“The King Isn’t Dead” – Stoltz, Hugo Rivalry Exposed

You could see this coming since 2006, when 22-year-old Dan Hugo started racing XTERRA in the U.S. and was immediately labeled “the Prodigy.”  It was only fitting as Hugo was super-fast and from the same hometown (Stellenbosch, South Africa) as the undisputed King of the sport – Conrad Stoltz.

After finishing just 16-seconds behind his mentor at the XTERRA Southeast Championship in 2008 Hugo humbly said, “It wasn’t a close race at all.  Conrad punctured his tire, fixed the flat, and was still the strongest racer out there today.”  For years after it was a recurring theme for Hugo, those second-place finishes in the shadows of the “Caveman.”

This year things are different.  Dan “The Man” Hugo is in the spotlight, having won five XTERRA World Tour majors including head-to-head meetings against Stoltz in their home town race at XTERRA South Africa and the prestigious XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship in Australia.

Prodigy, Mentor, Shadows no more.

South African journalist Angus Powers dug into the Stoltz-Hugo dynamic and crafted a riveting piece on the intensifying rivalry between the two for the The Red Bulletin titled “The King Isn’t Dead”

Click the image below for the PDF courtesy Angus Powers.

The King Isn't Dead