Kualoa Ranch, Oahu
Dec. 3, 2017 – Paul Mitchell XTERRA Trail Run World  Championship – 21/10/5km Trail Runs and Adventure Walk

Full list of XTERRA America Tour Early-bird deals is listed below:

Date Event Name State Code Discount Expiration
2/5/2017 XTERRA Mission Gorge Trail Run CA XTKICKOFF10 10% 1/31/2017
2/5/2017 XTERRA McDowell Mountain Trail Run AZ      
2/18/2017 XTERRA Thrill in the Hills Trail Run GA      
2/25/2017 XTERRA Pedernales Trail Run TX      
2/26/2017 XTERRA Point Mugu Trail Run CA XTKICKOFF10 10% 1/31/2017
3/5/2017 XTERRA Black Canyon Trail Run AZ     Increase 2/1
3/12/2017 XTERRA Brandywine Trail Run DE      
3/25/2017 XTERRA Shepaug Trail Run CT      
3/26/2017 XTERRA Trout Creek Trail Run FL      
4/1/2017 XTERRA Blackwater FL      
4/2/2017 XTERRA Black Water Trail Run FL      
4/9/2017 XTERRA Black Mountain Trail Run CA XTKICKOFF10 10% 1/31/2017
4/9/2017 XTERRA Cheyenne Mountain State Park CO XC2017   1/31/2017
4/22/2017 XTERRA Myrtle Beach Trail Run SC N/A   3/1/2017
4/23/2017 XTERRA ATX Trail Run TX      
5/7/2017 XTERRA Claw Trail Run FL      
5/20/2017 XTERRA Malibu Creek Trail Run CA XTKICKOFF10 10% 1/31/2017
5/20/2017 XTERRA Charlottesville Trail Run VA   $5 1/31/2017
5/20/2017 XTERRA Oak Mountain AL     1/31/2017
5/21/2017 XTERRA St. Louis MO      
5/21/2017 XTERRA Oak Mountain Trail Runs AL     1/31/2017
6/3/2017 XTERRA Deep South Trail Run GA      
6/3/2017 XTERRA Knoxville Trail Run TN DIRTYBIRD15   2/12/2017
6/4/2017 XTERRA Knoxville TN     2/12/2017
6/11/2017 XTERRA Muleshoe Trail Run  TX      
7/9/2017 XTERRA Harbison Trail Run SC XSC2017   1/31/2017
7/15/2017 XTERRA Beaver Creek CO     1/31/2017
7/16/2017 XTERRA Beaver Creek Trail Runs CO     1/31/2017
7/16/2017 XTERRA Magnolia Hill Trail Run TX      
7/23/2017 XTERRA Ionia MI   $20 Off 2/28/2017
7/23/2017 XTERRA Ionia Trail Run MI      
7/29/2017 XTERRA Panther Creek Trail Run TN DIRTYBIRD15   4/9/2017
7/30/2017 XTERRA Panther Creek TN     4/9/2017
8/5/2017 XTERRA Steep Rock Trail Run CT      
8/6/2017 XTERRA Castle Rock Trail Run CO      
8/12/2017 XTERRA Allatoona Trail Run GA      
8/12/2017 XTERRA Table Rock Trail Run SC XSC2017   1/31/2017
8/13/2017 XTERRA Cameron Park Trail Run TX      
8/19/2017 XTERRA Adventure Fest Trail Run HI      
8/19/2017 XTERRA Lake Tahoe Trail Run  NV XTLT1017 10% 3/31/2017
9/9/2017 XTERRA Smokechaser Trail Run ID      
9/16/2017 XTERRA Pan Am / USA Championship UT     1/31/2017
9/17/2017 XTERRA Trail Running National Championship UT     1/31/2017
9/23/2017 XTERRA Harbins Park Trail Run  GA      
9/23/2017 XTERRA Gold Rush Trail Run CA      
9/24/2017 XTERRA Golden Gate Trail Run CO      
10/8/2017 XTERRA Marathon of Trail Races CO XC2017   1/31/2017
10/14/2017 XTERRA Fort Yargo Trail Run GA      
10/15/2017 XTERRA Rockhopper AZ      
10/28/2017 XTERRA Battle at Big Creek Trail Run GA      
10/28/2017 XTERRA Kapalua Trail Runs HI     1/31/2017
11/11/2017 XTERRA Little Mulberry Park Trail Run GA      
12/2/2017 XTERRA Mt. Tabor Trail Run GA      
12/3/2017 XTERRA Trail Running World Championship HI     1/31/2017

Middaugh Coaching Corner – Consistency is King

Presented by Suunto

There are so many different facets to a training program that determine whether an athlete is successful or not. However, when looking back at an athlete’s training log the single biggest indicator of improvement is consistency. Were they able to follow their plan in big chunks of consistent training throughout the year. But as we all know, it not that easy. Below are some guidelines to help you be a little more consistent as you get in your crucial blocks of training:

Put travel dates on your calendar before you build your training blocks

Planning big blocks of training only to realize you have a family reunion or a week-long cruise to Belize right in the middle can greatly impede improvement and consistency. If you know where these things are before you plan your blocks you can easily maneuver around them. Make that business trip a rest week, or a run focus block if you will only be able to run.

Make sure your training matches your fitness level

When coming up with your training program on your own or with your coach, you need to keep in mind your current level of fitness and start out at that level. If you start too far below, you are wasting your time and if you start too far above you are risking injury or overtraining. Don’t start where you left off in the fall and expect to be able to complete your workouts at the same pace, power or volume. I often have athletes start logging their workouts a month before we start their official training schedule so that I can see exactly what they have been doing. If you start your program and feel like you are doing too much, tell your coach or reevaluate on your own before you get injured.

Your volume and intensity must be realistic

A 12 hour per week training schedule will not work when you only have 8 hours to train. A well planned 8-hour week is much better than a 12-hour planned week that you just can’t manage. Athletes often allot training time based on the best-case scenario. Don’t! Make conservative estimates of your time. You will be able to get more of your workouts completed without cutting them short.

Incorporate a strength routine

One of the keys to staying consistent is avoiding injury. A strength routine that focuses on imbalances often found in triathletes can help ensure that you miss fewer chunks of time throughout the season trying to rehab injuries.

Don’t stack missed workouts

In general, if you miss a workout, move on to the next workout. Do not try to stack multiple days into one. This only leads to increased fatigue and chance of injury. It also usually sabotages the workouts for the rest of the week because you are too tired to properly execute them. If you know the workout you missed was a key workout for the week see if it can replace another workout later in the week, but don’t do both.

Training should be a priority, but not your top priority

Unless you are a single professional triathlete, training is not going to be your top priority. You have your family, career, etc. which need to be properly taken care of first before you can think about your training and racing. Plan your training around these more important items. If your family and career are in a good place, you will feel much better about getting in your training time.

Become an expert at time management

The athletes that consistently get in their training are those that know what day and what time they are doing their workouts each week. Without a schedule, it is much easier for something to come up that takes the place of your workout. I have also found that having planned days and times for each workout leads to far fewer excuses for missed workouts. For example, if you know what time you plan to swim you will not plan a conference call during that time if possible. Schedule your workouts just as you would an important meeting.

Josiah Middaugh is the reigning XTERRA Pan America Champion and 2015 XTERRA World Champion. He has a master’s degree in kinesiology and has been a certified personal trainer for 15 years (NSCA-CSCS). His brother Yaro also has a master’s degree and has been an active USAT certified coach for a decade. Read past training articles at and learn more about their coaching programs at

About Suunto

Suunto was born in 1936 when Finnish orienteer and engineer Tuomas Vohlonen invented the mass production method for the liquid-filled compass. Since then, Suunto has been at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches, dive computers and sports instruments used by adventurers all over the globe. From the highest mountains to the deepest oceans, Suunto physically and mentally equips outdoor adventurers to conquer new territory.

Learn more at

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Buffelspoort in the Books

The first XTERRA off-road festival of the year took place in the North West Province of South Africa last weekend with Brad Edwards and Nicolette Griffioen taking top honors in the main event, which combined a 1.5km swim, 26km mountain bike and 12km trail run.

Edwards had a stellar day out on route, leading the men’s race from start to finish. “I’ve learnt not to desire one big outcome, but instead to focus on each discipline individually. On the swim I worked hard at having a good stroke. I know that if I tick all the smaller boxes the outcome will be good. I’ve dreamed about winning an XTERRA. Crossing the finish line first today can be likened to when I won the under 23 Cross Tri World Championship.”

“XTERRA has everything.   It’s scenic, the routes are challenging and the organisation is amazing,” continued Edwards. “I’m looking forward to taking part at the XTERRA Grabouw next month. I know the course is challenging and the quality of athletes competing will be high. I will once again focus on the smaller goals.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make top five.” Edwards completed the 2017 Fedhealth XTERRA Grabouw in an impressive finishing time of 02 hours 43 minutes 26 seconds. Darryn Purtell came in second, while Adriaan Myburgh finished third.

Although plagued by bike mechanicals on the day, Nicolette Griffioen managed to regain composure and successfully defend her Fedhealth XTERRA Buffelspoort title. “I’m not the fastest swimmer. So going into the race I just wanted to be consistent in the swim.  I started to catch the leaders on the mountain bike discipline, but then my bike punctured at approximately 15km in.  I first bombed the tyre and later plugged it, followed by another bomb. After that I decided to be more cautious. Going into the run I was in survival mode. I am very surprised that I managed to catch all the runners ahead of me.   I am really happy with the win.”   Griffioen completed the 2017 Fedhealth XTERRA Buffelspoort in a deserving time of 03 hours 21 minutes 43 seconds. Johandri Leicester came in second, while Adrienne Moolman finished third.

Nico Sterk and Hayle Preen took top honors in the XTERRA Lite race, with winning times of 1:15:47 and 1:29:59, respectively.  The Lite race featured a 400m swim, followed by a 19km MTB and then finally a 6km trail run. Featuring some exciting route upgrades, even the XTERRA regulars were kept on their toes.

“Many of us want to start living a more active life, but don’t always know where to start,” says Jeremy Yatt, Principal Officer of Fedhealth. “The Fedhealth XTERRA Lite offers just that: a well-organised swim, MTB ride and trail run that’s perfect for beginner triathletes. And, since the Fedhealth XTERRA also offers a Kids and Full event, there is something for every member of the family to do. We invite families to come make a weekend out of it!”

For further information visit

Honors for Oak Mountain

The XTERRA Oak Mountain trail runs, held each May at Oak Mountain State Park in Shelby County, Alabama, were once again recognized for being among the best in the U.S.

The event was highlighted as the “best race in the state” by compression + design, based on input from a panel of runners and cyclists. Key criteria included having a unique and scenic venue, a race course worthy of being a destination for athletes, and a proven track record of being a key race for many years.

“This scenic—yet ultra-challenging run—will not disappoint,” noted the editors. “Long-distance runners can choose to complete in the half-marathon course, and 10K and 5K distances are an option as well … its gorgeous scenery will surely keep your heart pumping!”

In addition, Competitor Magazine this week listed the event among 19 “Challenging yet stunning trail races to run in 2017,” citing pristine singletrack nestled in the park which meanders along a lakeshore and dips into densely wooded forest.

To complement the races Oak Mountain State Park offers a wealth of family activities, a wildlife center, swimming beach, fishing, horseback riding, golfing, boat rental, camping, and more. For a complete guide to the area visit

The XTERRA Oak Mountain off-road triathlon and trail running races enter their 12th year on May 20-21, 2017 with early bird pricing as low as $20 for the 5K. Learn more and sign-up at

Koumargialis to Lead XTERRA European Tour Marketing Efforts

Konstantinos “Kostas” Koumargialis, the former race organizer for XTERRA Greece, has been named the marketing director of XTERRA Europe, a new position focused on promoting all races in the Tour and increasing race participation and brand awareness throughout Europe.

“I think we found the perfect person for the job,” said Dave Nicholas, the managing director for the XTERRA World Tour. “Kostas came to us first as an athlete then as an organizer of the successful Greece events. The work he did in getting European athletes to travel to Greece was amazing. He continued to offer suggestions on how TEAM Unlimited could help XTERRA grow in Europe, and his ideas perfectly meshed with ours. I have full confidence in Kostas, and believe our exposure in Europe will increase dramatically.”

In addition, former XTERRA World Champion Nicolas Lebrun will return as the director of the XTERRA European Tour and Dave Nicholas will continue to oversee all operations.

This year’s XTERRA European Tour features an unprecedented 16 championship races with new events in Cyprus, Spain, Wales, Finland, and Norway and will offer more than 190,000 Euro in elite prize money.

“Kostas is passionate about XTERRA, and has a wealth of contacts and experience in race production and marketing which will be of great value to all of us,” said Lebrun.

One of the many new projects Koumargialis is working on includes increased television distribution for select events, and a “media dream team” to capture and produce before-and-after hype videos, photos, and stories for social media and worldwide media distribution.

“XTERRA has always been an inspiration for me. The past five years, I put a lot of effort and passion and gained a lot of knowledge as an organizer for XTERRA Greece,” said Koumargialis. “This unique journey together with my business background and experience as an amateur athlete, have set the grounds for my involvement in the development of the XTERRA European Tour. From the position of the Marketing Director, I look forward to being an active part of the growth for XTERRA Europe, and an even brighter future.”

Follow the XTERRA European Tour online at, on, and on twitter @xterraeurope.

Kids First in South Africa

The 2017 Fedhealth XTERRA season kicked off at the majestic Buffelspoort Dam today with the much anticipated Fedhealth XTERRA Kids Race.

A highlight at every XTERRA SA Event, the Fedhealth XTERRA Kids Race attracted junior XTERRA Warriors between the ages of 6 – 15.

“The XTERRA Kids Race never fails to impress,” said Michael Meyer, Managing Director of Stillwater Sports. “The energy and enthusiasm displayed by the young entrants and their supporters is electric. This is what XTERRA is all about: fitness, fun and most importantly family. We look forward to continuing the excitement at the Fedhealth XTERRA Full Race on Saturday.”

Junior XTERR Warriors could choose between three age group categories when entering the Fedhealth XTERRA Kids Race: 6-8 years (60m Swim, 2km MTB, 600m Trail Run), 9-11 years (100m Swim, 3km MTB, 1.5km Trail Run) and 12-15 years (250m Swim, 5km MTB, 2.5 km Trail Run).

“I really enjoyed the XTERRA,” says Tristan Van Der Linde, 6-8 age group athlete. “Last year I came second. It feels really good to win today.”

According to Alrich Uys, 9 -11 age group athlete, he felt good after the race. “I entered to enjoy myself. This is the first time that I’ve taken part. I enjoyed all three events, the swim, the mountain bike and the run.”

“It’s good to get out and have fun,” says Nadya Stolarczyk, 12 – 15 age group athlete. “XTERRA is the only off road triathlon that I take part in. I really enjoyed today. My XTERRA hero is Flora Duffy.”

See more pictures from today’s kids races and follow all the XTERRA South Africa races taking place in Buffelspoort this weekend on Facebook at:

“We are extremely excited to see so many kids participating in our Fedhealth XTERRA Kids events. We believe that it’s never too early to start cultivating a healthy lifestyle, and fitness plays a major role in that. And, seeing as we’re all about family, we wanted to offer our members a fitness event the whole family could enjoy together – whilst reaching their individual goals and getting a scenic workout,” said Jeremy Yatt, Principal Officer of Fedhealth.


New Heart, New Hope for German XTERRA Racer

Elmar Sprink, 45, a heart transplantee from Köln, Germany, will be racing in the XTERRA World Championship Qualifying Series season-opener in South Africa on February 25.

According to Sprink, after his heart transplant in June 2012, he had to once again learn how to sit, stand up and walk. “After having spent half a year in bed, I found that swimming was the perfect way to start training my muscles again. In January 2013 I started to jog, but only 700m at a time. It was then that I decided to return to triathlon racing as an attempt to create awareness around organ donation in Germany.”

2017 marks the 50-year anniversary of the first human-to-human heart transplant operation.

“Partaking in sport helps to minimise the side effects of the medication that heart transplantees have to take,” continues Sprink, who has been extraordinarily active since the transplant by running in marathons and racing Ironman triathlons.

“In my case, it also helps a lot from a psychological aspect. I am really looking forward to being in South Africa, enjoying the land and meeting new people. The Fedhealth XTERRA Grabouw has a nice combination of swimming, mountain biking and trail running. As with all the other events that I have participated in with my new heart, my goal will be to have fun and cross the finish line.”

For more information on Sprink visit and for more on XTERRA South Africa go to

Maui Show Debuts This Weekend

The one-hour television show featuring XTERRA Worlds makes its debut in the U.S. this weekend with airings in Tucson, AZ (Sat, 9:30am on NBC), Portland, OR (Sun, 2pm on KOIN), Madison, WI (Sat, 4pm on CW), Hartford, CT (Sat, 1pm on ABC), Buffalo, NY (Sun, 5pm on CBS), Knoxville, TN (Sun, 5pm on CBS), Grand Junction, CO (Sun, 5pm on CBS), and Fairbanks, AK (Sun, 2pm on NBC).

The following weekend the show will hit the airwaves on the MSG Network in the nation’s largest television market, New York, NY, at 3pm on Saturday, January 28 and 5pm on Sunday, the 29th. It will also be broadcast in Minneapolis, MN (12pm on ABC) and Bowling Green, NY (11:30am on NBC) next Sunday.  Click here to see when the show will be broadcast in your area.

This is the 21st straight year the XTERRA World Championship has been broadcast to a national, now international audience.

The show, which highlights Maui’s natural beauty as a scenic backdrop to XTERRA warriors putting their mental and physical toughness to the ultimate test, will be seen by more than six million viewers via national syndication (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX), Fox Sports Network, ESPN International, and European distribution.

Last year’s race was lauded as one of the toughest challenges in the history of XTERRA, and in this show viewers will see for themselves why. It started with big swells, a strong current, and shore-pounding waves and got tougher from there as riders trudged through muddy trails in the West Maui Mountains.

The finish times were the slowest ever recorded, yet racer after racer described it as “epic” and “one for the ages.”

More than 800 endurance athletes from 46 countries participated in the event, which combined a one-mile rough water swim with a 20-mile mountain bike and grueling 6.5-mile trail run.

Since 1990 TEAM TV has produced more than 300 television shows resulting in three regional Emmy’s and 42 Telly Awards for production excellence. Past episodes of the award-winning XTERRA Adventures TV series, XTERRA USA and past World Championship broadcasts are available on-demand as a video subscription for Prime members on Amazon Video. Four seasons (32 shows) of the half-hour episodes of XTERRA Adventures, and the 2012-through-2015 XTERRA USA and World Championship triathlon races are available now and 2016 shows will be added soon.

How to Qualify for Maui in 2017

There are 42 races in 33 countries where amateurs can earn a qualifying spot to race at the 22nd edition of the XTERRA World Championship to be held October 29, 2017 in Kapalua, Maui.

The number of qualifying spots varies per race. See the 2017 XTERRA World Championship Qualifying Series Schedule and slot breakdowns per race below. Athletes have two weeks after the race to claim their spot, at which time unclaimed spots will roll to the next eligible athlete.

New this year, amateur racers can also earn a qualifying spot to Maui by winning their division in the XTERRA European Tour, XTERRA Pan America Tour, and XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour. These spots do not roll.

Those racing in the XTERRA America Tour can earn a Maui spot by winning their regional championship. Roll downs will be permitted in instances where the regional champion has already qualified and registered to race at XTERRA Worlds. There are no deferrals.

Click on the Tour link that applies to you below to see how to win your division in 2017:

2017 XTERRA European Tour Rules for Amateurs

2017 XTERRA Pan America Tour Rules for Amateurs

2017 XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour Rules for Amateurs

2017 XTERRA America Tour Rules for Amateurs


Physically challenged athletes are required to compete in at least one XTERRA World Championship Qualifying Series race then request an entry by emailing


Professional athletes are required to compete in at least one XTERRA World Championship Qualifying Series race then request an entry by emailing


The at-large pool for the 2017 race is full. You can still add your name to the waitlist should additional spots become available at:

The at-large pool for the 2018 race (if offered) is tentatively scheduled to open on Dec. 1, 2017.


Date Name Location Maui Slots Purse (US$)
25-Feb XTERRA South Africa Grabouw, Western Cape 51 $17,736
4-Mar XTERRA Motatapu South Island, New Zealand 18 $2,481
18-Mar XTERRA Saipan Northern Mariana Islands 26 $7,500
25-Mar XTERRA Argentina Dique Ullum, San Juan 26 $7,500
26-Mar XTERRA La Union Philippines 51 $15,000
1-Apr XTERRA Thailand Phuket 26 $7,500
1-Apr XTERRA Chile San Bernardo, Santiago 26 $7,500
2-Apr XTERRA Malta Majjistral Nature Reserve 26 $7,500
8-Apr XTERRA New Zealand Rotorua, North Island 36 $7,089
9-Apr XTERRA Costa Rica Playa Reserva Conchal 26 $7,500
16-Apr XTERRA La Reunion Reunion Island 26 $11,500
23-Apr XTERRA Cyprus Lara Beach/Akamas, Paphos 26 $7,500
23-Apr XTERRA Cebu Danao, Cebu, Philippines 51 $15,000
29-Apr XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship Langkawi, Malaysia 51 $25,000
30-Apr XTERRA Greece Vouliagmeni 26 $7,500
6-May XTERRA Tahiti Moorea 26 $7,500
14-May XTERRA Spain Taragonna 26 $7,500
14-May XTERRA Brazil Ilha Bella, Sao Paolo 51 $7,500
20-May XTERRA Oak Mountain Pelham, Alabama, USA 51 $15,000
27-May XTERRA Portugal Golega 26 $7,500
10-Jun XTERRA Belgium Namur 26 $7,500
17-Jun XTERRA Mine over Matter Milton, Ontario, Canada 14-Series 0
18-Jun XTERRA Finland Imatra 26 $7,500
24-Jun XTERRA Switzerland Vallee de Joux 51 $15,000
2-Jul XTERRA France Xonrupt 51 $15,000
9-Jul XTERRA Victoria Victoria, B.C., Canada 26 $7,500
15-Jul XTERRA Beaver Creek Beaver Creek, CO, USA 51 $15,000
30-Jul XTERRA Italy-Abruzzo Scanno, Abruzzo, Italy 26 $7,500
5-Aug XTERRA Mexico Tapalpa 51 $15,000
6-Aug XTERRA Canmore Canmore, Alberta, Canada 15 0
6-Aug XTERRA Norway Location TBD 26 $7,500
12-Aug XTERRA Parry Sound Ontario, Canada 14-Series 0
12-Aug XTERRA Quebec Quebec City, Canada 15 0
13-Aug XTERRA Dominican Republic Barahona 26 $7,500
13-Aug XTERRA Poland Krakow 26 $7,500
19-Aug XTERRA Germany Zittau 51 $15,000
26-Aug XTERRA Korea Ban-gae Reservoir, Ban-gaery, Wonjoo City 26 0
26-Aug XTERRA Sweden Hammarbybacken, Stockholm 26 $7,500
26-Aug XTERRA Sleeping Giant Thunder Bay, ON, Canada 6 $0
3-Sep XTERRA Japan Hokkaido 26 $7,500 &
$10,000 Tour Bonus
3-Sep XTERRA European Tour Championship / Denmark Mons Klint 51 $25,000 &
$20,000 Tour Bonus
16-Sep XTERRA Pan Am Championship / USA Ogden, Utah, USA 51 $20,000 &
$60,000 Tour Bonus
29-Oct XTERRA World Championship Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii $105,000

For further information email