EPC Run Repeats

EPC Tips – Power Up Your Run Repeats

Power up your run with these longer hill repeats…

Longer than Vo2 intervals and shorter than typical tempo intervals, these mid-length hill intervals work well in developing running strength and mental fortitude. This is a great ‘base building’ session that prepares you for race specific training later on in your program.

5:00 dynamic warm-up
5-10:00 easy run

4-6x 6:00 hills at race pace effort, 1:00-2:00 walk/jog recoveries

You can gradually lengthen the work intervals over subsequent weeks, keeping the total work to around 25-40 minutes.

If you don’t have longer hills in your area, you can do these on the treadmill at 6-8% incline.

If you have really big hills in your area, you can do these as you climb a 30+ minute hill, with the walk/jog recovery intervals continuing up the hill before repeating.

5:00+ easy run
5:00 walk

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