Vegas Swim

EPC Tips – Dial in Your Race Pace Swim

Swimming at your race pace helps you learn correct pacing, gets you familiar with your race day effort, and trains that upper aerobic/tempo training zone that helps to improve overall fitness. The main set has relatively short rests to keep the HR elevated throughout the race pace segments. The easy pull in between the race pace segments acts as active recovery. The rests also decrease as the set progresses to add to the challenge, while culminating with an “all out” 100 to finish it off. This particular set is geared for sprint to olympic distance swimming. You can easily add more reps to accommodate longer half and full iron distance swim training.


  • 300 swim
  • 4×50 drill choice
  • 4×50 build


  • 8×100 race pace @ 15″ rests
  • 200 easy pull @ 20″ rest
  • 4×100 race pace @ 10″ rests
  • 200 easy pull @ 20″ rest
  • 2×100 race pace @ 5″ rests
  • 200 easy pull @ 20″ rest
  • 100 ALL OUT!


  • 4×50 (odds: kick, evens: stroke)

The ‘XTERRA Workouts of the Week’ are brought to you by coach, Cody Waite. You can find this workout, and others like it for the swim, bike and run, by joining his Group Coaching programs for 2014.