XTERRA Pro Racing Information

Following is information about competing as a pro for the season. Should you have any questions, contact our race director via e-mail pro@xterraplanet.com or call us toll-free 1-877-751-8880 (Hawaii office).

XTERRA World Tour Majors

US PRO Purses

Prize money for the XTERRA Pro Points Series and World Championship is $245,000.

  • $15,000 at each of the XTERRA Championship Series events
  • $20,000 at the XTERRA USA Championship
  • $60,000 for the top men and women for the XTERRA America Tour Series
  • $100,000 for the XTERRA World Championship
  • $5,000 for the Double (combined XTERRA World Championship and Ironman World Championship times)

Purse Breakdown

1. XTERRA Championship Series (XCS)

$15,000 at each of the XCS races:


1 $2300 1 $2300
2 $1700 2 $1700
3 $1200 3 $1200
4 $800 4 $800
5 $650 5 $650
6 $450 6 $450
7 $400 7 $400
Total $7500 Total $7500

2. XTERRA USA Championship in Ogden / Snowbasin, Utah – $20,000 total

 1  $2500  1  $2500
 2  $2000  2  $2000
 3  $1500  3  $1500
 4  $1200  4  $1200
 5  $900  5  $900
 6  $700  6  $700
 7  $500  7  $500
 8  $350  8  $350
 9  $200  9  $200
 10  $150  10  $150

3. XTERRA America Tour Pro Series – $60,000 total

 1  $10000  1  $10000
 2  $6000  2  $6000
 3  $3600  3  $3600
 4  $2500  4  $2500
 5  $2000  5  $2000
 6  $1600  6  $1600
 7  $1300  7  $1300
 8  $1100  8  $1100
 9  $1000  9  $1000
 10  $900  10  $900

4. XTERRA World Championship – $100,000 total

 1  $20000  1  $20000
 2  $12000  2  $12000
 3  $7000  3  $7000
 4  $4000  4  $4000
 5  $2500  5  $2500
 6  $1500  6  $1500
 7  $1100  7  $1100
 8  $800  8  $800
 9  $600  9  $600
 10  $500 10  $500

Equal payouts for men and women.

XTERRA European Tour

There are 12 stops planned for the XTERRA European Tour in 2015. New this year is Silver and Gold classifications for the XTERRA European Tour stops. Prize purses vary based on classification. View tour schedule and prize purses.

Gold labeled events will feature a minimum of $15,000 USD elite prize purse with Silver labeled events featuring a minimum of $7,500 USD elite prize purse.

Organizers may choose to pay more prize money. As example Portugal will pay $US14,000 in prize money. Gold/Silver status is subject to change.

For the XTERRA European Tour Points Series elite athletes will count their best four (4) Gold and three (3) Silver finishes. Elites can compete in as many events as they wish, but will count only their best four Gold and three Silver finishes.

XTERRA USA PRO Points Series Scoring

The top 15 pro men and women at each event are awarded points based on overall PRO finish. Pros can drop one of their scores from the XTERRA Regional Championship series races, but must count points they get (or don’t get) at Nationals in Ogden, UT. The final point total combines the best three scores of four events plus the USA Championship. Points are awarded as follows:

Rank Points
 1 100
 2  90
 3  82
 4  75
 5  69
 6  63
 7  58
 8  53
 9  49
 10  45
 11  41
 12  37
 13  34
 14  31
 15  28

XTERRA World Championship


In NON-OLYMPIC years it will be mandatory for professional athletes wishing to race at the XTERRA World Championship to compete in at least one XTERRA event during the course of the season.

“The spirit of the rule is to honor the core collection of elite athletes that race with us year-round and support our growing number of XTERRA World Tour Championship events,” said XTERRA managing director Dave Nicholas.  “From February through September we offer 40 major races in 30 countries around the world.  We feel this provides ample opportunity for professionals serious about racing in Maui to compete in at least one qualifying race. We need to honor the commitment and loyalty of the pros that are with us during the year.”

There are four notable exceptions to the rule, which are granted to a) former world champions, b) XTERRA World Tour race champions from previous year, c) sponsor exemptions, and d) extenuating circumstances due to injury.

a) Former XTERRA World Champions are always welcome

b) All World Tour Championship race winners from the previous season will automatically qualify to enter the XTERRA World Championship the following year.

c) The Title Sponsor of the XTERRA World Championship is allowed two racer selections per year.  Presenting Sponsors are allowed one racer selection per year.  The decision as to who receives the sponsor exemptions is made by the managing director in conjunction with each sponsor.

d) The managing director is able to use their best judgment on a case-by-case basis in determining severity of injuries that kept an athlete from competing in a qualified race.

The “must race in one” rule will not be in effect in 2016 and future Olympic years with the understanding triathletes racing for a spot on their national team are confined to a strict schedule.

Athletes interested in receiving a sponsor exemption or wish to explain non-compliance due to injury should email XTERRA at pro@xterraplanet.com.

The Double

Best combined time from Ironman and XTERRA World Championship. Awards a total of $5,000 to the top male and female finishers ($2,500 each).


Licensed, professional athletes may enter and compete in the National Championship races. Any person wanting to enter must furnish proof that they have been accepted as a professional by a recognized multi-sport governing body. Examples of this are:

USA Triathlon
USA Cycling (road, cyclocross, track or mountain bike)
Any national governing body for triathlon
Any national governing body for cycling

The athlete must present a current card marked clearly and legibly. Without proof of being licensed as a professional, no athlete may compete in the pro category.

Athletes holding elite licenses in cycling, running, swimming or that have participated in the Olympics in the past 10 years can be eligible by writing to XTERRA at pro@xterraplanet.com and presenting their qualifications.

Foreign athletes who wish to compete in the USA as an elite must get approval and be able to show proof of their standing by emailing XTERRA at pro@xterraplanet.com.  Foreign athletes may also apply to USA Triathlon for a Foreign Elite License for the year.

Every person who races must have a valid USATriathlon membership or purchase a one day membership before being allowed to compete.

The Race Director may, at his discretion, allow an athlete to compete as a pro from time to time.

USA Triathlon PRO Licensing Information

USA Triathlon licenses elite athletes based on a series of qualification criteria.  You can find this information at http://www.usatriathlon.org/membership-services/elite-membership/qualification.aspx.