Middaugh Coaching Corner – Don’t Act Your Age

Presented by Suunto My diet used to be simple; I was only allowed to eat until it hurt once per week. You know, the meal where you end up on the floor with your belt buckle undone moaning in pain. That was my diet. When the holidays hit, it wasn’t uncommon for this to not […]

Tyler Curtis’ Favorite Workout

It’s easy to think that people in their twenties have it easy. They can bounce back from hard workouts, they have lots of free time, and they haven’t started families yet. No stress, right? Then you talk to Tyler Curtis. The engineer, who graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 2014, is balancing a […]

The Emma Effect

It’s not enough for Emma Kosciak to be fast. She wants everyone around her to be fast too. This attitude isn’t always common on the running scene, where second place is often viewed as the first loser. Even more surprising is to hear this attitude coming from a Boston native, who typically take their running […]

Kalei Waiwaiole – Voice of XTERRA

Even if you think you don’t know Kalei Waiwaiole, you most certainly know her voice. Whether you are a triathlete or a trail runner, Kalei is the one at the finish, encouraging you in while spouting off the highlight reel of your life – everything from the last race you ran to the fact that […]

XTERRA St. Louis Tips for Winter Training

It’s that time of year again. Darker evenings, colder temps, and the holidays right around the corner. For some, winter can be a let down after a hardcore summer and fall of training and racing. For others, it’s a welcome excuse to get cozy in front of the fireplace and spend a little more time […]