Run like a Girl

Megan Flanagan always loved to run. As a teenager, running brought her joy and close friendships with her high school teammates. They often shared pasta dinners before races and focused on being strong, fast, and having fun together. Her experience in college was a bit different. She ran for NCAA Division I schools Lamar University […]

There’s no “quit” in Klawitter

Lukus Klawitter comes from a big running family. “Both my brothers ran at Division I schools, my parents run, and even my grandparents run,” said Klawitter. “It’s something that’s very important to us.” So it was especially devastating when, as a college sophomore, his doctor told him he would never run again. Klawitter, who currently […]

Resolutions from the Tribe

As an athlete, goals are the map that can take you from your first 5K or mountain bike ride to the XTERRA World Championship. As a person, the beginning of January is also the time to decide not just what we want to do, but who we want to be. Or, in the words of […]

Whit Raymond – Voice of the XTERRA World Championship

Since 1996, Whit Raymond’s voice has been guiding athletes from the start of the XTERRA World Championship all the way to the finish line. From sunrise to well after the last competitor crosses the line, Whit informs athletes, engages the crowds, and shares his deep knowledge of both triathlon and the competitors, who are out […]


2018 XTERRA World Tour Overview

No other sport in the world can take you to the places XTERRA can. Whether you are scrambling over the rocks at XTERRA Malta, racing into the shadows of the Mayon Volcano at XTERRA Albay, or looking up at the chalk cliffs at XTERRA Denmark, you will all at once lose your breath and find […]