XTERRA Adventures is an award-winning national TV Series covering thrilling adventures, activities and events from the Hawaiian Islands and other top vacation destinations.  Filmed and produced in stunning high definition, this 8-show series explores the hottest and most exciting adventures to take part in on your next vacation.

Show #1

Visit the dramatic setting of Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship. Watch the world’s best women surfers compete at the Banzai Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore.  Check out the next generation of both boys and girls Rugby. And visit the beautiful Waimea Bay for the biggest bodysurfing competition in Hawaii.

Show #2

Celebrate the birthday of Hawaii’s most famous waterman, Duke Kahanamoku, at the annual Duke’s Oceanfest.  Explore Oahu’s windward side from the sky on a paraglide adventure. Visit the the North Shore for the Reef Hawaiian Pro Surf Competition.  And travel to Chile for the Andes Pacifico Mountain Biking race.

Show #3

Travel to picturesque Northern Utah for the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship.  Explore Maui’s Haleakala Crater by bike.  Experience one of the top ten dives of all time with the majestic manta rays of the Big Island of Hawaii.  And catch up with the world’s top mountain biker, Jerome Clementz.

Show #4

Discover Maui’s rugged beauty at the XTERRA World Championship.  Visit Maui’s Big Beach for a one-of-a-kind skimboarding contest.  Discover why Lanai is world-renown for scuba diving.  And surf’s up at iconic Honolua Bay on Maui’s northwestern coast.

Show #5

Contestants turn up the heat at the World Fireknife Championship on Oahu’s north shore.  Visit the most famous surf break in the world at the Banzai Pipeline.  Meet up with two of the world’s top mountain bikers and visit Maui to get a glimpse of Stand Up Paddle prodigy, Zane Schweitzer.

Show #6

Travel to Oahu’s west side for the famous Buffalo Big Board Surf Classic.  Check out what makes Maui a top destination for trail running.  Go on a road cycling adventure with Team Cannondale.  And see how stand up paddling is exploding in popularity.

Show #7

Travel down under to the Australian state of New South Wales for the ultimate test of endurance at the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship Off-Road Triathlon.

Show #8

Experience the top adventures in Australia.  Skydive, snorkel, scuba dive, stand up paddle and climb the Sydney Bridge… all in the stunning state of New South Wales.