XTERRA Television

From the beaches of Maui to mountain summits, XTERRA’s award-winning television shows bring you thrilling outdoor adventures and world-class multisport racing.

Tag along with the world’s best off-road multisport athletes as they conquer the rough Maui outback in the XTERRA World Championship show, the Utah mountains in the XTERRA USA Championship show. Check in to see what’s happening in the world of extreme sports by tuning in to an XTERRA Adventures show.

Video Subscription on Amazon Video

You can watch full digital HD versions of our XTERRA World and USA Championship shows dating back to 2012 as well as the popular XTERRA Adventures Series at Amazon Video.


For nearly two decades TEAM Unlimited has been churning out award-winning adventure television shows and today, with the launch of XTERRA.TV, a comprehensive collection of those videos will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with on-demand XTERRA programming.

Browse through the site and you’ll find feature length programs like the XTERRA USA and World Championships, action sports clips showcasing everything from kayaking to kite surfing and moto-X to martial arts, plus destination features from Saipan, New Zealand, Nevada, and other world-class locales.

XTERRA.TV, bringing the XTERRA Planet together one very cool show at a time…