Weldemariam Runs Like the Wind at XTERRA Cheyenne Mountain

The 7th annual XTERRA Cheyenne Mountain Trail Run 5K/12K/24K on April 9th had its share of surprises. For one, there was the wind, which was so strong that race organizers couldn’t set up a tent or keep the arch up over the finish line. “It was an amazingly beautiful spring day for a run,” said […]

Asia-Pacific Tour Stars All-in for Danao

All the stars on the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour are headed to Danao in the Cebu province of the Philippines for the fourth-race of the Series this Sunday, April 23. In the men’s race XTERRA Saipan and New Zealand Champion Sam Osborne, XTERRA Thailand Champ Kieran McPherson, the reigning XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour Champ Ben Allen, the […]

XTERRA Couch to Trail – The Benefits of Running Hill Repeats

XTERRA racing is fun and challenging! Developing off road running skills especially on the hills will add to your enjoyment of these great races. One of the greatest tools to becoming a better XTERRA and off-road racer is running hill repeats. There is a tremendous amount to be gained from doing moderate and fast uphill […]

Inaugural XTERRA Cyprus This Sunday

This Sunday, the XTERRA European Tour finds itself in the most southern and eastern part of Europe on the ancient island of Cyprus for the inaugural XTERRA Cyprus off-road triathlon. It’s the second of 15 stops on this year’s tour and promises to provide an experience like no other for the XTERRA Tribe. “Our event […]

Forever Young: Pan Am Champ Libby Harrow

There is a myth in our culture that sports are for the young. After a certain age, it’s time to hang up our running shoes, put away the bike, and take our place on the sidelines. If we are lucky, maybe we can coach.   Libby Harrow isn’t buying it. Active all of her life, […]