Mieko Carey

EPC Tips – Bike Power with Vo2 Max Intervals

With races coming up it’s time to sharpen that bike power with V02 Max intervals.

Vo2 Max intervals are short to moderate length intervals performed at a high level of power; power you could sustain for maybe a 8-10 minutes max effort (read: pain cave). We’ll break this effort up into much smaller chunks of 1-3 minutes, with relatively short rests of equal duration, to make the effort more manageable and allow you to get between 12-20 minutes worth on work at your Vo2 Max power. HR will lag behind on these efforts since they are short, but will likely climb to a very high level, a little short of max HR, by the end of the last few intervals. RPE on these intervals are a 9 on the 1-10 scale. I like to do these on the trainer (controlled environment) or outside as hill repeats (6-8% grade) to allow for steady power output.

After building a solid base followed by several weeks training your threshold power, these Vo2 max intervals will bring your cycling ability to a nice peak when performed 1-2x per week for the final few weeks before your “A” race.


  • 10:00-20:00 easy
  • 5:00 build to threshold/race pace
  • 5:00 easy


  • 6-10x[2:00 @ Vo2 power/effort + 2:00 easy]
  • 5:00-10:00 easy


  • Optional additional aerobic riding to meet volume goals (60-90+ minutes total time)

**Don’t forget to run off the bike for 10+ minutes to get used to running on tired legs!

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