XTERRA Twenty YearsXTERRA World Championship

Maui, Hawaii | Sunday, November 01, 2015 | $105, 000 Purse

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Amateur Competitors - The Heart and Soul of XTERRA

Athletes from 23 countries and 36 U.S. states will be in Maui to take on XTERRA's toughest and most grueling course which consists of a 1.5-kilometer rough water swim, a 32-kilometer mountain bike that climbs 3,000 feet & a 10-kilometer trail run.


Amateurs enter the XTERRA World Championship through one of two means: 1. Earn a slot by qualifying as one of the top finishers in their age group at an XTERRA Championship race in Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Saipan, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Venezula and Alabama, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Virginia in the United States.  There is also a special Hawaii resident qualifier, the MountainMan and Freedom Fest, held on Oahu each year, or 2. Enter through the at large drawing - a limited number of slots are offered on a first-come first-serve basis.


NEW FOR 2014:
All Age Group Winners in all divisions will be guaranteed a slot to the 2015 XTERRA World Championship to defend their titles.


The race will be held November 1, 2015 at Kapalua, Maui. Each winner will receive a certificate at the awards ceremony with a PIN code that permits access to 2015 event registration.To accept the slot, winners must enter and pay for the race by December 31, 2014. Winners not accepting the slot by the deadline, will need to qualify at a 2015 XTERRA World Tour venue, or through the "At Large" or "Waiting List".



Muscle Milk honors the future of XTERRA with a special prize for the top three men and women under 25.

Each will receive a logo-ed XTERRA Muscle Milk back pack packed with swag that every athlete can use.


Outrigger Hotels & ResortsThe“Outrigger Resorts Double” award is given to the pro and amateur man and woman with the fastest combined 2015 XTERRA World Championship and Ironman Hawaii Championship time, a feat reserved for the world’s leading endurance athletes.  Pro athletes are awarded US$2,500 with the top amateur man and woman win a 6 night stay at a Maui Outrigger Resort.

2014 Amateur Double Results

Name Country IM Time   Division XTERRA Combined
Janez Klancnik Slovenia 9:35:40 Male 25-29 3:06:23 12:42:03
Daniel Mannweiler Germany 9:41:31 Male 35-39 3:14:44 12:56:15
Stefan Kusurelis USA 9:50:00 Male 45-49 4:26:03 14:16:03
Matt Randall New Zealand 10:17:20 Male 35-39 3:09:34 13:26:54
Rudi Van Aelst Belgium 10:27:45 Male 50-54 3:17:37 13:45:22
Luis Arriba Spain 10:53:46 Male 45-49 3:26:33 14:20:19
Gary Lilley Australia 11:05:06 Male 50-54 3:24:42 14:29:48
Cameron Paul New Zealand 11:57:38 Male 20-24 3:11:17 15:08:55
Noel Mackisoc USA 13:09:35 Male 50-54 4:12:09 17:21:44
Nicole Valentine USA 11:51:07 Female 30-34 3:37:14 15:28:21
Kelley Hess USA 11:35:34 Female 30-34 4:03:02 15:38:36
Jodi Ruby USA 12:27:04 Female 50-54 4:01:55 16:28:59


The ultimate goal is to win a world title, and this year’s competitors need look no further for inspiration than this list – with the names and finish times of those who reached the top step in their division last year:



Div Name Hometown Time
15-19 Mauricio Mendez* Mexico City, Mexico 2:45:48
20-24 Clement Briere Bretteville, France 2:53:23
25-29 Albert Soley Bigues, Spain 2:53:27
30-34 Oliver Pichou Canteleu, France 2:56:19
35-39 Romaric Delepine Zimming, France 2:50:45
40-44 (4) Thomas Vonach Schwarzach, Austria 2:58:10
45-49 (5) Calvin Zaryski Calgary, Canada 2:58:31
50-54 Tim Sheeper Menlo Park, California 3:13:38
55-59 (4) Tom Monica Thousand Oaks, California 3:28:18
60-64 (4) John Royson Albany, California 3:34:51
65-69 (2) Bruce Wacker Nelson, New Zealand 4:29:03
70-74 (8) Peter Wood La Jolla, California 5:07:59
75-79 (2) Ron Hill Hayden, Idaho 7:12:11
PC (8) Ed Fattoumy  Honolulu, HI 3:52:13
Div Name Hometown Time
15-19 (4) Hannah Rae Finchamp* Altadena, California 3:11:02
20-24 (2) Elizabeth Gruber Redding, California 3:29:13
25-29 Kara Lapoint Truckee, California 3:28:24
30-34 Debby Sullivan Roseville, California 3:37:46
35-39 Jennifer Todd Newbury Parks, California 3:39:33
40-44 (2) Mimi Stockton Stevensville, Michigan 3:33:09
45-49 Kim Beckinsale Noosa Heads, Australia 3:28:38
50-54 (2) Anne Gonzales Aspen, Colorado 3:23:53
55-59 (2) Lucia Colbert Cordova, Tennessee 4:11:16
60-64 Beverly Watson Priddis, Canada 4:15:05
65-69 (7) Wendy Minor Kamuela, Hawaii 6:09:21
 (#) titles won, *top amateurs






CEO Challenges, the world leader in sport competitions for CEOs, has added the XTERRA World Championship to its staple of events.


The XTERRA CEO Challenge – a competition within the main event – will pit CEOs against each other in Maui.


“We are truly honored to be a part of this very prestigious event,” said Ted Kennedy, president of CEO Challenges. “The XTERRA World Championship is one of the marquis multisport races in the world, and we know our CEO Challenge competitors will love the opportunity to race in Maui.” 

For details visit ceochallenges.com.



"XTERRA will adhere to the WADA anti-doping policies and procedures at Maui in order to ensure a clean, healthy, and fair sporting event for all athletes.

Anti-Doping Information for Athletes from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency