EPC Tips – Lactate Threshold on the Bike

Train your lactate threshold on the bike with this workout.

Improving your lactate threshold is one of the best ways to move up the results sheet on race day. Threshold training pace/power, by definition is the maximum pace/power you could sustain for about an hour. It’s a hard pace that you have to focus to maintain and you don’t want anyone talking to you. Typical heart rate zone is “zone 4”  and RPE is 7-8. You spend a significant amount of time at this effort level in races up to 3 hours in length.

This workout incorporates some ‘medium’ length threshold intervals at the beginning of the ride while you’re fresher, and some ‘shorter’ length threshold intervals at the end of the ride when you’re a little more fatigued.


  • 20+ minutes easy/moderate paced riding


  • 3-4x[10:00 @ threshold pace/power, 5:00 easy]
  • 20+ miniutes aerobic riding
  • 3-4x[5:00 @ threshold pace/power, 5:00 easy]
  • additional aerobic riding to meet volume goals

(2-3 hours ride time)

The XTERRA ‘Workouts of the Week’ are brought to you by coach & pro XTERRA athlete, Cody Waite. You can find this workout, and others like it for the swim, bike and run, by joining his XTERRA Group Coaching programs for 2014.